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[1953, ca. early September]


In early 1953 I developed Formula H as a basic resolution in terms of emotion and effort of insane impulses, neuroses, obsessions and compulsions. It is a limited technique. Formula H is the end development of Effort Processing, and is run with all the technology learned in Effort Processing itself.


The first example of the use of Formula H would be applied to present time. One would ask the preclear to run the effort to reach and to withdraw into and from present time in terms of force, in terms of admiration and in terms of perception. He would run as well for force, admiration and perception the effort to grasp and the effort to let go. He would then run present time as an entity, reaching and withdrawing, grasping and letting go the preclear. He would find that there is a duplicity of effort wherein the preclear can run withdrawing while something else withdraws, reaching while something else withdraws, withdrawing while something else reaches, and reaching while something else reaches, grasping while something else grasps, grasping while something else lets go, letting go while something else grasps, letting go while something else lets go. This can be run in brackets, which is to say with the preclear doing it as though others were doing it and the preclear doing it for others doing it in regard to others.

One could run this generally, which is to say without any specific object in contest with the preclear, and one could run it on pictures alone or on engrams alone if the preclear knows what an engram is.

Of course, this is a limited technique. It can be run only until such time as the preclear’s case is moving more easily.

The technique can be run slowly or rapidly, which is to say, one can run the cycle and withdraw as fast as the preclear can think it or slowly. This would depend in large measure on the use of an E-Meter. The needle should keep rising while the preclear is reaching and withdrawing, but when it reaches a stop then the effort should be changed or reversed.

The use of Formula H is entirely an emergency measure. Formula H is not intended to clear anyone. It is intended to put a case in shape to run more easily. Immediately after Formula H is applied, Acceptance Level and SOP 8 can be applied. In other words, Formula H should not be continued indefinitely. The reason this technique should not be used indefinitely lies in the fact that after it has shaken the case loose, its continued use will bog the preclear down in some other part of the time track, for the use of the technique primarily is to shake the preclear loose from the time track. The emotion of insanity — and indeed, there is an emotion of insanity — is discovered in the preclear by having him run something withdrawing while he is reaching or something reaching while he is withdrawing. This is an actual emotion; such a case has insane impulses. This technique should find, bring to view and run out these impulses, for it is an intensely uncomfortable emotion.

Reaching and withdrawing, grasping and letting go are the actions of theta itself. It does this with beams, particles and forms. Thus the formula exactly parallels theta operation, thus its effectiveness. But its continued use on the individual, the analytical mind or the thetan, the production energy unit, or whatever else you want to call it, in the body produces sufficient energy to shake loose engrams which might be better left untouched. Thus the limitation of its use.

It will be found while using it that the emotion of insanity can be turned on or a manic state can be turned on in a case. These emotions will run out simply if the auditing session is continued a little longer. If these become very acute, however, turn to Step III of SOP 8 and have the preclear hold the two upper corners of the room. This will clear away these impulses.

Commonly a preclear runs with this formula into a situation where, if he is a man, the sensation of a woman trying to eat him and a woman being white and himself black, in reversing the reaching and withdrawing, he finds himself trying to eat a woman, himself white and the woman black. This situation, when encountered, can simply be run one way and then the other way until all these impulses cease. Considerable sexual sensation will turn on during the running of this and they should not be left in restimulation. Formula H is called Formula H because the “H” stands for Hope. It can be used on a very difficult case if it does not immediately respond to auditing. Something can happen with sufficient drama and he can know he can get better. This gives to the auditor a tool which will produce relatively fast effects. It also gives the reassurance that the auditor can do something with this person which has not been done to this person before.

Formula H can be self-audited because, of course, Formula H applies mostly to the body. But if so used, it should not be used very long and it should be used with Six Steps to Better Beingness [SSSA].


It is quite important for the auditor to understand the nature of geographical areas in their role in aberration. As an example of this, let me tell you a story about a little dog on a ranch I once had which, indeed, is responsible for calling my attention to the fact that it is the location not the personnel that is at fault.

This little dog was running down a quarter-of-a-mile-long road when a careless driver hit him with a front bumper. At the moment of impact the driver reacted with sufficient speed to keep the wheel from going over the dog. The driver did not see the dog had not gone under the car, and when he got out the dog was gone. Evidently it had run immediately after being struck into the brush beside the road. He was gone for three days and could not be found in the entire area although looked for. At the end of the three days he came back, running up the same road. When he came within 30 feet

of the spot where he had been hit, although no car was now standing there, he lit out into the brush and scouted the area, coming back on the road again well beyond the spot, thus avoiding the place in the road.

On subsequent days the little dog, coming down this road came closer and closer to the area where he had been struck, each time noted it and avoided it. He had at the same time no fear of the car which had struck him and no fear of the motor of the car and no fear of the people who had been in the car.

After about two weeks, he would walk all the way down the road without going into the brush. Each time he passed the geographical spot where he had been hit he lowered his head and looked frightened when he passed. There is no difference between this dog’s reaction and the reaction of a man. In Book One you will find the mechanism of avoiding a restimulator. The person will not look at (as discovered in a hypnotic test) the thing which is motivating his action. If the signal he is being given in a post-hypnotic command is the hypnotist touching his tie, he will find fault with the room, with the hypnotist, with the hypnotist’s clothes, but very rarely with the hypnotist’s tie, the actual signal. This tells you, then, that man avoids geographical areas and will not look at them, and at the same time will say that he is not in that area because of people, because of incidents, because of many things. He has been injured in some geographical area. Pain and unconsciousness have taken place at some point on the globe, some city, some ocean, some altitude, some depth. Afterwards, he avoids such a point.

In Para-Scientology, it has been established without any great certainty that man has been here in this universe for some time and that men have a great many recorded experiences much earlier in existence. It does not matter whether this is true or not; it does matter that men have geographical antipathies. They are avoiding many spots in their own home, around their own towns, around their own state, their own country, their own continent — all over the world. This comes to a pass, finally, where a person is avoiding the entire world. Also in Para-Scientology we have turned up in many cases what the preclear claims is “space opera.” The only thing that is very certain in each one of these cases is that the preclear so claiming actually avoids space. He avoids space just as the little dog avoided the point on the road. In other words, this person has been injured in space and because space is so difficult to locate and points in space are so difficult to establish, he begins to avoid all space and so we get the case which is hard packed all around with engrams. He is trying to be solid so as not to have any space. If we work this case on the Formula H given above as we discuss in a moment, we will discover that there are many points specific and exact in space in the vicinity of the solar system which the person is particularly antipathetic towards. He may or may not have an explanation for this but the point is he does avoid space and points in space.

In view of the fact that the person who wants no space is avoiding the entire MEST universe and because any point in or the entire MEST universe can be a geographical area, we get what is this tremendous antipathy for the MEST universe on the part of preclears. This resolves by processing geographically all of the areas of which the auditor can think or read about from an atlas.

Geographical processing is quite surprising in its results. It is done with Formula H. One gets the preclear’s efforts to reach and withdraw from, to grasp and let go, various geographical areas; and gets the preclear getting others trying to reach and withdraw from, grasp and let go, the same geographical areas; and gets the geographical areas trying to withdraw from and reach, grasp and let go, the preclear; and gets the areas reaching and withdrawing from, grasping and letting go, others.

The peculiar nostalgia generated by reason of a person’s being raised in a certain area (which in its acute state is homesickness) is resolved by the use of Formula H on

the area of the childhood home. If one were to be processing children in a summer camp, he would find that many of these were suffering acutely from homesickness and could not enjoy themselves. If he would simply take a group of them and get them to reach and withdraw from home, he would possibly, through a bath of tears, restore the vitality of many who were ailing.

Particularly for the case who is having difficulty with space, this is a recommended process. An example of its running follows:

This is the hold on the track about Sioux Falls. Somatics become acute, warmth excessive. The preclear keeps saying that the sickroom alternates with the county jail. It suddenly develops that he was in quarantine during his illness and felt like a prisoner and has felt degraded ever since.

The auditor now uses Acceptance Level Processing or Expanded Gita. As the former has not been covered, the latter will be illustrated.

End of Session.

You will find that Formula H used in any combination is productive. If used in conjunction with geographical areas, it is extremely productive.

It is recommended for all cases early in processing; it is not recommended for cases late in processing which are progressing satisfactorily. It is not recommended that Formula H be run longer than for two or three hours on a case except where the auditor has set out to process geographically the entire MEST universe. Processing the entire MEST universe and points in its space would be identical with the above illustration except that points in the MEST universe would be substituted for first the Midwest and then Sioux Falls as the “Sioux Falls” particular points showed up with the preclear.

It cannot be too forcefully stated that the emotion called insanity is an actual emotion and is turned on and is run out by Formula H. It may or may not be good processing for an auditor to attempt to discover and locate this emotion of insanity on preclears who aren’t neurotic or insane and so discharge it. This would depend entirely on the skill of the auditor. When the emotion of insanity is turned on in a preclear who is otherwise sane, it should simply be run out by Formula H.