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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Facsimiles and Solids (PAB-99) - PAB561100

The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8
1 November 1956


Edited from L. Ron Hubbard's August 1956 HPA/HPC tape lectures

For material about facsimiles, the best is in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, American edition.

More recent processes turn up all the phenomena of facsimiles, engrams, locks, secondaries, etc., so it is vitally necessary that this material is well known.

A facsimile is an energy picture made by a thetan or the body's machinery of the physical universe environment. It is like a photograph. It is made of mental energy. It means copy of the physical universe.

On the track facsimiles have been corrupted. It became a picture which may be a facsimile but isn't. It would run and look like a facsimile, but is a picture of something which didn't really happen. Automatic mock-up is a better description. It is changed from the physical universe.

For example: A man walks down the street and sees a girl. He has a picture of the girl. As he walks down the street his machinery gets to work and he then has a picture of a bedroom. He never saw her in the bedroom, but on a delusory basis he puts her into one.

If he is totally sane there is no liability to this. Those pictures are not aberrative unless the preclear is way down scale, when he will start mourning over this girl he only saw once in the street. He has failed to differentiate between his facsimile and mock-

Delusion and hallucination come under the heading of this alteration of the physical universe facsimile.

This delusory picture is called “dub-in”—a term taken from the movie world.

Next is the plain mock-up, which you know is only a mock-up and not a facsimile or a dub-in.

The auditor's error in the past was failing to recognize facsimiles as facsimiles and too often calling them dub-ins.

A source of dub-in is “Somebody told you,” and if a person is in a wrong valence he gets pictures of things this valence has told him — e.g. , preclear is in mother's universe, and she has told him all about how horrible father is. One day he looks through his bank and finds pictures of father beating mother, a thing which never really happened.

Mother said so and this contains mother's mock-ups which are dub-ins. The only worrisome source of dub-ins is, being in the wrong valence.

One makes them up out of remarks which are dub-ins, and these we call SYNTHETICS.

Split universes and the preclear finds his own facsimiles, which are sometimes quite startling to him.

Don't make the mistake of calling a real facsimile a dub-in and refusing to process it. No matter where it comes from, whether dub-in or facsimile, this is handled by mock-ups and you don't have to differentiate.

Remember not to ignore the whole track phenomena — which are facts. Don't assault facts of this nature unless you want to make a game out of it, and when you do so, be aware that you are doing it.

In modern living the foremost reason of the failure of modern psychotherapy is that they never believed what the patient was saying and never understood what was happening. The preclear told them about prenatals, etc., and was invalidated when he wasn't believed.

In the genetic entity's bank are such things as the sperm sequence, ovum sequence and the sperm-ovum sequence, and they are three separate lines of engrams.

Furthermore, on the sperm sequence we can move back on the GE line to father and often find the wrong father.

As we come forward we find the development of the preclear's body in the womb (gestation) with pictures along the line. These pictures have black visio or they have a dub-in which was made out of pictures which were heard by the child and then the child dubbed in the environment but the actual visio is black. It is dark and noisy in the womb.

You may run into a vacuum which compares to a super-cold piece of metal, which when contacted by the thetan pulls in the entirety of his bank.

Afterwards, when trying to remedy his havingness, you have him sitting in the middle of the vacuum. Of course, this picture of a super-cold object is still behaving like a super-cold object. This accounts for the way people get stuck in space opera. They were in space suits out in space and got shot. As long as they were warm they were okay, but the moment they touched a super-cold object, their bank rushed in and they were brainwashed.

The prenatal area is black and a vacuum is so confusing that the blackness is the total answer a thetan can give to it. He covers all that up with blackness.

So one has two types of blackness here.

A third type of blackness is when a man walks in the dark, stumbles over something and gets an engram — which is totally black. One gets accustomed to these various kinds of facsimiles. It is not necessary to go into them. The main point is that they ARE there and must be handled.

The heart of some of all consequences in living, guilt, conscience, various conflicts are contained in the electronic phenomena of the bank — facsimiles, dub-ins and mockups.

This bank is the apparently unalterable pattern of behavior.

In order to change about the behavior of body and facsimiles, it is necessary to change the thetan. It is necessary to change the bank.

There are three types of bank:

  1. The Somatic Bank,
  2. The Analytical Bank, and
  3. The Reactive Bank.

You know the analytical bank is there but not that the reactive bank is there. It sneaks up on you and one day the sperm sequence restimulates you and you start to wiggle — that a small picture like that will make a whole body wiggle is but a matter of consideration.

Remember all these are considerations.

A facsimile could influence the whole body or just one part of it.

The preclear accepts the analytical bank but is surprised to find reactive pictures, such as prenatals, past lives, etc., turning up while he is being audited.

These pictures were primarily created to have an effect on somebody else. When they ceased to have an effect on somebody else, they began to have an effect on the preclear's body. Therefore they survive. The definition of survival is “no-effect.” A game will continue as long as there is no absolute effect occurring. An action will occur until the end of the action cycle, which is start-change-stop.

The thetan uses pictures to handle and control the body. The “facsimiles under the preclear's control” is a wonderful piece of machinery, and out of his control, a nightmare. He gets aberrated.

A facsimile contains all perceptions (about 54 or more; I stopped counting at 54), e.g. , joint positions, body motion, perception of heat, small motion, photons (visio). Touch, smell, sight and sound actually have to be handled sooner or later if you are handling any facsimiles.

Facsimiles were first designed to have an effect upon somebody else. To a thetan his body is somebody else, so while he is having an effect on the body, he is still having a win.

Because there have been other facsimiles on the GE line, his stimulus does very often not get the exact response on the body. It gets some other response and introduces an unknown element.

The thetan thinks he is just handling one bank — he is actually handling thousands of banks that have been there before him. There are not other thetans in the body. The facsimiles are just the residue of other thetans in the bank. These are the facsimiles and reactions made by other thetans in the bank and this is often a very spooky thing.

When a thetan runs into this amount of unknownness — he wants the body to jump and it lies down to sleep — he is apt to get puzzled.

Life is a contest of trying to get a body or other bodies to do the various stimulus- response mechanisms.

We need sound to handle the bank. We say something and something restimulates. All kinds of meanings and significances creep into this bank and people can get stuck on certain phrases in these banks, and it is wonderful how a certain phrase can aberrate a single life. (Refer to: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.)

There is no doubt about this bank being powerful and formidable, but so is our ability today to handle it.