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Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
30 April 1954


There are several processes in use by professional auditors at this time which reach into and resolve even those cases which we used to consider difficult. As I have developed these one after another, I have discovered that each one missed on a small percentage of cases. A combination of these processes which I organized while teaching the Advanced Clinical Courses is apparently achieving, in the hands of capable auditors, the uniform resolution.

The auditor should realize something about case percentages. About twenty-two percent of all cases, which is to say all people, resolve, at least partially, with the application of almost any process Man has ever had. A new drug, a new tom-tom, a new god, anything serves to right any wrongness in these cases. Witch doctoring, medicine, psychoanalysis, when they advance case histories, normally have selected from this twenty-two percent. But then this twenty-two percent would have resolved on any process.

The first major break-out from this percentage was evidently Dianetics. Here we advanced sweepingly up to fifty percent. The first treatise on Scientology written in 1947 and entitled Scientology: A New Science (Issue 28-G, Journal of Scientology [Dianetics: The Original Thesis] ) contains within it sufficient know-how to attain this fifty percent resolution. This percentage was bettered somewhat by Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Science of Survival, Handbook for Preclears and Advanced Procedure and Axioms (all but Science of Survival available from the HAS).

On my discovery and use of the first exteriorization techniques it was found that the same fifty percent who would respond to Dianetics easily would exteriorize almost immediately. The effort of Standard Operating Procedures from 1952 forward was to better this percentage in the hands of a competent auditor.

In the hands of most auditors, SOP-8 still left more than ten percent of the cases unsolved.

By continuing to work while instructing the Advanced Clinical Units, and particularly through the discoveries of the basic principles of communication itself, I evolved SOP-8-C (Journal of Scientology, Issue 24-G, available from the HAS, 806 North Third Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 50¢). According to reports which continue to be received from auditors, any honest application of SOP-8-C resolves extremely difficult cases as well as very easy cases. The reason for this is that SOP-8-C reaches closer to truth, which is the reason for any efficacy in processes. SOP-8-C takes into account very fully the fact that the ability of a thetan to make postulates is senior to his concerns over space, energy and objects. In fact, so far as the thetan is concerned, all he has is an ability to make postulates. Certain postulates, agreed upon, have apparently become the various universes we know about. That certain of the postulates became “solid” is no reason that the thetan is incapable of making other postulates. The conclusions forced upon him by objects, energy and space are not the only conclusions there are, and these conclusions do not make the thetan junior to objects, energy and space. Thus we could study the behavior of space, energy and objects for a very long time indeed without freeing our preclear.

However, the percentage of cases who do not resolve easily have to have addressed in them the problem of havingness — which is to say, the problems of objects, energies and spaces. We also discover now that we are reaching a much higher state with those on whom the techniques originally worked. Our problem has been heightened by the fact that we are achieving states which are greatly superior to any states ever achieved by any therapy in the past. By reaching up toward higher states of beingness, we are actually exceeding our original proposition that we were trying to make men well. However, if these states are there to be reached then they should be reached, for unless we reach them our preclear cannot be guaranteed to be stable for the many decades to come. Thus our goals are now higher levels and greater stability.

In an effort to achieve these goals, I have been combining the most effective processes I know into an operating procedure called Unit IV Procedure.*Refers to the 4th American Advanced Clinical Course, held February 15—March 26, 1954, in Phoenix, Arizona, see page 25.

This process, that is to say combination of processes, does not exceed the proposition that the thetan operates on postulates and does not exceed SOP-8-C. It simply reaches deeper into the strata of preclears available to an auditor’s skill.

The keynote of any process is the skill of its application. Processes applied with variation are usually applied without knowledge of the background of the process. The safest way to apply a process is exactly as set forth. Of course, persons who are not yet exteriorized and who are not relaxed about communication will inevitably take a simple process and try to make it more complicated. In this effort it is quite commonly made ineffective. Processes are as good as they are simple. The direction toward simplicity is the direction toward nothingness. It happens, in life, to be the direction of workability because the individual himself is a static without mass or place in time. Thus, truly a very basic simplicity. Auditors who try to multiply and complicate processes are auditors who have not themselves been properly processed and who are not free from communication compulsions. The existence of these auditors and their twisted use of processes is responsible in large measure for their inability to obtain results with the processes.

Should auditors who have been having difficulty with cases simply take Issue 24- G of the Journal of Scientology and use exactly it as set forth, they would discover that their preclears whom they considered difficult would become extremely easy to work and would become theta clears.

In view of the fact that 8-C will achieve this result in competent hands and in view of the fact that it is very easily applied, one would seem to need no further advance in Scientology. But there are two problems into which a preclear can fall which are not immediately resolved by 8-C. These are the problems of BEINGNESS and UNIVERSES.

The preclear who is difficult to process is not in contact any more with his own universe. And the auditor processing him is actually processing the universe of somebody else for the preclear.

There is a rule involved in universes to which an auditor must pay attention, and that is that the universe is subject to the postulates of the god of that universe. In other words, in the case of mother’s universe, mother’s postulates are effective and the preclear’s postulates are not. When a preclear has closed terminals with and is existing in mother’s universe (even though mother has been dead for fifty years) he is not operating on his own postulates. Therefore a technique which immediately and intimately approaches postulates, where it encounters somebody deeply enmeshed in somebody else’s universe, of course has limited workability.

In the case of Beingness Processing we find that preclears are very often being things. A preclear who is being a bedpost may act perfectly rational but at the same time will think much as a bedpost thinks — which is not at all — and will have some flaw connected with trying to act with and use the characteristics of somethingness which he is compulsively being. A preclear who is in good condition can be anything at will. A preclear who is in poor condition waits for the environment to give him consent to be something or actually succumbs to the fact that the environment wants him to be something. Here again we have a failure of postulates, since a bedpost does not make very good postulates.

Unit IV Procedure handles such problems and includes within it as well many of the drills which swiftly heighten the awareness and ability of the preclear. Unit IV Procedure includes SOP-8-C in its entirety, but is an extension of other workable processes which I have used to free individuals.

As the first requisite of auditing is a communication line and as the worst thing wrong with a preclear is his communication system, it will be discovered that the earliest processes to be used are those of getting a preclear into communication. In view of the fact that his communication probably reverses on the principle of duplication (see last PAB), the auditor will often discover that the preclear is changing or altering or reversing directions given to him. This is an immediate failure on the part of communication, not on the part of the process being used. There is an additional process which remedies this fairly well, and that is the handling of machines which reverse communications. One simply tells the preclear to do one thing, and has the preclear consciously do something else until the machine is keyed out. As an example, one tells the preclear to lift his right hand and the preclear consciously having heard the command, walks across and lays his left hand on the table. This done for a considerable length of time will throw out of existence the command reversal machinery of the preclear. This is actually an integral part of Opening Procedure as contained in SOP-8-C, but is not covered in 24-G.

Auditor competence is the keynote in handling any process. But auditor competence depends upon the auditor being able to receive and give forth a process as it has been found to work. Thus we are apt to find difficulty with certain auditors simply in that they do not deliver the processes which are placed in their view. They take these processes, complicate them, and obeying some communication obsession or compulsion seek to make more of the preclear instead of exteriorizing him, or seek to make nothing of the preclear where the preclear is perfectly entitled to have something.

There is no question about the workability of Scientology in the hands of those trained in the Advanced Clinical Course. Nor is there any question of its workability in the hands of those who audit straightforwardly from the material presented. But there is a question of the workability of Scientology when a case which cannot receive a communication complicates or deranges some process and then delivers it in such a way as to complicate the case of a preclear.

Auditors have many explanations when they do this, and amongst these explanations is the fact that they do not like “to be a follower.” These people are under the delusion that I have “invented” Scientology and that “Hubbard’s theories and ideas” are Hubbard’s. Scientology happens to be a description born out of twenty-five years of investigation of how life and universes are put together. It is a description of a great deal of observation. There have been discoveries, yes, on the order of somebody suddenly seeing a mountain and telling somebody else about it. In addition to this description, a communication system has been originated in order to bring home to the preclear the truth of a situation so that by recognizing it he may alter it. One can only be lost in puzzles. A puzzle fully described ceases to be a puzzle.

It can be said now that a hundred percent of the cases are solvable given competent and interested address to the problem. Some cases take longer than others, depending upon how thoroughly mired down a case may be. Because of the time factor — wherein an auditor refuses to audit a case for fifty or eighty hours in order to remedy a psychosis — a percentage of non-solution will continue to result. But in eighty percent of the cases today we are auditing on an auditing span of twelve to fifteen hours where a competent auditor is involved. And there is a finite end to any case, a fact which I have been consistently demonstrating, and which Advanced Clinical Course people have been consistently demonstrating, for many months. However, in that one cannot force people (and there is no reason whatever to force people) to stay with cases as long as they remain unsolved, it can be expected that cases which go above twenty or thirty hours of auditing time will tend to remain unfinished. This does not, however, mean that such cases will not have received all those benefits which were ever expected from psychotherapy. For a competent auditor can achieve these with any case now in a dozen or two hours whether he finishes the case off to operating thetan or not.

We have arrived at the goal of operating thetan where we consistently strove forward to that goal. But more important, we have reached and passed any goal psychotherapy ever entertained as much as a year ago. Those goals on which we are now working with preclears so far exceed any goal set by Man that it is not fair to call Scientology any more a developing science, for we are well above the level of science and we are working with the factors which create sciences.

In subsequent PABs I will set forward the various steps of Unit IV Procedure, some of which can be self-audited. Seeing that Scientology can embrace a science, a religion, a psychotherapy, one of the wittier DScns recently invented Scientocracy, which is “Government of the people, by the thetans.”