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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Axiom 51 and Communication Processing (PAB-56) - PAB550708

Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
8 July 1955


Let me give you a small review on communication. Axiom 51 says that MEST cannot change MEST, and we find that postulates and live communication do change MEST. MEST cannot change MEST, therefore a pair of forceps cannot basically change a tooth condition. This is sweeping and I want you to realize how sweeping it actually is. A medical doctor would not be able to alter completely a broken leg. You may say, “That’s silly, of course he could. He could come in and snap the bone back into place and the fellow would feel a lot better.” No, I’m sorry, a medical doctor cannot over a period of time change a broken leg. Do you know what will happen? Let’s look at it from the standpoint of life, now, and we find out that the individual got attention for his broken leg, didn’t he? It will emerge as rheumatism some day. In the next life it will emerge as two broken legs! We’re going to get a repetition of this because as soon as you attempt to change MEST with MEST in one fashion or another you are going to get persistence, and that is all. Persistence of what?

In view of the fact that all conditions are postulated conditions, and that the consideration behind them that they are bad or good is simply again a consideration, if we say persist it doesn’t mean that it is either bad or good, it simply means that condition. What condition is it? The condition we are trying to change. And whenever we try to change MEST with MEST we get a persistence of that condition. It will crop up one way or another, and you will see this time after time.

Dealing as we are in a very high echelon of live communication, when we try to alter a condition with MEST we get this persistence. Restimulation is the condition persisting in the auditor, as an auditor who goes around altering energy masses gets restimulated. The auditor comes along and says, “Now all I have to do is change this energy mass one way or the other,” and he may succeed in doing so as far as he can see for the moment. So he goes off restimulated. That is the condition persisting. It’s going to persist, one way or the other. The only motto back of MEST is “PERSIST.”

But we have this licked. Hence Axiom 51. Postulates and live communication actually can bring about a permanent change and can actually stop a persistence.

Now, this process, “What wouldn’t you mind ____ communicating with?” “What wouldn’t mind you communicating with?” is actually not a low echelon process. A low-echelon preclear, one with no mock-ups and very little reality, one who is not well off, will not be touched by this process. He cannot assimilate the process. Why? Because, to run this process, you have to have the cooperation of the preclear’s ability to as-is. You have to have the ability of the preclear to have a cognition and the ability of the preclear to as-is a piece of energy, that is, to make a perfect duplicate of it.

Where, then, does that leave this process to be totally functional? It leaves it upstairs, because when you run it downstairs, the individual begins to “chew energy.” Just “chewing the energy around” doesn’t make it persist, but, with all this chewing, he isn’t as-ising anything. All he is doing is moving mass “A” to position “B.” Anybody who is doing this gets no cognition out of it at all. He is waiting for that piece of energy to tell him something, and this tells you a great deal about the preclear who couldn’t run an engram. He was waiting for the MEST to say something.

The preclear who could run engrams could still play a game well enough to make the MEST say over and over again what the MEST had imprinted on it. That is exactly why an engram could run and why we had success in running engrams, and when an engram disappeared that is exactly what happened. It was up there all right, it was up there in lights, but it wasn’t saying anything. It was a bunch of sound waves imprinted on a bunch of molecules of one kind or another, and the preclear had to sort of pretend it was saying these things over and over. In other words, he made it talk. Now today an individual gets an engram in front of his face and you just tell him to make it talk. Make it say, if you please, exactly what is in the engram, or make it say anything — it doesn’t matter which.

As we look over this running of an engram, let us say that we are getting an individual to run birth. What we are doing is to get an energy mass called birth to articulate to an individual, and it would run very handsomely indeed if we had the preclear saying Okay. This is actually a terrifically effective way to run an engram. If we wanted to start today running engrams, we could, full out, and achieve tremendously superior successes because we could certainly run any kind of an engram in the bank. We could dream it up, and the preclear could dream it up, could do anything he wanted to, just to make these energy masses talk.

Of course very strange phenomena happen on an occluded case when you have him dream up the fact that he has the concept of an engram in front of him. You just look at him and you say, “Now let’s make believe that you have birth in restimulation in front of you.” (This would be a roughie, and a weird way to go about it.) “And now let’s pick up the engram at the point where the doctor is saying, ‘If you will just take this pint of strychnine, mamma, the child will be born much earlier. ’ “ You have him to make this concept say this, and have him say Okay to that.

The strange part of it is that you don’t have to pay any attention to whether birth shows up or not. I counted the number of births on an individual one time and it was several thousand, believe me, and they all go back to Fac Ones and things like that. So we just have him get the idea that he has birth in front of him and have it articulate. Quite often this totally occluded case will have a complete birth show up and begin to run off. But, he was totally occluded, wasn’t he? He couldn’t run an engram.

We could just buckle right down at that point and actually run that engram with Okays from the preclear, just as it showed up, or we could go on running a synthetic engram. In either case facsimiles would go out of restimulation in the individual. As long as we have communication those energy masses will disintegrate and you will stop the persistence of the condition.

So let’s look at the optimum way that I know of at this moment — the best way I know of — to separate universes, on which I have had considerable success and to date have had no failures as long as the preclear could at least articulate anything. As long as you can make him do anything at all you can make him do this. You have seen the process already.

“Give me some things you could say to your mother.” If you wanted to make this very perfect, if he is unable to play a game you don’t have to (very often the preclear is unable to play a game), you would say, “Now get the idea mamma is out there saying Okay to all of this.” “Now give me something else you could say to your mother.” Then you say, “Get the idea mamma is out there and have her say ‘Okay. ’ “ “Now give me some things that mamma could say to you.”

Now you will get a positive blow-apart in a fairly rapid order of the interiorization of the universe. We know very well that people interiorize into a body, into other bodies, into MEST objects, into planets. So, if you were to run this one all the way backward you would take somebody who is obviously seen to be interiorized into earth, and what would you have him do?

You would say, “All right now, give me something earth could say to you.” If he is really interiorized into earth he’ll think up something. Then you have him say Okay. The next thing you know he will get the ball of earth ‘way out there somewhere. Maybe it’s the first picture he has ever had! You will say, “That’s fine. Now give me some more things that earth could say to you.” “Now give me some things you could say to earth,” and very ordinarily he will come right on up the tone scale. You will never see such perfect behavior of a tone scale as when you use a MEST object.

Then we would pick out (if we really were bent on exteriorizing Mr. Doakes and Mr. Doakes was interiorized into the interiorizations) another universe when we knew that we had the first one blown, and we would know that because his physiological condition would very definitely alter. We would go on to the next likely universe.

We find this fellow who has been a linotype operator for eight thousand seven hundred and sixty-two months, or something of the sort. We don’t have to be specific. We pick a linotype machine, and we say if he got into earth he certainly got there via some sort of apparatus he was controlling, so we say, “All right, what could a linotype machine say to you?” He would think it over for a moment. A very literal-minded fellow would probably say, “It could say ‘clank. ’ “

“Okay, have it say clank.”

“You know, I don’t get any sonic on this,” he’d say. (I’ve had this happen.) “Well, just get the idea of its saying clank.”

“Well, it’s going clank, all right.”

(“Oh no you don’t,” says the auditor, aside and to himself.) “Have it SAY clank.”

“Have it SAY clank? A linotype machine can’t… well, I guess it could. On thinking it over I guess a linotype machine could.... All right, I’ll have it say clank.”

“All right. Now have it say something else.” He does, and we blow him out of the universe of the linotype machine.

Now let’s pick the wife he hates worst, or something like that. What could she say? etc. Admittedly this is not a short process, but it keeps going faster and faster. Next we would pull him out of papa and mamma, and maybe grandma and grandpa, and so on. We are doing one of these schoolbook, by the table, separations. Then we say, “Now give me something your body could say to you.”

“My body say something to me?”

And away we would go, and we would blow him out of his head.

It will work with almost that mechanical ease. The question is, how many hours of auditing would it take to bring somebody who is totally interiorized into a planet out through these various stages and finally out of his head? As far as I’m concerned it is the minimum number of hours he could be audited for maximum result.

We could do a tremendous number of things for him. We could do a momentary patch-up on a lot of things, we could do this and we could do that, but if we were going straight toward the goal of making this individual into the highest level of condition that we could make him into, we would follow a process just about like this. It would be slow, and it would be arduous, but we would get better, and better, and better. He would finally get to a point where he could feel these things blow off and blow out on him.

I went so far one time as to try to exteriorize a fellow from his engram bank. I think I exteriorized a lot of thetans from that bank, but I never got the fellow out of it entirely because I didn’t have the time. His track finally stretched out in all directions and he could view it clearly, and then he was terribly interested and wanted to run and have to do with each individual engram — and there were about seventy-six trillion years worth of them. Then there was the whole GE line. So I abandoned that attempt. He felt wonderful, though, and went around telling everybody he was cleared. Compared to his earlier state he sure was. He was cleared easily from eight or nine heavy engrams in about eight or nine hours’ auditing.

The articulation of the actual communication would be something you would do on an individual who is having the vaguest difficulty playing a game, who couldn’t as- is birth at a glance. And this is the conclusion I have reached rather arduously over these past weeks on this. I give you data when I have it.

Axiom 51 is right. It says you can’t change MEST with MEST, but postulates and live communication can change it. But realization on the part of a preclear with no cognition is not possible. So if he can’t realize, that means he can’t as-is, so if he can’t as-is, there he is. But I have seen preclears pass right on up the line from cognition zero to almost instantaneous cognition. In the Air Force they have ceiling zero. We have cognition zero, but it’s the same thing — total fog.

It is immensely safe for an auditor to change by communication. There is no restimulation involved.