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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditing the Whole Track (PAB-52) - PAB550513

Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
13 May 1955


Let us move into top-echelon Scientology and utilize anything we know from Book One right on up to present time.

One is quite aware of the facsimile phenomenon, the engram phenomenon, and one can use this with Spotting Spots and Communication. (See earlier PABs.) When a preclear has an engram he is out of position with regard to the spot where the incident occurred. There is a very adequate description of this in Book One, centering around the activities and engramic content in the bank of a fish. Now, under Spotting Spots and Communication Processing we can at last handle this. And here come E-Meters back into the picture. The HASI is, at this moment, building a new and better E-Meter than has ever been built before, under the trademarked name of Physio-galvanometer, or O-Meter. It has very little in common with the old type E-Meter. Nevertheless, an old type E-Meter can be utilized.

By asking, as in Electropsychometric Auditing [see Vol. I, page 221], one discovers the length of time back to where the preclear is stuck. It does not matter how far back he discovers the preclear to be stuck. As soon as he ascertains where the preclear is stuck on the whole track, he swings into Spotting Spots and Communication Processing with the following commands. Let us say he has discovered the preclear to be stuck on the Genetic Line as a plankton in the ocean. The auditor says, “Tell me some things you can say to a plankton.” The preclear then says something that he could say to a plankton, although there may be a great deal of comm lag connected with this. As soon as he has made this statement, the auditor says, “Now have the plankton say ‘okay. ’ “ The auditor runs this on the preclear using only the plankton until the preclear has no communication lag in giving things he could say to the plankton. As soon as this occurs, the auditor then says, “Give me some things which the plankton could say to you.” The preclear then gets some statement that the plankton could say to him, and the auditor has the preclear say “okay” to that statement. This, then, is run until the communication lag is flat. The auditor can then take up the sea with “What can you say to the sea?” And when the preclear has made some statement as to what he could say to the sea, the auditor has the preclear have the sea say “okay” to the preclear. Then, when this has been run thoroughly, “What could the sea say to you?” asks the auditor. The preclear gives aloud some statement the sea could say to him, and the auditor has the preclear say “okay” to that statement. It will be discovered that the preclear has certain energy masses connected with the sea, the plankton, and that he is out of location, which is to say that these spots, these facsimiles, are not in their original position but are impinged upon the body itself, and as this process is run it will be discovered that the original location tends to assert itself and become stripped of the energy masses connected with it which keep it out of present time. The location will become clean after a while, which is to say the spots are in present time.

Now this particular process can be run on anything in any fashion, whether Book One, What to Audit [History of Man ], or Universes.

To run this process on universes it is necessary to select out what universes the preclear is interiorized into. It will be discovered immediately that he was probably interiorized into his father’s or his mother’s universe. One ascertains this by asking the preclear, “Whom do you most resemble in the family?” And after careful questioning of the preclear, establishes that the preclear is thinking the thoughts of, and having the problems of, some member of the family. Then the auditor says, “What could you say to this person?” mentioning the person. And the preclear tells the auditor something he could say to this person. The auditor now has the preclear have that person, more or less located where the person actually is, say “okay” back to the preclear. The preclear, of course, makes the person say this “okay.” When this is flat, the auditor then says, “Now what could that person say to you?” And when the preclear has told the auditor something, the auditor says, “All right, now say ‘okay’ to that person.” Working this back and forth one gets the preclear out of various universes, which is to say out of coincidence with various spots where he has interiorized into another universe.

The whole problem of interiorization is a problem of coinciding spots which do not actually coincide. According to the preclear and the body, the place where he had an automobile accident yesterday is right here with him today. It’s not down on the comer. The trick is to get that spot clean and into present time, and at its proper distance from the preclear.

Naturally, the process could be extended to exteriorizing the preclear out of this universe, and should be, but remember this is probably not feasible until a great many incidents have been run with the preclear brought into present time. Practically any and every psychosomatic illness there is is represented by and caused by a facsimile on the whole track which is in suspension, with its location out of location as far as the preclear is concerned.

So we are running engrams again. So we are using a mechanical aid in order to establish this. The reason we are doing this is because the preclear does not get out of a body which is so out of position that the preclear doesn’t really know where he is. The body has birth in restimulation, has some whole track incidents in restimulation, and the preclear, being used to taking his data from the body, does not know where he is. Getting the body into present time, more or less, will permit the preclear to exteriorize. Further, cases which have not exteriorized easily in the past, or which have not stayed exteriorized, can be made stable by the use of this communication process in conjunction with Spotting Spots.

One does not have to pay too much attention to the Remedy of Havingness while he is running this type of process. It is an oddity that two-way communication applied to a mass will as-is the mass without particularly depleting the havingness of the preclear. The reason he had the mass in the first place, evidently, was to have something to talk about. He is being permitted to talk about it, over it, and through it, and so is ending the cycle of why he would have that mass. In actual practice, very little Remedy of Havingness is necessary when running this type of Communication Processing as given in the above paragraph. However, there is a tendency on the part of most preclears to “chew around” or change the direction or position of the energy masses which they are handling, and when this is the case there is a certain loss of havingness by reason of heat and friction. Thus, a Remedy of Havingness sooner or later is actually used, even though Communication Processing itself does not materially reduce havingness.

It is very astonishing to find ourselves at this late date suddenly scooping back and encompassing a tremendous amount of data which we thought had been passed over and forgotten. It is startling to discover that everything we know about engrams, facsimiles, secondaries, the whole track, of the interiorization of the various types of traps, of adventures and misadventures of the thetan, without number, are all of use suddenly and forcefully to the auditor.

As a case history, an individual who has been run for some five hundred hours by various good auditors, and who is reputedly one of the toughest cases ever seen in Scientology, had his case broken completely a few days ago by the use of Spotting Spots and Communication in combination, as given. The individual was stuck in a certain present lifetime area. He was not so much stuck in one incident as he was stuck in all the incidents which took place between his eighteenth and twenty-second year. Everything and anything in that area was engramic and it was totally in restimulation, with all of its spots out of position and surrounding the preclear. One was then not auditing a preclear in present time at all, he was auditing a preclear in the area of the eighteenth or nineteenth year. The preclear was trapped in that area. The auditor asked the preclear for some things he could say to that area. The preclear then gave them to the auditor. Each time the auditor had the area say “okay” back. The auditor finally asked the preclear for things that area could say to him, and the preclear, each time, gave an “okay” back to that area. The area, at length, sprung out and took its proper position and came up to present time, and at this moment exteriorization was possible for this preclear.

Mass can be disintegrated, no matter what type of mass it is, by two-way communication. There are two types of mass. There is the first type which is simply mocked up mass in mocked up space. This we know by agreement to be the physical universe. There is a second type of mass, which is the space-mass experience mass, which we call a facsimile or an engram. This type of mass has been our target and goal since the earliest days of Dianetics, and two-way communication, used in the above fashion, can resolve this.

Some more data on this subject will be given in your next PAB. The announcement which this PAB contains is definitely a major point in the research and investigation in Dianetics and Scientology and pulls together many of the loose ends and details over which we have gone. I have worked very arduously to discover, first, data about the anatomy of man and his mind, second, the full details of this data, and third, methods of handling this data. At this time we have a method of handling this data which is very superior to anything we have had in the past and which can evidently work at any level. I invite you to try this on your preclears and then tell me how it works for you.

Best regards, Ron