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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Cramming Officer Post Requirements (CRAM-11RA) - BTB730610-4RA74

CONTENTS Cramming Officer Post Requirements
10 JUNE 1973RA
Issue IV
Revised & Reissued 7 August 1974 as BTB
Revised 27 November 1974
Cancels BTB of 10 June 1973R Issue IV Same Title
Remimeo Qual Secs Hats Off Cr Offs Cramming Series 11RA

Cramming Officer Post Requirements

A Tech Cramming Officer is not only a top Auditor for his Class but he must also be a top Supervisor.

The minimum requirements for being a Cramming Officer are:

A. Experienced Classed Auditor of Class IV HDC or above in a lower Org and not lower than VIII in an SH or AO Org.

B. Mini Course Super Course.

C. Professional Word Clearer’s Course Graduate.

D. Trained in the skills of Cramming and Why Finding per the BPL 12 June 73R, Rev 31 Aug 74, “Cramming Officer Hat Checksheet”.

Whilst it is known there is a lot of good Cramming being done in Orgs, the quality of Cramming needs to be increased in order to back up the current expansion occurring in Orgs.

The Cramming Officer is second only to the Qual Sec in technical quality and post expertise.

In order to upgrade Cramming quality, the following should be done:

A. Get the current Cramming Officer completed on all post requirements and operating efficiently. He handles tech and admin Cramming.

B. Post an Admin Cramming Officer who apprentices under the current Cramming Officer, taking the load of Admin Cramming and allowing the Cramming Officer to take on the full duties of Tech Cramming Officer, handling all Auditors, C/Ses, Internes, Supervisors, students and technical Cramming actions.

C. Both the Tech and Admin Cramming Officers enroll onto the HPCSC and get it completed.

D. The Tech Cramming Officer does any Tech Courses not yet completed in his Org, in study time.

E. The Admin Cramming Officer does the OEC, commencing with Vol 5, in study time.

And thus, we have expert Tech and Admin Cramming Officers on post.

A busy Cramming Officer needs a Qual Page to get people in for their Cramming cycles and High Crime checkouts, otherwise he can waste valuable minutes and hours chasing up people. The Qual Page can also get needed Pc folders or packs and materials from the Library as a service to the Cramming Officer.

The high degree of personal attention in Cramming brings about a situation whereby a Cramming Officer can handle about 20 students at one time before he will tend to become overloaded. In this case, a second Cramming Officer must be added to reinforce the area. The Qual Sec and Org Officer must be alert to this or the area will get jammed and production lines slowed.

The target being worked towards is:

1. A Class VIII or IX Ex Dn HPCSC Tech Cramming Officer.

2. A Class IV OEC HPCSC Admin Cramming Officer.

Then you would really see the fur fly. As these levels of post training are acquired, we will see a gradient and continual improvement in the tech and admin quality, existence of Source and use of materials of Dianetics and Scientology in Orgs.

Orgs will become fully On Tech, On Policy and In Ethics and will be truly Keeping Scientology Working.

Written & Revised by CS-5
Ensign Judy Ziff
Commodore’s Staff Aides
Approved by the Board of Issues
for the
of the
BDCS:Bof I:JZ:mh.rd