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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Basic Principles, Scientology - Translators Edition (Part 1 of 7, PAB-82) - PAB560500

The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8
1 May 1956
by L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D., C.E.

For the next few issues of the PAB we are running a preview of the Translator’s Edition of Scientology. It is presented not because you are in need of a translation, but because you do need at this time a tight resume of the data of Scientology AS IT SHOULD BE PRESENTED TO BASIC COURSE PEOPLE.

In a Basic Course give them this data. Give people definitions. Repeat them many times. Don’t talk about Scientology in your lectures. Give them Scientology.

Later these materials will be a Basic Course booklet.

Here, as well, are some startling new principles you have not seen before, for since my discovery of them, there has been no written release of the data.

This information is yours to use. It is a new “shot in the arm” for Scientology. These advances have been called incredible. They are only mildly amazing.


NOTE: The Translator’s Edition of SCIENTOLOGY contains the most fundamental principles of the science in such a form that any further reader in another tongue can understand fully what was intended. The difficulties of translation are most apparent when one is asked to translate Scientology who has not had years of experience with it; a translation not based on experience is then colored by the various misunderstandings of the translator, and when the work passes, translated, into the hands of someone who is to use or study it in that tongue, the person is deprived of much of the precision of Scientology. Indeed, it is possible for even a fair translation to still exclude enough in precision of word usage to deprive the science of workability in a tongue for which it was not written originally. While it is no criticism of the English of the translator, it yet brings up the obvious point that not all translators are expert Scientologists and might omit some of the exact meanings without knowing that they had done so. TO OVERCOME THIS I have written here a Translator’s Edition. The ENTIRE TEXT which follows and every word therein is scheduled for translation and must, each word, be literally translated into non-English text. In order to secure exact meanings all words and some phrases which are of questionable status in translation have been given in synonym several times.

This TRANSLATOR’S TEXT must then accompany and be included in all other non-English texts of whatever language; otherwise Scientology might not be found in many respects workable and an entire language area would be without it, since it would not be understandable to it, the translator having erred somewhere in his translation.

I speak in this from experience, having seen DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY already in non-English tongues whose translators were not trained in the science. In engineering, bridges stand or they fall down. That is because engineering is so precise that an error in the engineering science preceding the bridge could result in calamity. Similarly, Scientology works or it doesn’t work. It is not an art. It is the first Science of Humanity to have this engineering precision. Thus literary skill does not count in a translation. Smooth reading does not count. Exact meaning DOES count.


Translate also the note above.


Scientology is that branch of psychology which treats of human ability. It is an extension of DIANETICS which is in itself an extension of old-time faculty-psychology of 400 years ago. More acceptable and normal psychology, such as that begun by St. Thomas Aquinas and extended by many later authors, was in 1879 interrupted severely by one Professor Wundt, a Marxist at Leipzig University in Germany. This strange man, in agreement with Marx, conceived that Man was an animal without soul and based all of his work on the principle that there was no “psyche” (a Greek word meaning “spirit”). Psychology, the study of the spirit (or mind) then came into the peculiar position of being “a study of the spirit which denied the spirit.” For the subsequent decades, whipped on by Marxist economists and dialectic materialists, Wundtian “psychology” was taught broadly through the world. It taught that man was an animal. It taught that man could not be bettered. It taught that intelligence never changed. This slave subject, Wundtian psychology, became the standard, mainly because of the indifference or lack of knowledge of people in charge of things. Scientology is actually a new, very basic psychology in the most exact meaning of the word. It can and does change behavior and intelligence, and it can and does assist people to study life. Unlike Wundtian pseudo-psychology, it has no political axe to grind. Scientology is not teaching dialectic materialism under the heading of “psychology. “

The term SCIENTOLOGY is taken from scio (knowing in the fullest meaning of the word) and ology (to study).

Scientology, used by the trained and relatively untrained person, improves the intelligence, ability, behavior, skill and appearance of people.

It is a precise and exact science.

It is employed by an AUDITOR (a Scientology practitioner) upon individuals or small or large groups of people, in their presence. The Auditor makes these people, at their choice, do various exercises, and these exercises (processes) bring about changes for the better in intelligence, behavior and general competence.


Scientology is employed by an Auditor (one who listens and computes) as a set of drills (exercises, processes) upon the individual, and small or large groups. It is also employed as an educational (teaching) subject. It has been found that persons can be processed (drilled) in Scientology with Scientology exercises and can be made well of many, many illnesses and can become brighter, more alert and more competent. BUT if they are only processed they have a tendency to be overwhelmed or startled, and although they may be brighter and more competent they are still held down by an ignorance of life. Therefore it is far better to teach AND process (audit, drill) a person than only to process him. In other words the best use of Scientology is through processing and education in Scientology. In this way there is no imbalance. It is interesting that people only need to study Scientology to have some small rise in their own intelligence, behavior and competence. The study itself is therapeutic (good medicine) by actual testing.


Tens of thousands of case histories (reports on patients, individual records), all sworn to (attested before public officials), are in the possession of the organizations of Scientology. No other subject on earth except physics and chemistry has had such gruelling testing (proofs, exact findings). Scientology in the hands of an expert (Auditor) can cure some 70% of Man’s illnesses (sicknesses). Scientology is used by some of the largest companies (business organizations) on earth. It is valid. It has been tested.


Scientology has two main organizations. One of these is the HUBBARD ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS, No. I Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8, United Kingdom. The other is the HUBBARD ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS INTERNATIONAL, Post Office Box 242, Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A. These organizations have offices on every continent of Earth. Scientology practitioners are validated (certified, given diplomas) by these two organizations. Diplomas are given only after very exact training. A person who is skilled in Scientology has a diploma from one of the above two organizations or from the FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in Washington, D.C. , U.S. A. These offices and these people can give you more information about Scientology. The above two organizations have many books in English on the subject of Scientology and Dianetics. The company that is publishing the book you are reading may have more books in your language.


Scientology was discovered (found), not invented (created). It was organized by L. Ron Hubbard, an American, who has many degrees and is very skilled by reason of study. Sometimes Wundtian psychologists defend themselves by saying Hubbard is insane; actually the Chicago Psychological Institute, a Wundtian organization gave Hubbard many tests at his own request in January of 1951 and found him unusually bright and extremely sane. Hubbard was trained in nuclear physics at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. before he started his studies about the mind. This explains the mathematical precision of Scientology. Doctor Hubbard has been given many honors for his work in the field of the mind. He has been assisted by one of the most numerous organizations in the field of the mind on Earth today, the organizations of Dianetics and Scientology. Scientology organizations contain more members than all other mental health organizations combined.


Scientology is practiced in daily life by enormous numbers of people who have no formal training beyond a study of textbooks. Scientology was developed to be used by such people as well as by the trained practitioner. A person studying by himself from textbooks can use Scientology both to help and to heal his fellow human beings.


Scientology does things for people where nothing has been done before. It makes them well from illnesses which were once considered hopeless. It increases their intelligence. It changes their competence and betters their behavior. In addition to these it brings them a better understanding of life. One outstanding thing which it does: it alleviates burns received from atomic bombs. Scientology is the only specific (cure) for radiation (atomic bomb) burns. Scientology processing given to persons burned by radiation can alleviate the majority of the difficulty. This is true even when the person so treating (auditor) is not completely trained.


Like engineering, Scientology has certain basic principles. These are necessary to a full understanding of the subject. It is not enough to know how to process (drill) people in Scientology. To be effective (good) one must also know the basic principles. Scientology is very exact. The humanities (human studies) of the past were full of opinions. Scientology is full of facts that work.

To study Scientology one should scan (skim) quickly through the basics and find something with which one can agree. Having found ONE THING (one fact) with which he can agree, he should then skim through again and find another fact. He should continue to do this until he feels some friendliness to the subject. When he has achieved this, and only when he has achieved this, he should then study all the basic principles. There is no effort here to be authoritarian (opinionated). No one will try to make the subject difficult except yourself.

You may have been taught that the mind (the spirit, the brain) is a very difficult thing to know about. This is the first principle of Scientology: It is possible to know about the mind.


The most fundamental idea in Scientology is called the CYCLE OF ACTION.

CYCLE = a span of time with a beginning and an end; = a section of the totality of time with a beginning and an end; = in beginningless and endless time one can set out periods which do have a beginning and an end insofar as action is concerned.

ACTION = motion or movement; = an act; = a consideration that motion has occurred. In very ancient books it is written that from chaos came a birth, from birth there was growth, when growth was achieved there was then a gradual decay, the decay then ended in death, after death there was chaos.

Scientology expresses this more briefly. THE CYCLE OF ACTION IS AN APPARENCY AS FOLLOWS: CREATE, then SURVIVE, then DESTROY; or

Creation, Survival, Destruction. First there is Creation. Then this is followed by Survival. Then this is followed by Destruction.

APPARENCY = appears to be as distinct from actually IS.

This cycle is only an APPARENCY. It is what we see, what we behold, what we believe. We CONSIDER (think, believe, suppose, postulate) that it is so and we then see it so.

A child is born, he grows, he reaches manhood, he grows old, he dies. In Scientology it can be seen that none of these steps are necessary. One considers them so and so they are true. A man can grow old quickly or slowly. He grows old to the degree that he believes he is growing old. Because everyone AGREES that this is the way things are, they go that way. The cycle is not TRUE. It is only APPARENT. It is APPARENT because we believe we see it. It is APPARENT because we AGREE that it should be so.

The test of this principle is as follows: By using the CYCLE OF ACTION can we make anyone well or more intelligent? Thousands of tests have proven that the use of and belief in the CYCLE OF ACTION has made none well or intelligent. Therefore, no matter if we see it, there must be something wrong with it. The woman, growing old, wishing to appear younger, is protesting this CYCLE OF ACTION. She feels there is something wrong with it. There is. We have to find out what the ACTUAL cycle is before we can make people better.

ACTUAL = what is really true; = that which exists despite all apparencies; = that which underlies the way things seem to be; = the way things really are.

THE ACTUAL CYCLE OF ACTION is as follows: CREATE, create-create- create, create-counter-create, no creation, nothingness.

CREATE = make, manufacture, construct, postulate, bring into beingness. Create-create-create = create again continuously one moment after the next.

Create-counter-create = to create something against a creation; = to create one thing and then create something else against it.

No creation = an absence of any creation; = no creative activity.

An ACTUAL cycle of action, then, consists of various activities but each and every one of them is creative. The cycle of action contains an APPARENCY of SURVIVAL but this is actually only a continuous creation. The APPARENT cycle of action contains DESTRUCTION but the ACTUAL cycle of action tells us what destruction is; DESTRUCTION is one of TWO activities. DESTRUCTION is in terms of action a creation of something against a creation of something else. For example, a wall is seen standing; to be apparent it is necessary that the wall be constantly created; the act of “destruction” is to exert against the wall another creativeness, the action or activity of knocking the wall down; both the wall standing there and the action of knocking it down are “creative” actions. Because we may object to (argue against, dislike) a wall being knocked down we vilify (swear at, scorn) the creativeness involved in knocking it down with the word “destructive.” ACTUALITY tells us that there is no such thing as destruction; there is only creation against a creation. There is another “type of destruction” and this is NO MORE CREATION. By no longer being a party to (a member of) the wall’s creation, the wall, in theory, can cease to exist for one. This is true in ACTUAL PRACTICE in Scientology.

REALITY is the way things appear. REALITY IS APPARENCY. To do anything about reality, one must search into and discover what underlies the APPARENCY. Of what does REALITY consist (what is Reality composed of)? We SEE an APPARENCY which has the CYCLE OF ACTION of CREATE-SURVIVE- DESTROY. More basically (fundamentally, underlying experience) this CYCLE OF ACTION contains nothing but CREATION.

If one stops making something, it no longer exists. If one ceases to create, there is nothingness. When one creates something or beholds something which is created, that thing is still being created. Even if one is creating something with his left hand and has forgotten about it with his right hand, the thing still exists. In other words one can create something without knowing it is still being created. Then he seeks to DESTROY it by a counter-creation (a creation against it). The result is a chaos created by two opposing creations.

LET US BE PRACTICAL. A science is not a science unless it is practical. A theory is no good unless it works. All the fancy and beautiful theory in the world is useless unless it has a use or a workability. Is this CYCLE OF ACTION THEORY USEFUL? It is. So long as we believe that we have to destroy with force in order to destroy at all, as long as we think in terms of destruction, we have chaos.

There is CREATING AND KNOWING ONE IS CREATING. There is CREATING AND NOT KNOWING ONE IS CREATING. When one drives a car or a cart he does many things (performs many acts) which he is not AWARE OF (conscious of, know about) and these we call AUTOMATIC ACTIONS. One is doing something and is not aware that he is doing it. He starts to create something, then places this thought still active beyond his own reach and the creation continues to occur. KNOWINGLY CREATING SOMETHING is always the first condition. One can then purposefully CONTINUE THE CREATION UNKNOWINGLY. Everything he is doing knowingly or unknowingly he is doing here and now, in the present instant, in present time. He KNOWINGLY STARTED THE CREATION in some PAST moment. But the Creation is being done in the present moment. To stop any creation it can be established that one once knew he was creating it, and that thought found and made known again, OR ONE CAN SIMPLY CREATE NEWLY AND CONSCIOUSLY WHAT HE IS ALREADY CREATING UNCONSCIOUSLY (unknowingly). In either case the creation stops. The WRONG WAY is to start a new creation to counter against the old creation; when one does this he gets confusion and chaos.

FOR EXAMPLE a man has a bad leg. He is trying to “get well.” He seeks then to create a good leg. He goes to doctors and wants to be healed. The treatment is difficult and usually somewhat unsuccessful in the case of a very severely crippled leg. SOMETHING is creating a bad leg. Against this he is creating a good leg. The result is confusion and a bad leg. BUT a THIRD creativeness is present. First something was creating, we hope, a good leg. Then a counter-creation (such as an accident to his leg) counter-created a bad leg. Now he is trying to counter-create again a good leg. The result is to wipe out THE ORIGINAL GOOD LEG since THAT IS THE CREATION HE IS TAKING OVER AND EXPOSING WITH HIS EFFORTS TO GET WELL.

He wants a good leg. The trouble with him is the counter-creation of a bad leg. The test is factual. Have him create (by a certain Scientology process) bad legs until the countercreation of bad legs is wiped out and the ORIGINAL CREATION OF A GOOD LEG WILL REAPPEAR. This only fails when there is no original creation of a good leg, when this is gone.

FOR EXAMPLE a man has a job. He works at it. That is to say he create create- creates a job throughout the days, weeks and years. As long as he makes a job, the job exists. One day he DEPENDS upon (takes for granted) this job. He no longer creates it. It ceases to exist. He has no job. The APPARENCY is that he loafed (became lazy) and was discharged. The ACTUALITY is that he no longer created a job and so didn’t have one.

FOR EXAMPLE a man depends upon a woman to keep his house for him. One day he no longer has a woman. He can’t keep house EVEN THOUGH BEFORE HE MARRIED THE WOMAN HE COULD KEEP HOUSE.

FOR EXAMPLE a man is sane. He gets the idea (creates the idea) that it would be better to be insane. He starts to go insane (having created it) and then does numberless things in order to stay sane. Here he was already creating the state of sanity. He counter-created insanity. He then counter-created sanity against insanity.

CREATION IN THIS WORK may be thought to exclude God. We are here considering only those things which MAN or Man as a spirit can make or manufacture or think. The subject of WHO or WHAT is doing the creation does not invalidate the cycle. This is a work on the subject of the mind, not a work on the subject of the Supreme Being.

There are many tests for these principles in SCIENTOLOGY. Such tests come under the heading of PROCESSING.

(Continued in PAB 83 on next page.)