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CONTENTS CONFRONTING Training 0 Definition of a Scientology Clear
Ability Issue 52 [1957, ca. early August]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.


L. Ron Hubbard

This begins a series of training processes aimed at raising the communication level.

In subsequent issues I’ll give you others, so don’t fail to do this one in the next two weeks.

This is taken from the new Student Manual.

Training 0

Name: Confronting Preclear.

Commands: None.

Position: Student and coach sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart — about five feet.

Purpose: To train student to confront a preclear with auditing only or with nothing.

Training Stress: Have student and coach sit facing each other, neither making any conversation or effort to be interesting. Have them sit and look at each other and say and do nothing for some hours. Student must not speak, fidget, giggle or be embarrassed or anaten. Coach may speak only if student goes anaten (dope off). Student is confronting the body, thetan and bank of preclear.

History: Developed by L. Ron Hubbard in Washington in March 1957 to train students to confront preclears in the absence of social tricks or conversation and to overcome obsessive compulsions to be “interesting.”


We used to say, the way out is the way through. Now we say:

If you can’t stand it, Confront it.

And that, I think you’ll find, is much more satisfactory.

Definition of a Scientology Clear

A Scientology Clear would be able to confront the physical universe, other bodies, his own body, other minds, his own mind and other beings — without trimmings.

The first step on this road is the drill called Training 0  — Confronting. Do it for at least 25 hours and you’ll never have trouble with a preclear.

No systems allowed. Both feet flat on the floor. No twitches, no squirms, no talk.

If you have difficulty, feel the floor and your chair back as you sit. That adds confronting the universe.

Confronting isn’t just looking — so don’t try to confront with your eyeballs only.

Do it and may you never be the same again.

Nothing like Training 0 to raise Communication level.