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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Composite Engrams - BTB700424

CONTENTS Composite Engrams Remedy:
24 APRIL 1970
(Issued 28 March 74 as BTB)
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 24 April 1970
Remimeo Dianetic Checksheet All HDGs All HDCs All C/Ses Class VIII

Composite Engrams

Here is some application of Dianetics Tech I feel will be of interest.

A pc here at Davis had his Dianetics Triples done by another Center and we were doing his set-ups for Triple Grades.

While doing the GF 40 items, this pc ran a this-lifetime prenatal engram on many different chains in a row. Whenever the pc got near that time period, whether we were running „Anger“ or „Pain in the Foot“, that same incident came up with the same date, duration, somatics, and misemotion.

Then upon closer folder inspection, I found that the pc had run this incident 1 thru 9, A thru D, a total of 28 different times, each on a separate chain and it hadn’t yet erased.

The pc always passed through it as he went earlier than this life, so it was near the top of each chain.

Looking at basics, it became obvious that this „kink“ in the case could be called a composite incident or mass as it contained many different somatics, misemotions, and attitudes. The only problem was — TA slowing down and pc having extra trouble on every chain that this incident was on after going past it. And the incident wouldn’t blow.

Here is what resolved it.

I oriented the pc to the incident’s date and duration and asked for somatics, sensations, pains, misemotions, and attitudes in the incident itself. We got a LFBD item with tremendous upsurge of interest and did R3R Triples to full EP.

While doing this, TA action increased markedly and there was much visible relief on the whole case as the incident blew apart.

The assessment list had no more reads or interest after this and I then ran R3R earlier similar incident (like a Dianetic Assist) starting from the prenatal engram down a very hot chain of births, abortions, etc., with good TA and high interest to basic and the area finally blew completely. The pc’s case is now moving faster and the incident hasn’t come up again since.

Here are the symptoms of this phenomena per this pc’s folder:

1. Pc running the same incident on many different chains which doesn’t erase along with these chains.

2. After running through this incident on a chain, the TA slowing down and pc getting into symbolism and conceptual blah.

3. Pc trying to make this incident the explanation for case problems.


1. Assess for somatics, sensations, feeling, pains and attitudes in the incident and flatten the reading items with interest with R3R triples.

2. When no more reads and interest in list, run the incident back using R3R earlier similar incident to basic and full EP.

Perhaps this handles what used to be called in the 50’s, „the engram run — necessary to resolve the case“.

James Hare Class VIII
Reissued as BTB by FMO 1234
I/C CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU