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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Case Report - Comments and Information on Back of APA Sheet (PAB-102) - PAB561215

CONTENTS A CASE REPORT - COMMENTS AND INFORMATION ON BACK OF APA SHEET Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday.
The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
35/37 Fitzroy Street, London W. 1
15 December 1956


Auditor: L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.


Non-Lang. 99 Non-Lang. 96
Lang. 117 Lang. 153
Total IQ 110 Total IQ 124

Pc happy — wishes he'd had Nibs for the 3 weeks. Looks alive now.

(Dr. Julia Lewis, Director of Processing)

This is very smart, clever auditing. Auditor sees case, sets goal, diagnoses and resolves! We've got a real auditor here! On (pc), too! Wow! (LRH)


AUDITOR'S DAILY REPORT Pc has had about 800 hours of processing with very little results. He has given auditors a hard time in the past. He won't give me one.

I ran, today, all day, Rudiments by Control. Pc started to come off a lot of machines and started to follow my orders happily.

I am only going to try to fix up his present time problems and get him into presenttime.

He seems to be badly stuck in some whopper of an engram.

(Vacuum full of engrams. LRH)


Ran pc on 8-C, part A, this morning, and, as I'd done yesterday, established the session with Rudiments by Control. Pc will now follow my directions and is in session. He stopped altering the commands. He is a pc now.

Ran him today using Dianetics, Book One, techniques with the new added command, “Make it more solid” using a gradient scale. The engram I ran him through is an electrocution deal where he stepped on a third rail when he was a young boy. His track is caved in on it and there he is. Stuck. It started to unwind.

(That's it ! The grouper. LRH)

Pull him out of this and he will be steamboating. Terrible Trio and other processes have no effect on him. Like water on a duck. Or like trying to destroy a pillbox with a beanshooter.

In this engram his body died and he went to a report station. He goes around in Serenity of Death.

Wednesday. Thursday.


(Right! LRH)

Ran pc all day today on the same engram in the same manner as on Tuesday. This is slowly unraveling and, as it is running out his tone comes up.

He almost dropped his accent at one time during the session (he didn't learn English until he was seven years old). He popped in and out of the engram several times. And because of this engram he has had no reality on his body with his eyes closed since he was twelve years old. He is now aware of his body with his eyes closed.

Pc is coming up the line. Lots of cognitions. If I have time, I want to run universes.


(So true! Effect you could have on steel, rails, would have helped here maybe. Things rails can't have. LRH)

Ran pc on same engram again today in the same manner as yesterday. It is all out except the one moment of jolt he received as he stepped on the third rail. The tremendous impact and electrical charge is frozen in space and time. Ran it a bit more in the afternoon session and found that his havingness was too low to let go of all this energy. So I ran Terrible Trio and it worked very well. He found that he was having the facsimile of the object instead of the object itself. Now he is having the object. At least now he can remedy his havingness.


(Excellent ! LRH)

Ran pc on Terrible Trio and Service Facsimile using the commands “What could it get you into?” “What could it get you out of?”

Pc cognited on Service Facsimile and it broke away and moved out. Pc ran Terrible Trio very, very well. Pc felt much better at the end of his intensive. He was satisfied. So was I.

Pc is now ready to run Terrible Trio and Mother's and Father's universes with good reality and benefit. Before, it wouldn't have worked as well. So, next auditor, run them !

GENERAL COMMENTS: Pc had never really been in session before and had never been in present time. Pc is a long way from being in good shape and could use a lot of work on havingness and universes.