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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Associate Newsletter 23 April 1953 - AN530423

23 April 1953

Through: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard London
30 Marlborough Place
London N.W. 8, England

23 April 1953

Several items of interest to associates are submitted herewith.

The first is The Factors, which announces the gaining of the highest echelon planned at this time in Scientology. This will be printed in the next issue of The Journal of Scientology. The entire issue is devoted to its expansion and explanation. By it results are being achieved which embrace all levels of case and with it we can guarantee auditing with no vaguest qualms.

The current lecture series is designed for the training of HCAs. It contains The Factors and SOP 8. It is 20 hours in length, is quite basic. It is best given in extension of the first 12 lectures of the Summary Course and the six hours of the Group Auditor’s Course.

An HCA course then consists of these items, a total of 38 hours of lecture on tape. It is being given in 30 days in Phoenix and Philadelphia and London. Phoenix and Philadelphia are charging $250 for it. In the doctorate schools an additional month is given for an additional $250.

These schools credit associate training. Thus a graduate of an associate school, an HCA, can procure his higher rating, H. G. A. and his B.Scn. , with an additional month’s training in Philadelphia or Phoenix. These schools, however, reserve the right to make an HCA review material.

The degree of Doctor of Scientology is given after the B.Scn. has completed a series of cases and has completed a paper demonstrating his application of Scientology to one particular illness and proving Scientology as efficacious on that illness: the illness selected must be passed upon by my office to guarantee wide coverage of Man’s ills. It takes at least a year to get a D. Scn. after graduation.

The course would probably be an HCA at an associate or doctorate school, a B.Scn. at a doctorate school, a D. Scn. through a doctorate school. D. Scn. ’s will probably be scarce for a long time to come. Only five have been issued to date.

THE GROUP AUDITOR’S COURSE of 6 hours fits people to apply Self Analysis to adults and children. It is being given away, run every Saturday afternoon complete, by the HAS London. Teachers and others regularly attend it. New faces continually show up (about eight or ten new ones every Saturday). Many of the new ones enroll for the day or night courses. The people attending it are getting wonderful results in schools and elsewhere. It has just been taken into a training school of the Royal Navy. Those who attend three Saturdays get a small certificate as a Group Auditor for which they are not charged. That is, they hear these tapes three times.

The Group Auditor’s Course is being sold from here for $28.50. It is air- freighted at a cost of $8.25. This is a total of $36.75. It is less than cost.

The 20-hour HCA course is slightly more expensive due to our difficulties in getting tapes copied. There has been a tape strike and tapes are at a premium here. We have managed to reduce this price to $8.75 per reel. Air freight makes this $10.00 per reel. The set, then, is $200.00 with air freight included.

Both these courses are being mailed daily. If you have an order here it is being filled or is already in the mail. Because of customs red tape in America there are about ten days involved en route.

I have not heard from some associates regarding HCA certification price and conditions. Because we do not want a large flood of HCAs and you may want to train some without certification and because the HCA gets as well a year’s professional membership in the HAS, the price is $55.00. A notarized statement signed by the associate as to the student’s skill and attesting that he has heard and passed an examination upon the tapes submitted and has done the required work must accompany the request for his certification. This request and the statement and the full name and home address of the student and a membership application in the HAS must be sent to me personally at 30 Marlborough Place, London, N. W. 8, with check, cash or money order (international) for $55.00. The certificate is airmailed directly to the student unless the associate indicates otherwise. Airmail these requests, for airmail takes three days, regular mail 17 days. It costs 20 cents to airmail a half ounce to here.

Any funds due and owing to the HAS by reason of past training or books should be sent here. The HAS accounts will be credited in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia office of the HAS is at 237 N. 16th Street, Philadelphia 2. The HUBBARD FOUNDATION has again raised the standard in New Jersey, at Trenton. A new clinic is being established in the same building as the HAS. The state of Scientology is so good that it ran out of quarters. It is occupying about 30 rooms in the Philly area now (Trenton is just across the river).

The move from Phoenix was too bluntly accepted by the field. We moved the publications office only because we couldn’t get the facilities in Phoenix. The HAS main office and legal office is STILL IN PHOENIX. The doctorate school is STILL IN PHOENIX. However, address HAS mail to Philly or to me, preferably Philly. HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL mail and HAS mail for Phoenix should go to 4248 N. 32nd St. , Phoenix, Arizona. The doctorate school is operating now at this Phoenix address under the direction of R. Ross Lamoreaux.

The following are the associate addresses: D. O. McElvain, Hubbard Associates of Puget Sound, Inc. , 311 West McGraw Street, Seattle 99, Washington; Doris Colbury Graffam, 1904 Sul Ross, Houston 6, Texas; Hardin Walsh, Scientology Council, 7070 Hollywood Blvd. , Hollywood 28, Calif. ; George Seidler, Institute of Self Knowledge, 859 Balra Drive, El Cerrito 8, Calif. (San Francisco); Earl Cunard and Refa Postel, Detroit Dianetic Center, 8901 Dailey Court, Detroit 4, Michigan; Adele and Roman Mazurek, Chicago Dianetic Institute, 855 N. Dearbom St. , Chicago 10, Illinois.

The doctorate schools are: The Hubbard Foundation, 122 N. Mole St. , Philadelphia, Pa. ; Hubbard Professional School (or Phoenix Scientology Institute), 4248 N. 32nd St., Phoenix; The HAS, 163 Holland Park Avenue, London, N.W. 8.

Clinics are assumed to exist at each associate address. A central clinic is located at 237 N. 16th St. , Philadelphia — the Hubbard Consulting Center.

On the subject of rumors, America sure likes to close terminals with a lot of chatter. In three years, I have never heard a true story in circulation about anyone. What a wild record! Recently so many reports reached me in various ways about Walsh in LA that I wrote some real mean letters in that direction. Further data revealed that not one of these reports I had received was true.

How do you break up an organization? You just tell one section of it how bad another section is until it falls apart. Simple? How do you kill Scientology or Dianetics? Why, just convince everyone that “while the work is all right, Hubbard is… well....” How do you lose business? They tell your potential students and preclears that “while the subject may have merit, the people who run that associate school....”

Just like many a preclear starts trouble amongst auditors. Auditor A helps him but he tells Auditor B that Auditor A is a dog. Auditor B gets self-righteous and tackles Auditor A. They discover that this pc gave a wrong-end-up account of the whole thing.

Should you believe a psychotic 1.1 pc? Or does he cause more trouble if you listen? Should you believe the Great American Grapevine? Believe the Martians have

landed, believe that the sun has just exploded, believe that water runs uphill, but believe John Public’s favorite comm line? Never!

Here is some fact for a change. The Detroit squabble is tough on the guys there and it got plenty of headlines BUT the fight is about RUNNING A SCHOOL WITHOUT A LICENSE, not about Dianetics or Scientology, no matter what the papers are printing. The police there will make none of it stick. If they do, God help Detroit. But the point is that Detroit did not inquire about licenses in the right quarter and didn’t play it vault safe; the first foundation in New Jersey, which had a schnook for an attorney, missed the same boat, got in the same trouble.

Dianetics and Scientology are not and will not be under responsible attack from any quarter that can matter. Bills against it have now been defeated in EIGHTEEN STATE LEGISLATURES in three years. Most of them never got out of committee. The only thing that can hold us back is the shadow that we might have opposition. When one discovers after three years that opposition doesn’t exist, he ought to abandon the idea and crowd on the steam.

So stand steady under rumor fire and know there is not and never will be serious competition or opposition except in our own minds. Stay true to our goals and to truth and we will attain these goals. I think they are worth attaining.

L. Ron Hubbard From: L. RON HUBBARD
Through: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard London
30 Marlborough Place
London N.W. 8, England