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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- General Comments, Group Processing and a Summary of New Work - Certainties (PAB-1) - PAB530510

Via The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
30 Marlborough Place, London N.W. 8
10 May 1953


This is the first issue of the Professional Auditor’s Bulletin, mailed as of May 10, 1953, from 30 Marlborough Place, London N. W. 8. It will be followed from time to time, probably every fortnight, with its successive issues.

The bulletin is airmailed where the professional auditor to whom it is going has provided airmail postage, a sum of $10 for one year of 26 issues. It is sent regular mail to all others. Airmail arrives into the United States and other parts of the world in four days. Regular mail arrives in seventeen days. The cost of the bulletin is covered in the professional membership fees of the HAS and although I am putting it out and paying for it, it is to be considered a service of the HAS.

The content of this bulletin is technical and promotional. Its intent is to give you and your preclears the best possible processes and processing available at the moment it becomes available. And it intends to assist you in getting preclears. And it intends to arm you with statistics which will make your arguments stick. And it hopes also to help us organize into a team and coordinate our work with the associates and groups. Its outright intent is to make professional auditors as a class wealthy and respected.

Why this sudden burst of enthusiasm from Ron after all these years of comparative silence? The answer is SOP 8, SOP 8A, SHORT 8, SHORT 8A. I’ve up and took “El Caney.”*El Caney was a strategic village near Santiago, Cuba, which had to be taken by the American Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War before they could attack their intended main objective of the day which was San Juan Hill. See LRH comments in Child Scientology, Journal of Scientology 14G, April 1953, page 324. In September of 1950 I found that the science wasn’t working too well for many on many cases. I forthrightly and loudly said that I was going to leave business and organization alone and continue with investigation until I had a process that worked fast for everybody on anybody. I said I was going to do that and let organizations go to hell if they did but that the subject would go as fast and far as it worked and that a fast, workable general process was the basic of a sound organization and that I would get that first. I continued to release everything I discovered and did what I could to keep up morale without actually going into organization itself. I didn’t care who or what this antagonized or what it did to press or what rumors would start. The only answer to any problem we had was a fast, completely workable process. Parasitic publications, money mad millionaires, crooked, dishonest and incompetent management were not important when stacked up against a workable process for all.

If you read the enclosed paper on what I am trying to do you will see that our very first goals, the control of the reactive mind and betterment of the analytical mind, are reached. Instead of reducing the reactive mind until it is tame, we detach the analytical mind and boost it up until it can handle ANY reactive mind. How does that differ from Book One? You bought that goal. Now we are achieving that goal.

Not a scrap of your training has been wasted. True your patience has been tried, in many cases beyond endurance. Many of you have taken your loyalties elsewhere. Many of you have panned me mercilessly. Sure, why not. I let you down by overestimating the ability of auditors to handle a process, by underestimating how tough some cases can be. Or you let me down by calmly or frantically demanding of me a non-human job of sweeping up all the aberrations of Mankind and handing out the answer tied with a silk bow. Any auditor who knew his business got results from May, 1950 forward. But lots of cases stalled and too much Book One processing actually started cases down instead of up, a thing which doesn’t happen now. Well, who cares who has done what. That was yesterday. This is today, May, 1953, so let’s come up to PT and get a good look at what’s happened here.

Guess what! We can process groups of from five people up to as many as we can reach with speaker systems if necessary. And we can get excellent results all the way. And anybody in any group so processed should see some change in himself as a result. Now because group processing is gunshot stuff, special auditing is quite vital to reach above the group high.

What does this mean to the auditor? It means he can process groups for free and get the special auditing which results in good pay. It means that at least one night per week a professional auditor can group process a group with SHORT 8 or 8A at no charge to any member of that group. And it means that any member of that group will feel that something has happened in just those two hours in the group. And it means that some of them are going to want special — personal — auditing. So the professional can fill up his appointment book with paid auditing in the ratio that he gives free group auditing.

Does group auditing work? Ask the instructors and students at the professional schools where they do nothing else these days. And are you going to get results on the individual preclears? On the occluded cases, on the neurotics who WANT to be sick? You sure are if you only use SOP 8 or 8A and leave the engrams alone.

If we start out as a group of skilled people to audit whole sections of the population, we’ll attain every goal we ever thought a good one to attain. Thus group auditing just doesn’t get preclears for you, it goes right out on the main line and gets the job done. Of course some auditors will tend to settle down and get fat when they have a wide group and a good practice but men’s communities are always subject to this thing.

Today, instead of going all out on an IDEAL level and having to have everything “just right” before we begin, let’s look over our tools, collect our groups and begin. Maybe if we do that first, everything will get “just right” second. In other words, let’s get terribly PRACTICAL about this. Let’s realize we aren’t all white knights but let’s realize too that we aren’t all goldbricks and bums either. Let’s realize that each of us has to eat, but let’s also understand that there’s enough business to keep us all eating and forego a spirit of “competition” by which some would eat and, because of gossip and rumor, others would starve. And let’s keep the snapping and snarling amongst ourselves and snap and snarl if we must, but present at the same time a good unified face to the public and meet their snaps and snarls with a blank refusal to condemn other HCAs or the organization. Let’s be a team and make it our individual responsibility to keep the team going. Not one of us will lose by it.

The thing which solves all our problems in economics is ABUNDANCE. So long as preclears are scarce, we will have team difficulties. The moment they become plentiful, teamwork of the very highest sort becomes possible.

Now what will create that abundance? A group process which changes for the better the members of the group so much that they KNOW we have something will bring in members of that group for individual processing to a sufficient extent to keep us in a good state of solvency. We have that process in SHORT 8 or SHORT 8A. It gets around the fact that some people can’t get mock-ups. By substituting tactile for sight, it even reaches the blind.

How would we put this group processing formula to work? Well, the package is very standardized both as to procurement and delivery. Our slogan is “making the able more able” and our appeal is to people to increase the cultural level and production standards of the country. In a newspaper, a magazine, on the word-of-mouth line, by sending direct mail invitations to lists out of the classified phone directory (such as to all osteopaths or all registered nurses, etc., etc.) we collect, as an HCA, the first group. On a certain night, say Thursdays, of each week, we pack into our own quarters or into a hired room at a hotel, we process this group for two hours using SHORT 8 or SHORT 8A. We charge them nothing, not for the hall or anything else. We sell them nothing. But we have available certain things.

First we have available a little sheet, neat and brief, even part of the first Pro Course Booklet, which says what SCIENTOLOGY is. Then we have, on the back of that sheet, what professional processing is, how much, and the name and address of the auditor of this group. We make clear on this sheet that our purpose in processing people is part of an international effort to make the able more able in order to bring about, in their fields, a bettered society for Man. We don’t get glowing or fanatical and we don’t condemn the existing society.

Next we have available membership forms in the HAS, again making it clear that we don’t care if anybody joins or not. The auditor collects, as a membership fee £2.10.0 or $7.50 U.S. and he sends £1.15.0 or, in the U.S. , $5.00 to the main office of the HAS along with the form. The HAS makes out the card of membership and returns it to the member and sends as well, for one year, the magazine Scientology, a fact which is made plain on the form available for the group.

On hand also is a form which requests special processing. This again has the auditor’s name and phone number on it. But it doesn’t pressure sell individual processing.

Also to hand are various texts on Dianetics or Scientology. The auditor can procure these, in most cases, at a 30% discount from associates or the main HAS office.

Revenue from books and memberships should itself pay the auditor well for processing a group, and pay the costs of mailings. But the auditor will have respect and effectiveness and response to the degree that he is casual about selling and to the degree that he stresses this as part of a program to raise the cultural level of Man by putting its leaders into a very high state of effectiveness, and other similar arguments.

An auditor can also give the Group Auditor’s Course for teachers and others but he will find this a convenience only and should not look to it to produce revenue beyond good public relations unless, of course, he has started out on the line of processing children by interesting teachers in processing children, as groups, with Self Analysis, as discussed in the Journal, Issue 1 4-G. An auditor can carry forward both programs.

An associate, by advertising and direct mail procurement of people to be a member of groups, can turn off such persons to auditor’s groups, benefiting only by training. And indeed, with auditors doing the auditing and associates doing training and general advertising and good will, all this not only could work out but is working out in several quarters.

Well, you’ve got SOP 8A coming shortly. SOP 8, mild as it looks, tears cases to pieces and assembles new people. SHORT 8A is effective on both groups and individuals and is very easy to audit. You may cling to the idea that the pc has to suffer through engrams even if SOP 8 makes him well. If so, use some yourself. Waste some pain and find out why.

And now your own case. A lot of auditors are here to help their own cases. SHORT 8A, if you have the persistence, if used without deviating from it, is a self processing technique. And it can make you clearer than Book One ever could have made anybody. But nothing beats good auditing from a good auditor so look to you and another pro being a co-audit team. No pro can be audited by some pc he’s taught. If he thinks he can, he’s fooling himself.

Write me. I’ve got answers here. You need me and I need you. So here, with PAB No. 1, let’s get, as a team, a show on the road.





A triangle of certainties would indicate the following formula of certainties. There are three universe-types, on each one of which one can achieve a certainty. The most important of these types is one’s own universe; the second most important is the MEST universe; the third most important is the class known as “others’ universes.” A certainty on each one of these universes could exist in each of three time categories. The most important of these is the present for each universe; the second most important of these from the standpoint of desirable certainty is the future of each universe; and the third most important of these is the past of each universe. Two conditions of certainty can exist for each class of universe and for each time aspect of universes, and one is a certainty that it exists and the other a certainty that it does not exist. Thus we have eighteen certainties derived from this formula. The rehabilitation, then, of any one of these certainties will find a resurgence in the case; the rehabilitation of all these certainties, if possible, would take one theoretically to the highest possible levels of the tone scale. In addition to these there is the certainty of controlling and a certainty of not controlling. There is also being the effect of these as a certainty and a cause of these as a certainty. As we proceed down from one’s own universe, i.e. mock-ups, and a certainty that they are there, are not there, or can be controlled, we are going into important but less desirable certainties. This tells you why Self Analysis mock-up processing present time is such a desirable process. This process has the following advantages:

  1. It unfixes the attention or remedies a dispersal of attention by putting one again into control of his attention.
  2. It creates new space and, when one banishes the mock-up, it banishes space, which is to say uncreates space.
  3. It opens communication, for communication is the interchange between an awareness viewpoint and a dimension point.
  4. It creates beingness since beingness is dependent upon space.
  5. It creates forms which one can be or destroys forms which one does not want to be in terms of his own universe.
  6. It utilizes the control of objects.

By taking the catalogue of eighteen certainties and applying these steps or working out these steps in each one of them, one can see that one has an expanding perimeter of certainties. The most desirable certainty, of course, is certainty of one’s own universe. From this all other things proceed. But the problem is enterable in any corner of the triangle and the individual rehabilitates accordingly. Any point of this triangle of universes or triangle of certainties, if increased in certainty, will increase the certainty on the other two corners of the triangle, and any suppression on any corner of the triangle will suppress the other two corners of the triangle.

The professional auditor in processing this has these processes at hand, then:

The task of the auditor would seem to be indicated under the heading of pulling apart or unconfusing one universe from another universe. For instance, one has no certainty whatever when his own universe is confused in his mind with the MEST universe, or when his own universe is confused in his mind with another’s universe. The preclear has been making facsimiles continually of the MEST universe and has used the MEST universe as a pattern of the facsimile pattern of his own universe to such a degree that his own universe appears to be at first glance simply a duplicate of the MEST universe. Taking an object in the MEST universe and then putting a mock-up similar to it beside it and seeing the difference between the two, will resolve eventually not only this confusion but will resolve the automaticity which causes the preclear to continue to make facsimiles of the MEST universe.

Of all these awarenesses, awareness of present-time circumstance of any of these universes simply rehabilitated in all forms of communication (by which is meant perception, not talk and ideas) simply continued on and on and on produces all the desirable results and gives a certainty to the future and the past and of the various aspects of these universes.

You can see easily now that communication embraces both the creation of space, the beingness and performance of particles, and that greatest certainty exists at the instant of actual observation. Therefore the auditor is most interested in communication when he considers the relative values of communication, affinity and reality.


What are the values of Affinity, Communication and Reality with relation to each other from the standpoint of behavior or the auditor?

Affinity is type of energy and can be produced at will.

Reality is agreement; too much agreement under duress brings about the banishment of one’s entire consciousness.

Communication, however, is far more important than affinity or reality, for it is the operation, the action, by which one experiences emotion and by which one agrees.

Communication is not only the modus operandi, it is the heart of life and is by thousands of percent the senior in importance to affinity and reality. And this is easily demonstrated, for only if the auditor concentrates on communication can he resolve problems, predict behavior and alter or control minds. Sharply then, alert to this value of communication and do not go on trying to make a thirst for love, make love all or a hope for agreement the all. The important answer is found always in the modus operandi of communication. Communication is at once the strongest hope for resolving any problem of behavior and the weakest commodity in the case one confronts. Fail to obsene the singular magnitude of communication when evaluated against agreement and affinity and fail with cases. It almost does not matter what is communicated if it is communicated.

The one test of aberration is communication lag index. How long does it take to get an answer from the preclear? He is as aberrated as he takes time. He has in the degree that he handles particles. The handling of particles, of motion, is communication. Reality is the consideration of particles. Affinity is the opinion about particles and sensation. Consideration is not beingness. Opinion is not beingness. Only communication ranks with beingness.

The only accurate test of whether or not a case is improved is whether or not there is a communication change. By communication change we also mean perception change. Perception is all. And any form of communication is known alone by perception.

A thetan can be what he can see. He can see what he can be. If he can’t see it as a thetan (not as MEST eyes) he can’t be it. If he can’t be it he can’t see it.

A viewpoint puts out anchor points. It now has space. How does it know it has anchor points out? Because it can see them. How does it know there are anchor points at all? Only because it can see them. Then how does it know it has space? Because it can perceive. How does it perceive? By knowing. By knowing a datum? No, by being certain. Knowingness is being certainness. One is as certain as he can communicate. He can communicate as well as he can be.

Further, one is as responsible as one can communicate. One is not responsible for that with which he cannot communicate. One will fight only that with which he cannot communicate.

How does one communicate? The method of permissible communication is via MEST. One places his ability into hands, eyes, etc. and by sound waves, light particles and others, communicates. He has “put the blame on MEST.” Actually all these particles are his own immediate creations by agreed upon, implicitly believed ritual. His body, even the sun, are there because he co-believes with many other viewpoints that they are there. He mocks up the MEST universe continually as can be tested by comparison of a MEST universe terminal with a mock-up terminal many times, each time noting the difference. The circuit that automatically mocks up MEST comes to view and under control.

Get an invalid by whatever means, pleasant or unpleasant, into communication with a withered limb and it will heal. It requires hours, perhaps, of massage (and the massage or sensation must be sufficiently irregular to continue to command his attention) but it will work, not because of faith but because of continuously commanding the invalid to perceive his leg.

There are many levels of communication. The best is self-determined communication by postulate containing no effort. But any is better than none.

The best communication is by the thetan’s own creation, dispatch and return of dimension points. That which he thus perceives is really real to him and he takes full responsibility for it. He puts out golden clouds of “flitter” in order to so perceive. Simply by putting out, by postulate, this flitter the occluded case can, after several times trying, unmask the black facsimile behind which he is hiding. This is direct thetan communication, the best.

Beingness, communication, space are, in action, synonyms. The 0.2 case has no space. Get him to communicate, he has space. He may feel his body and facsimiles are rock hard. Get him to communicate, to waste anchor points in Expanded GITA (following) and be things and he becomes less aberrated, less in pain, less solid.

If a person cannot communicate, if he has a long communication index lag, he has no great beingness, no space. Spacation (following) solves it, imitating beingness solves it, doing routine mock-ups of any kind solves it (for these are anchor points which make space), and any communication betterment process solves it. Even finding present time solves it.

Thus, see the role that communication plays in the game called Existence.


The process known as Double Terminaling is an ASSIST. As in the case of admiration processing, the running of double terminals cannot long be continued on a case without the benefit turning into a downgrade. The downgrade in tone, when reached, whether in a few hours or many with the process, indicates that a POSITIVE GAIN PROCESS is now indicated, for the preclear has, in running a negative gain process, come into an uncertainty. The state of uncertainty, whenever noticed or reached in any preclear, is remedied by the prompt use of such things as Self Analysis or certainties in any one of the three universes.

One double-terminals as follows: He has the preclear mock up something or someone facing its duplicate, then he gets another such pair beside, in any position, the first pair. It will be noted that the mock-ups discharge one against the other like electrical poles. A double terminal may also consist of an unmatched pair such as a mock-up of a husband facing a wife and, parallel to this, the husband facing the wife again. Or a person facing an inanimate object, then, beside that pair, the same person as another mock-up facing the same object as another mock-up. It will be observed that when TWO pairs are used, there are, even so, only TWO COMMUNICATION LINES. The lines are more important than the terminals; one wants two communication lines, parallel to each other. This, of course, requires four terminals.

Injuries, engrams, emotions, existing mental states, postulates, aberrative persons, deformed body members, either side of the body against the other side, anything, in short, that could be run in Dianetics can be double-terminaled. Accidents can be run out with particular ease with it. A Case V can double-terminal emotions or concepts although he cannot see the mock-up. In case the pc becomes ill acutely while double terminaling, continue the action until the symptoms go away, for they are part of the operation.

The pc unable to remain out of his body is a problem in terminals. The body as one terminal, and the pc as a thetan as the other terminal, snap together because the body is too heavily charged. Thus the pc cannot stay or even get outside. Have him mock up own body and create and uncreate space until he can stay out.

[Enclosed with this PAB were SOP 8, Short 8 and “The Factors,” which are also part of the Journal of Scientology 16-G, page 374.]