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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Dianetics and Scientology Organizations United Again (JOS 36-G) - JOS540900

CONTENTS Dianetics and Scientology Organizations United Again
Issue 36-G [1954, ca. late September]
Published by
The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International Phoenix, Arizona

Dianetics and Scientology Organizations United Again

Some months after the closing of the Wichita Foundation, Don G. Purcell returned to L. Ron Hubbard and the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, the corporations and Foundations of Dianetics, the various books (including Science of Survival) and copyrights, and the various rosters and correspondence files of the organizations. This meant that the entire and complete control without contest of Dianetics, as well as Scientology, was henceforth in Phoenix, Arizona.

When asked about this action by Don G. Purcell, Ron said, “Most men act because they have reason to act. At one time, Don honestly thought, or had been pursuaded to think, that Dianetics could be more rapidly advanced in this society under an entirely business control. As time went on the difficulties of conducting the Foundation bore heavily upon his time and the progress he expected was not being made. But I don’t believe that there were either business or other expedient reasons behind this. I believe that Don extended this gift of the Foundations and all their publications and material — a rather considerable amount — because he felt that the public in general, and Dianeticists and Scientologists in particular, would benefit greatly from a renewed unity, and that he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do. I appreciate it a good deal because it clears the communication lines and makes it possible for us to utilize, to the fullest, the considerable public which was generated by my first book and because it permits us to integrate on two levels — one of them on a mental therapy level and the other on an entirely religious level.

“Dianetics is very far from dead. The first book published in 1950 still sells as well as most current ‘best sellers. ’ Even the contract and plates for that book are being held for me now by Hermitage House, and it will shortly be republished and issued on an even wider front. I admire Don very much for this gift. I think he has done the right thing, and I think it took a real man to do such a thing. There has been no animosity of any kind on my part since Don and I went into communication again while I was in Spain last year.”

Questioned further concerning the future of Dianetics, Ron said, “All the time I have been working on Scientology I have also been working on Dianetics and laying it back on the shelf. Actually, the subject has advanced enormously since 1951, when the last publications on it were released by me. The various difficulties encountered in the early days when we were trying to erase engrams have been examined by me and various modifications made in theory and practice. There is a practice now called ‘perfect duplication’ which erases engrams in a few seconds when you have educated the preclear to do it. This sounds far fetched, but so did Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health sound far fetched in 1950, and it is now so widely accepted that prenatals have become the subject of many a popular magazine article such as one in the Ladies Home Companion, another in Reader’s Digest and many others in professional publications.

“Quite in addition to prenatals, there is wide medical acceptance now of the dynamic principle of existence: Survive. It takes a certain length of time to get acceptance of the data, and the basics of Dianetics have not changed.

“Those preclears who in the past suffered from Dianetic processing were only those who could not handle heavy material and who considered force too great for them to touch. There exists now means by which this factor can be eliminated.

“Although some of this material has been released to Scientologists, there was no communication line extant for its general publication to the public. Thus, the removal of this communications diversion will mean a considerable amount of new material released in the very near future.”

According to Ron, “Don Purcell has offered us an opportunity for unity of all groups, all Dianeticists and Scientologists. We must now show our appreciation of his gift and use it as he intended.”