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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- From a Lecture by L. Ron Hubbard on MEST Processing, July 7, 1951 (PAB-65) - PAB551111
- Six Levels of Processing (OB-4) - OB551111-5
- Six Levels of Processing (OB-4, 2) - OB551111-5

P. A. B. No. 65
The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
11 November 1955


A person’s self-determinism is immediately and directly established in ratio to his handling of MEST.

Self-determinism goes down as a person goes down the tone scale, so what do you finally get? You get a person around 0.5. This person’s self-determinism is OUT. They are not self-determined, they are determined by something else — not by themselves.

Furthermore, they can’t handle MEST.

The “I” confuses the organism itself with the MEST it cannot handle, and selfdeterminism deteriorates.

It happens something like this: The “I” gets to a point where it obviously can’t handle other MEST, so it can’t handle itself, either. It can’t handle space. Not only is it unable to put somebody else through space, it can’t put “self” through space. And so on!

So here you have the tug and pull below 2.0 on the tone scale.

Here is an individual riding at 1.5, and here is another individual riding at 0.5. The 1.5 is trying to make the 0.5 into the 1.5’s MEST. Here is an individual confusing an organism with MEST. Here is the 1.5 trying to take this other person and OWN him as MEST.

If you have, also, a 1.1 here, the 1.5 is trying to make the 1.1 into his MEST and the 1.1 is fighting back to the extent of trying to nullify the 1.5 to the point where the 1.5 is a 0.5 — and then the 0.5 becomes the 1.1’s MEST!

Here is the leading order of the tone scale below 2.0.

Nullification is worked on the 1.5 so that the 1.5 can be owned by the person occupying the lower band on the tone scale. The 1.5 will take a 3.0 and try to move him on down to a 0.5 so that the 1.5 can OWN him.

The organism, below 2.0, is more MEST than theta, actually, and entheta, being confused and chaotic like MEST, behaves to a large degree like MEST.

Here is your battle of the strong and the weak. In other words, the battle of the 1.5’s and the 0.5’s.

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The only way you can possibly get along is up in the bracket of ARC, because these other things don’t win.

Nobody ever succeeded in owning another organism. It can’t be done.

You can own a horse — with ARC! You can be nice to the horse, and the horse understands you, and you just get along fine. The horse is very glad that you are riding him, and everything is happy — and that horse stays in good shape.

But let’s “own” the horse! “Okay, you brute, you beast, you will do exactly what I say!” Before long, you have a 0.5 horse, and that 0.5 horse will develop spavins, spasms, and everything else.

The only way 3.0’s can operate is on data, and exchange of ideas, and reaching an agreement with relationship to that data.

This is an added observation which I now realize I have been “adding” for a long time. 2 and 2 make four unless you insist on having spots before your eyes (instead of stripes) when they make either. 22 or 2.2—anyway:

Have you ever seen a person (so called) below 2.0 on the tone scale who ever accepted the fact that Scientology was REAL? I have seen them say, “Why sure, it’s wonderful,” but I have also had the privilege of processing some of these characters, and so far I have yet to see one who had any reality on it. Just an observation, but it continues to explain SO MUCH.

They will sell it, or use somebody else’s idea of its reality to make hay for their own stack (below 2.0 a barn is too much MEST to own, and they have already started in on organisms).

But for themselves? Just you try to process one on an advanced technique, and you will see what I mean.

And so, as sweet thought for the day, I give you all those “tough cases.”

Please, Sir, will you prescribe a process for the processing of processing toward reality on the subject of Scientology itself.

I have a feeling I will hit it in a tape. When I do, I will send it to you.