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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Confronting, Addition (SS-3) - BTB710722-2R74

CONTENTS Confronting, Addition
22 JULY 1971
Issue II
Reissued 9 July 1974 as BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 22 July 1971 Issue II Same Title
Remimeo Study Series 3

Confronting, Addition

::(Reference: HCO B 2 June 71, Study Series 2, Confronting'')--

In reference to the gradient of study objects to confront, under the item „paper“ the following procedure applies:

The student would confront an HCO PL or an HCO B. It is tacked to the wall upside down so it can’t be read. The student sits in a chair and confronts it. It is not the significance of the bulletin that the student is confronting, it is the bulletin itself, the physical object. This is continued until the student is able to be there and comfortably perceive the upside-down bulletin. It is usually done for 2 hours, no blink, no swallow, no twitch. Once this is accomplished, the student moves to the next gradient per the list in HCO B 2 June 71, Confronting, Study Series 2.

Hatted Sen Expediter
Taken from an LRH Note
Reissued as BTB
by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis 2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU
for the
of the