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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Five Levels of Indoctrination and Procedure CCH (PAB 122) - PAB571015

P.A.B. No. 122
The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
35/37 Fitzroy Street, London W.1

15 October 1957


The first thing that we should take up is the state of Scientology at this time, and to tell you that we are on a plateau. We are certainly on a plateau, and it is a plateau so very much higher than man has ever walked before that it is well worth saying it is a level that can be maintained. If people want more results than we can get today from CCH properly used, there will have to be a better auditor than we can make today.

The idea that “This is it” periodically has occurred in Scientology. Right now we are justified in saying that we are on a plateau which does not have to change.

When you can process a catatonic schiz, a five-day-old baby, you’ve got it made in the world of homo sapiens. The only further adventure we might adventure upon would be the processing of the thetan not connected with the body, and that would be an entire field about which we know practically nothing. But anybody who is having anything to do with bodies is well within the reach of Procedure CCH, providing it is used by an auditor who has been validated through the five levels of indoctrination. CCH used by an auditor who has not been validated would be the least guaranteed thing I can think of at the moment. I have already thrown up my hands in a few expressive horrors when I have seen auditors who have not been through the five levels fumble around with any Tone 40 process, and it is so grim that even now, to you, watching it, untrained, trying to do one of these things, it would not look like auditing.

Back in old Book One days, a fellow could sit down beside someone on a couch and say “Go back to that engram,” and it looked like auditing. It doesn’t look like auditing today. It is the difference of indoctrination which makes the difference. The person who applies it has been successfully checked through the five levels of Indoc. It is now the auditor plus the process. That is one of the reasons why we knew we were on a plateau. There wasn’t something you could tell out of CCH easily to your Aunt Mame’s little girl, to fix up her fear of cats. It is interesting that such employment does not reach any level that you yourself can consider a good result. Somebody untrained does not achieve any great result with it, and is liable to leave his preclear in a badly restimulated condition. We are dealing with a package of dynamite with Procedure CCH. We have to take into account the five levels of indoctrination successfully passed, which is necessary to apply CCH to a preclear.

CCH is a very sloppy title, for Procedure CCH is really C for Control, D for Duplication, C for Communication, Ct for Control of Thought = Havingness; and that is the real name of it.

First, we get the person under control, get him into the capability of duplicating, and then we move him up into communication more or less on a person level. Now we take the mind. The mind consists of mental image pictures, and if duplication is addressed to the mind we get communication. The third zone is the control of the Thetan, which brings us to Control of Thinkingness, Ct. I will show you more graphically what these three things are:

  1. Notice that you are sitting in the chair. Notice that you have a body sitting in a chair.
  2. Get a picture of a cat. Can you? Note that it is a picture. That is the mind. It’s pictures and the apparatus which handles pictures.
  3. Get a picture of a cat again. Answer this question: “What is looking at the cat?” That is all you ever need to know about a thetan with CCH.

As we extend out from the thetan we get the physical universe, so actually there is a fourth thing there which undercuts the body, and that would be the physical universe. In other words, you are in immediate and direct contact with everything that you will be expected to study or ever process in Scientology. Every one of these things that I have mentioned, the physical universe, body, mind, thetan, may have a clearer appearance to you, or some other condition connected with it, but there isn’t anything outside of this. We omit the physical universe, because it is pretty hard to look totally at the physical universe right at this moment. But for sure you are looking at all the body you have got. As far as this picture is concerned, it may flop over and have many cross associations, and you could trace this endlessly as I have. As far as thetans are concerned, the most you will ever learn about one is your own beingness, or the observation that something is being moved, made alive, and motivated.

This is the entire target of CCH. There isn’t anything else to shoot at. All of these things intimately, then, relate to the thetan, and we have Control, Duplication, Communication, Control of Thinkingness, and Havingness, that relate to a thetan. We could process in any one of these zones. When you process any part of these four things, you really cater to some slight degree to the other three, but you can concentrate upon any one of these things.

CCH has in its concentration levels first the body, then the mind, and the thetan just happens — nowhere in CCH do we intimately address a thetan. But we can come close to addressing a thetan by addressing thinkingness.

Here is what CCH does. It makes the person more aware of a body, and he eventually recognizes to some degree that he can control the body. Next, it addresses the physical universe, in the locational processes of the next facet. Actually, it addresses intimately the thetan plus the physical universe.

How can you as an auditor overcome the obsessive mental changes which occur? You cannot see what he is thinking. You put his body under control, then you get him into communication, and then you can also clarify and control to some degree his thinkingness. At thinkingness we are standing at a borderline between the mind and the thetan.

By control and duplication we get communication. When we have communication we can straighten up the fellow’s time track and his habitat in the final process, Then and Now Solids.

Let me be much more positive about this. The make-or-break point of any case is this: Can he make things more solid or can’t he? A person who can make things a little more solid can also be processed on almost anything and get along fairly well. I knew there was one point above which cases process easily with almost any technique you use, and there was a point below which no process seemed to have anything to do with a person. As soon as this was isolated we had things made, for we could graduate somebody up to a toleration of solids.

We can cross this borderline in all cases today.

But how about the fellow that we cannot communicate with at all? He has another bug that we have to overcome, and that is the bug of obsessive change. When you tell him to think of a cat, he has to be able to think of a cat. When cases failed in the past, it was that the preclear never thought what we had told him to think. He said so, but didn’t do it. Here we have this thing. If we can get him to think the thought “keep it from going away” we can graduate him up to solids.

There are two things that you do with a person. You control his person and you make him duplicate and communicate; you control his thinkingness. So you use the early steps of control of a person, which are “Give me your hand,” Tone 40 8-C, Hand-Space Mimicry and Book Mimicry, over and over, until you are absolutely sure that the fellow can think when you tell him to. Then you go into the next stage, which is Tone 40 “Keep it from going away,” Tone 40 “Hold it still,” and Tone 40 “Make it a little more solid.”

What is the bank doing? He has some attention units which get stuck on the track that are only being fixed by the bank sticking him, so we do all these things on the body and then we do practically the same things on the attention. After that, we have got it made, because we can graduate him to making something a little more solid. Let’s take him aside and let him get the inside confidential story of the whole thing. Have him take a look at his mind, and there comes the trickiest step of CCH. It only condenses almost the entirety of what an auditor had to know that was developed in three years.

This is the rough process and I don’t make any bones about it. You can either subjectively remedy havingness or you can’t. So the way we run CCH is to graduate a person up to making things objectively (the outside world) or subjectively (mind) solid, and then have him straighten out the whole track. All sorts of odd and interesting thoughts occur when we use this thing Then and Now Solids. Above this we do have a couple more things. They are super-developed gee-whiz processes, completely unusable on homo sapiens. However, you start winding up, why, you go over into these processes. I’ll give you some idea of where this goes. You could turn on a person’s mental image pictures the size of that wall in three dimensions, with total perception, in half an hour’s processing. Abilities are not perishable. The only thing which is perishable is willingness. Processing is still a matter of choice. A person would never refuse processing or help if he knew what it was. That which refuses processing is not the person. After a while, it isn’t that he pulls up on you and surrenders. He finally takes an apathetic look and says, “What you are doing is not bad. I wouldn’t mind being a lot better. “

You give him a surfeit of control, until he finds out it doesn’t kill him. Maybe he can control something now. Now that is the background theory of CCH. What I want to punch up is that if you wish to handle body illnesses, they come under the heading of person. If you want to handle mental actions you would do it with control of attention, and if you wish to handle a thetan it would be through control of thinkingness.