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19 November 1953

Through: Hubbard Association
Camden, New Jersey 726 Cooper Street
Camden 2, N. J.

19 November 1953

Dear Associates:

Since coming back, I have gotten a conference through, and have trained the first group of auditors in the processes we now have. This has been a very busy time and I have not had sufficient opportunity to communicate with you and give you some kind of idea of what is taking place and what I think should be on the time track in the near future.

The first class here served as a good sounding board for training these techniques. The cases of all present have changed remarkably, and are continuing to change for the better, as most of these people are near enough so as to be here weekends where they meet as a club. The best news in all this is that we are now handling the processing of occlusion or blackness or inability to see while being exteriorized with such ease that it is being done to the second group on a group basis. Of course, the second group inherits all of the “know-how” which was established about training while the first group was here. The second group is therefore slightly larger than the first group. But in spite of this, and in spite of the fact that this is only their second day here, their cases have done almost as much shift upwards as the first group did in their first two weeks. This is all very good news for all of us.

I have found that we should have had one called “American procedure” all this time. America runs to some degree the “only one” computation, and is afraid of an effect. This fear of being an effect is so marked that any process which is found to work on the individual is immediately braced against by the individual. This is almost a national phobia. Thus, the processes which were actually the cause and reason for such things as occlusion and no mock-ups had to, of themselves, be exposed and techniques perfected to remedy them before much effect could be achieved upon the more difficult American cases. Although these techniques have been in existence for over eight months, the combination of them now being used is new; and the methods being used to communicate them are equally original, and responsible for the results which are being obtained.

I am going on training groups for the excellent reason that we have all too few top-notch auditors. It would make me very happy if, like the Washington, D.C. associate, other associates were able to go through this six-week course, see the material at work first hand, and become cleared. This is not a recruiting gesture for this unit. It is the best solution, if not the most easily obtainable solution. Group by group these processes refine; but the day is here when I can break an occluded case which has resisted all previous auditing in one hour’s auditing of a scattered step-level group of which that occluded case is a member. This has happened to two such cases in the past two days. Three cases, of which I am sure you know as being famous resistive cases, have been smoothly brought to full perception in the past two weeks. A case of muscular dystrophy in a child, where the mother had had twenty-four electric shocks and where the father was deaf, and the child beyond all medical help and in constant agony, has not only been resolved itself, but the auditor, working for short periods for about five days, has resolved the deafness of the father, the sanity of the mother as well.

As though this was not enough in the way of miracles, we are hitting levels of theta clearing which we dared not think about in the past.

All this is good news; but it means very specifically that we must work fast and thoroughly to achieve the best possible organization we can for the dissemination of this information and its utilization in the resolution of individual and social problems in America. We will simply have to get out of the narrow confine of trying to keep something vaguely moving along, trying to fight back those amongst us who have tried to hold us up, and will have to go out on the level where we belong. Our organization gestures of the past have been aimed toward keeping an organization going while a science was being developed. A science has been developed. It is time it got the organization going.

I hope to see many of you at Phoenix between the twenty-eighth and thirty-first of December of this year, where I will give clinical procedure as the subject of a twelve lecture series — the first lecture being in the afternoon of the twenty-eighth — and where I will do group processing on those present, and where there will be seminars. The fee for the Congress is $50.00 per person, without rebate or discounts, except in the case of a husband and wife where the couple will be admitted for $75.00. Burke Belknap will be in Phoenix sometime before, and is in charge of the Congress as it will be held there. His address will be c/o Phoenix Scientology Institute, 4248 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Reservations should be placed with him at that address. Everything possible is being done to minimize the cost of housing and to solve the problem of temporary housing in Phoenix during that period. The reason the Congress is not being given at Los Angeles is my conviction that that city is the most aberrated city in America — without any real doubt the most aberrated city in the world. Further, we are planning a broad clinical establishment in Arizona — and Arizona, after all, is our home ground, and is the home state of the HAS.

All books and orders of whatever kind should be sent here to 726 Cooper Street, Camden 2, New Jersey.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We are preparing a special series of tapes, professionally recorded, on clinical processing (SOP-8-C), which tapes are the result of the present training program here in Camden using and developing clinical procedure. There will be about twelve hours of lectures available only to our associates. Write or wire for quotation on the price.

The Hubbard Foundation, and what the Hubbard Foundation was trying to call the HASP, are no longer in existence, and the personnel of those organizations are no longer connected with Scientology in any way. The reason for this is their failure to provide Journals, book orders and adequate responsibility for what they were supposed to do.

I will be writing you later concerning material which is specifically available, discounts, new course materials, and certification arrangements. In the meanwhile, let me hear from you.

Best regards,