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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Associate Newsletter No. 5 - AN530618

Through: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
Sitges, Spain
30 Marlborough Place
London N. W. 8, England
[1953, 18 June]


After a fast and violent passage across most of the countries of Europe, we are catching our breath in Spain. We will be here for quite a while.

We went to take a look at what all the fighting has been about, the invasion routes as they appear in peacetime, the nations experiencing recovery. With Susie in a racing car and myself on a motorcycle we crossed Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, France and part of Spain. We covered the primary invasion routes of two wars and looked over the probable fighting terrain of the third. Diana remained in England with her nurse, to be flown here in a few days.

I came down to Spain for a rest and to organize the material for the doctorate degrees. Living is better here than in many other places and it is certainly beautiful enough to encourage anybody.

We are at the Hotel Miramar in Sitges, Spain. This is Old Catalonia and although Spanish is the general language, Catalonian, the native tongue, predominates and slurs the imported Spanish.

Exchange in Europe is so outrageously bad for American and British money that none could afford touring Europe as such. A loaf of bread, a gallon of gas and bills of large denomination in U.S. and U. K. currency vanish. It is an incredible fact, useful only to those who wish to export products to Europe. And this export is being done on a large scale. Belgium is full of American cars, large new ones, and other equipment is in evidence elsewhere.

Germany, speaking of materiel, is almost crushed flat. France is used to war, builds of stone so that the materials will not get scattered about, rebuilds when the shooting is done — I suppose France has been doing this for thousands of years.

I had two important things to do in Europe. One of them concerns doctorate degrees. You may have heard of Milan degrees. These are acceptable in universities throughout the world. I am making similar arrangements for doctorate degrees in Scientology, a fact which is at this writing confidential, for it will be a very large shock, when accomplished, to state legislatures and others that Scientologists have better degrees than psychiatrists and psychoanalysts. Of course we will have to have curriculum and study to support that fact in fact. And the most important part of any training we do will be HCA and HPA level training. We must not overlook the fact that to be well respected we must be well represented. Good representation, first and last, is the auditor getting good results with exactly what we teach.

I must prepare the complete curriculum for the doctorate degree before it can be authorized and in our schools, and by correspondence this curriculum must be put into action. I have already made the proper contacts in Austria and am making them in Spain. It needs about two thousand dollars which I am now collecting in order to bring about the highest possible level in doctorate diploma. Amazingly enough, I find myself very well accepted in European professional circles and much amusement in these at the American news stories about my work. Their knowledge of Dianetics, slight as it is, has brought them far toward thinking of American doctors necessarily as a lot of quacks. The axioms are what did it, for these created the first wide organization and codification of the field of the human mind according to these people. Of course, this doesn’t displease me.

The people you are training this very moment, as well as those you have trained, are going to benefit intensely from this doctorate arrangement upon which I am now working and you yourselves will benefit from it to the extent of dominating the field of the mind with it. I am trying very hard to do all that I can to assist you in several vital ways. I have every confidence that you will not let me down.

With Issue 16-G you see a new simplicity. As always people will mistake a change in form for a change in substance. Changes in form have been necessary in order to establish communication on material which has never been communicated until the last three years. Gradually you find me stripping the vocabulary of our science of coined words and putting in their places common words which mean exactly what they say. As the material is better communicated it works better. As several old-time auditors have already said, it all works. But it doesn’t work for that one who has not been communicated with about it. Hence a wide variation in communication forms and the appearance of continual simplification of what we know and what we can do.

My communication channel is from you to 30 Marlborough Place, London N. W. 8, and from there to me. From me to London and to you.

I will have some news for you in a very few weeks on the subject of doctorates which will astonish you even though I have given it a preview here.

And now I must get to work.