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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- After the Flood (OB-14) - OB560124

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83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
BAY 8881
24 January 1956


Operational Bulletin 13 must have appeared to be a flood of material and it was actually. It contained (1) the road block which has been preventing the progress of Scientology and its remedy, and (2) the outline of basic philosophy behind courses. I hope you read all this because it will undoubtedly have a profound influence upon the forward progress we are making.

The indoctrination course outline in particular is to go into effect at once and it may be expedient to take existing HPA and HCA students and feed them back through this regimen.

As far as repair and remedy of havingness are concerned and body motivators I have made several tapes recently for the coaching course given in London which are available from the London HAS. There are six hours of these tapes or three reels and the set is available for £15. They will be sold to anyone. A £ (pound) is worth $2.80 if you wish to convert this into U.S. dollars. The series includes body motivators, recent materials on exteriorization and a great deal of material which you will probably never see otherwise.


It is fantastic to have to advertise or sell Scientology. It is the only methodology extant today which alleviates or remedies psychosomatic illness, proofs an individual against a host of casualties, improves reaction time, raises intelligence, and improves ability.

That Scientology has throughout the world today only about 1200 practitioners in full practice could be true only if these people did not understand entirely the capabilities which lay under their hands. The discovery that they were not repairing or remedying havingness — and of course my omission in pointing out this fact — is about the only thing which has brought about failed cases and which slows down the general progress of cases everywhere. Now that this is spotted and swept out of the way, I don’t see any real bar to our forward progress.

Scientologists are the only ones where healing is concerned or where an improved race or culture is concerned. Scientology and Scientologists are the one hope the human race has today.

Let’s not make it a thin one.


Do you recall one of the last Abilities issued in Phoenix, Arizona, which contained two graphs. One of the graphs had to do with a composite of all cases audited by staff over a long period of time and the other one had to do with a very long series of preclears I had audited. The staff auditors audited their preclears for 25 hours each. I audited my preclears for five hours each. The results were comparable with perhaps the slightest edge over the staff auditor in my graph. In other words, the results I was getting in five hours were being obtained almost in 25 hours by the staff auditor.

One of the reasons behind this disparity of time was not just the “insight of the old master”. It was the solid reason that I repaired and remedied havingness on my preclears.

Perhaps another influencing point was that I audited these preclears only one hour per day for five consecutive days. When havingness was cut into, the preclear did not for long have to suffer under that duress, but this is probably a minimal reason. Some of the other reasons were acknowledgement and respecting the origin of communication by the preclear, a condition which was not always met by the staff auditor.

This graph, by the way, will explain to some degree my own continuous state of optimism where Dianetics and Scientology were concerned. I always stated what I had found to be true. This was not necessarily true and practised by the auditor. It has therefore been my contest to find out what I was doing so that I could relay the information on and so make the auditor results comparable. This we have evidently more nearly approached today than ever before, particularly with our new indoctrinations schedule and what we have just discovered about the repair and remedy of havingness.


It might be amusing for you to know what the earliest finding was in the field of havingness. I wanted to know exactly what happened in terms of intelligence quotient when engrams were run into restimulation and knocked out of restimulation. I therefore set up a series of tests to be accomplished under a very solid regimen as follows: The preclear under test was given a short form Otis IQ test. This took him about ten minutes. The auditor then immediately threw him down the track into such engrams as birth or accidents and when that engram had been run just enough to get into the full restimulation, the preclear was given Form 2 of the Otis IQ which is comparable to Form#
  1. # This was done in a rather long series. The engrams were then erased or de-intensified and the individual was given Form 1 of Otis IQ again.

I set this up simply as a needful datum. I did not anticipate any particular results and was willing to learn from the experiment. I did. It was found that the IQ of the individual raised from five to eight points by the simple fact of being thrown into birth or a heavy engram. This was such a wild result and so unexpected and yet so constant in the testing itself that I had to accept that the restimulation of an engram increased the intelligence quotient of the individual. The de-intensification of the engram by further erasure did not again lower the IQ of the individual, a fact which is accounted for by the mass in the engram being converted by an erasure, not eradicated.

As we understand this today, it was that the preclear was given havingness. The havingness he was given did contain vast significances but the significances were less important than the actual mass itself. Therefore the IQ gain.

This was our first encounter with the relationship between intelligence and mass. What actually occurred in this experiment was not visible to me for years, since the experiment took place in November and December of 1950. The experiment was the only one conducted for me directly on the line of actual research — as distinguished from puttering — by the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Elizabeth, N. J. That organization spent $47,000 all told on research. It conducted the above experiment and collected some evidence that in one case of spinal arthritis Dianetic processing had undoubtedly relieved the condition. The research department was at the time conducted by Donald H. Rogers.

Although some might not think otherwise, I feel that in view of the conduct of the above experiment by that department the $47,000 did buy something after all despite all contrary intent.

It should be noted that when we erased an engram we did not erase the mass connected with it. We erased the significance in the mass. We took perceptics out of it and it then could convert into acceptable mass. What was unacceptable was the perceptics and these restrained the individual from utilizing the mass. Actually I should say the individual’s body from utilizing the mass.

We can further learn from this that the figure-figure boy is doing just about this. He is trying to erase out of what mass he can have enough content so that his body can utilize that mass. His figure-figure is actually an effort to erase.

The answer of course is to give him mass he doesn’t have to erase the figure-figure out of. The figure-figure boy is way down on ability to have and is going on a sort of a storage battery philosophy that while he can’t create anything he can at least utilize blocks of stuff that he has stockpiled in his bank.


It has not leaked through several ridges yet, but these Operational Bulletins are for use in other publications and for use by HAS staffs. Having an extremely limited circulation, being destined only for key Scientologists who themselves are dissemination points, these Operational Bulletins are made to contain much information which should reappear in various publications. When utilized in other publications, of an official nature, one should not say that the material is from an Operational Bulletin. One should simply say the material is from L. Ron Hubbard. One can directly quote it or rewrite it giving credit to its source. By quoting the Operational Bulletin one puts into existence into the field the awareness that there is another communication line running which people then begin to desire thus devaluating the value of the PABs, Certainty and Ability. If material placed in these bulletins is not so utilized a communication line is being cut.

I could sit down every couple of weeks and write long articles especially for Ability magazine. I could do the same thing for the PABs. I could also do the same thing every month for Certainty. Sometimes I even do this. But the material which I am handling is generally vitally needed in one or another part of Scientology and I see no reason to deny the one and a half score people who are the key figures in training and processing throughout the world this data simply to introduce a comm lag on it for the benefit of Ability magazine. Thus a better answer for it is to put whatever articles I may have for these publications into Operational Bulletins and send them on through, and then have this material released. Ability, Certainty and the PABs can duplicate each other. It does not matter a bit if they do. It simply gives some material greater emphasis than others by having it repeated in two publications. Not all of this material will be utilized by such publications of course.

I have various ways of getting communications out to people. One of them of course is by personal letter and this system I use rather extensively, but this has the unhandiness of jamming my own secretarial service since much of the material I handle is equally applicable to many persons. I could of course adopt the sloppy system of taking new materials and suggestions and making carbon copies of them and including this in as appendices on various letters. This is in effect what the Operational Bulletins are.

Just because the Operational Bulletins appear on mimeographed pages is no reason they are a rival publication. They are not a rival publication. They do not go out to the world of Scientology except through the medium of Ability, Certainty and the PABs, as well as of course instructors and auditors immediately concerned in the HASs. For instance, in Operational Bulletin 13 there are exactly four PABs. Appendix 1 of Operational Bulletin 13 is to be broken in half and printed in two sections as PABs. In the Operational Bulletin itself, if you will glance at it again, there are two more PABs, but it is not known whether or not they will be so utilized. Certainly in the main body of the Operational Bulletin all that material must be repeated to Scientologists everywhere. It is sufficiently important to be utilized in Certainty, the PABs and Ability. If it isn’t utilized and disseminated then we are just as far behind as we were last month.

Do you know what a German schema is? It is a graph which shows one source breaking down into two sources which break down into four sources which break down into eight sources and so on. Well, if you fit Scientology publications on such a graph you find out that the Operational Bulletins are feeding several sources. This publication is not a competitive medium to Certainty, Ability, the PABs or Saturday Evening Post, the London Times, or the Daily Worker. The Operational Bulletins are for the aid and assistance of Scientology editors of the various publications and the staff of HASs throughout the world. Outside distribution of Operational Bulletins as such is not only discouraged, it is forbidden. And remember never give credit to the Operational Bulletins. Give credit to L. Ron Hubbard as a by-line at the beginning of the article just as though it were specially written for the publication. In the case of the

PABs, by the way, the signature or by-line is always at the end of the article not at the beginning. In Certainty and Ability the by-line is at the beginning of the article.


With the introduction of two new courses in the London operation — the weekend professional auditor’s course at HPA level and the dissemination course weekday evenings — we are stressing the fact that there are methods of dissemination of Scientology and gaining and holding a practice and group which are certain and adequately productive of results.

In the dissemination course we are incidentally going to teach the indoctrination week first as contained in Operational Bulletin 13, Appendix 1, and then we are going to review the repair and remedy of havingness and then we are going to lay on the line these three methods of dissemination, how they are done, and what to do with what they gain.

The three methods are (1) “I will talk to anyone”; (2) Illness researches; (3) Casualty contact. These are the major proven methods of dissemination. There are other methods such as street contact, industrial contact, and the old time psychoanalytic contact, but they are not well proven in use. Auditors seem too shy to accost people on the street; although industrialists show some interest, they seldom show cash; and although the psychoanalytic contact, where one simply sits in an office with a sign outside the door and waits for the flies to walk into the spider web, is very definitely in use in Scientology as it was in psychoanalysis, it still is not successful. It builds a limited and constricted practice without any third dynamic appeal. It does very little good for Scientology.

The fourth and entirely possible if hopeful method the auditor might use is to sit and wait for the central organization to send him preclears. Several auditors are doing this and it is not a method of dissemination and will never happen for the good reason that the central organizations in each case are depending on the individual auditor to beat up the brush for Scientology. Thus we have a case of mutual waiting. The central organizations do play a large role in the procurement of preclears, but they do this by general dissemination and good will advertising as well as releasing popular publications which go from hand to hand and cause an alertness to the subject and the existence of auditors. The central organization does not directly solicit preclears to be sent on to auditors. It does very occasionally where any one auditor is concerned refer some correspondent in an area to an auditor. It does this at what seems to it to be a very high rate as it refers commonly ten or twenty preclears a week or used to, but this spread out across 1200 auditors is not very many preclears and so the auditor in the field has never believed that the central organization did anything for him. The central organizations do a very great deal for the individual auditor but they count upon him also to build his own practice and thus Scientology. It is a very limited process where the central organization contacts become the only contacts which were made in the world on the subject of Scientology. If any auditor is trying to pursue the last two methods mentioned which is to say hanging up his sign and waiting for people to walk in the door or if he is simply waiting for the central organization to send him people he better stop waiting.

The methods we must count upon to build groups, practices in Scientology are the first three listed above.

No. 1 “I will talk to anyone” is in very broad and general usage in the United States. It is not yet in general usage in Great Britain or on other continents, even though it has been tested and found extremely successful in London. The entire plan has been covered in one of my articles in an earlier Ability which was written after an actual test I had made in Washington had resulted in success. The gist of this plan is to place in newspapers an ad which says, “Personal counselling. I will talk to anyone for you about anything. Phone Rev. So-and-so between hour and hour.” When the people call up which they do — although the ad sometimes has to run for some days before the first call, since people are waiting to first find out whether it is a code and message or is actually an invitation to phone — they desire the minister to talk to someone for them.

Actually in many cases their problems evaporate in the phone call itself. If the minister simply asks them to repeat the problem several times or asks them what they could do about this. If it is the purpose of the minister simply to solve the problem of the preclear thus phoning, he can of course cancel out his clientele with the greatest of ease. This however is not his purpose. His purpose is to get this individual into a weekly group processing unit. This person he will find is not one of the lower strata of the society or one of its neurotics; he is one of the few remaining citizens who still has a conscience and who wants to get something done. Thus he will discover himself talking, strange as it may seem to him at first, to the better people, although of course he will get his proportion of pranks and nuts. He should actually undertake, and importantly free of charge, the actual commission of executing the communication. He should not talk to the person in such a way as to ease the problem. This may be the last problem this person has and it would be a disservice to simply solve it as easily as that. One makes something of the problem, not makes nothing of it. (If auditors have any fault it is a one way flow in making nothing out of things instead of occasionally making something out of them.) The minister receiving the call should then credit the fact that this is a pretty big problem and should undertake the commission of completing the communication. He should be interested and alert. He should require a personal interview from the person calling. If he cannot get the name and address of the person calling he can always get the name and address of the person the caller wishes him to communicate with. He should get one or the other of these addresses on the first phone call. The auditor should keep a log of such calls and should write down all their particulars and any addresses that he may find in these, otherwise he will become swamped. Also he will lose a lot of potential preclears. The fact that the caller is calling at all says that the caller believes things can be better. This is in the minority in today’s society. It should be cherished and nourished. Thus at the interview the minister places in the hands of the person material relating to the work of the church group which the minister is actually conducting every Sunday morning.

Of course there are ways to derail this particular project. The first I have already delineated in stating that one can as-is the problem the moment the call is received using Scientology techniques, and the other chief one is for the auditor to get “so busy” completing people’s communications that he “doesn’t find time to run a Sunday group”. His purpose is collecting together a Sunday group. Thus he simply couldn’t be busy enough to neglect this point. He has literature to hand which does not insist that the caller who has now come in person attend but which holds out to him the fact that there are other people in his similar circumstances that he might care to meet, and that there are actually methods which make it possible for individuals to solve their own problems, and that these goals are achieved by attending a Sunday morning church which of course is represented to be quite different than what one ordinarily expects by reason of experience with old time congregations. One does not talk about personal auditing unless the subject is forced onto one. After the individual has been persuaded to come to the church group (his communication in the meanwhile having been executed) he will become aware of the fact that individual auditing is available, he will understand what it is, he will also understand that he can benefit from it. There are many instances of course of people simply turning up, learning about auditing and wanting some at once without going to a group and these of course can be cared for. But the main point is to execute the communication of the individual without charge, fee or donation and to get that individual to come to the Sunday morning church group. There he will of course be given an opportunity to join the church at some small membership fee and will be made a part of the group. Of course it stands to reason that any auditor who has a fairly good sized group which is undergoing free processing will get from the group many candidates for (1) personal auditing, and (2) a basic course in Scientology for which charge can be made. It is actually a mistake to charge for group intensives. It is much better in the long run to do only free group processing, individual auditing for a fee, and to teach basic courses in Scientology, usually on certain evenings in the week. People who do not pay for auditing will pay for the course. Many of the people in the course will demand individual auditing.

This whole plan is working a gradient scale in getting people into Scientology. When regarded otherwise it tends to break down. People call up to get their problems solved, drift away. People get their communications through and then lacking auditing begin to burden the minister with additional communications which in the long run mean nothing to him or Scientology. The chief stumbling block auditors have encountered is the actual placing of the ad. It is found that the ad places very poorly in huge city dailies as compared to small suburban papers. Thus even in large cities the ad should be put into the smaller papers. People taking classified ads want to know if the ad has ever appeared before anywhere else. Naturally it has and copies of its placement are available from Dr. Richard Steves, Founding Church of Scientology of New York, Carnegie Hall, New York City, and from the HASUK in London. But much more germanely there is now in existence a society of consulting ministers. This was organized in Washington, D.C. , by the Founding Church. It has available a membership at very low cost which gives to the ordained auditor a card which declares his membership in the society. This membership card is an adequate representation of the society and its antecedents and carries on it for the benefit of people on papers such as reporters or classified advertising managers the following legend, “Any question about the activity, integrity or ethics of the above minister or the wording or precedent of any ad he wishes to place should be referred to the society of consulting ministers, the Founding Church of Scientology, 1812 19th Street, N. W. , Washington, D.C. , or its British correspondent, the HASUK, 1 Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.” (Organizational note: Dr. Young— better have these cards ready as I think you have the society arranged already for some time past.)

The ad itself has attracted sufficient press to give an adequate background. One does not bring the word Scientology into press interviews. One simply talks about the church, its work, and immediately it converses on actual cases which have already been handled. One does not, I repeat does not, discuss Scientology with the press. He discusses this particular project. If the press wants to know what Scientology is, the minister should shrug and say there are lots of textbooks about that, and that he does not propose to teach a course in an advanced science to the pages of the public press, that it is the church and the church’s charitable activities which are behind this, not Scientology. He should also say that today ministers are indoctrinated in many learnings and skills and Scientology happens to be chiefest amongst these.

The tremendous workability of the “I will talk to anyone” ad is attested by the many congregations it has built for auditors and the numerous preclears which they have received from these. The sphere of Scientology is widening markedly because of this particular plan.

Plan No. 2 is rather older and less known. It is still within the confines of ministerial activities but it was originally practised outside those confines. The original ad which was placed to execute the plan “Illness Researches” was placed in Wichita by Mary Sue and myself at the end of 1951. It was tremendously successful and would have continued successful if anyone else had wanted any success in Wichita. The very first person who applied for this ad, immediately after a test audit, enrolled in a professional course. The second person at once purchased a 75 hour intensive and so it went. If I merely wanted a fortune out of Scientology and did not desire the health of Scientology itself, and the good presence and skill of its auditors, I would long since have abandoned research leaving things just as they were and would have continued to run this ad and run a clinic and school to care for its resultant callers.

The exact wording of the ad was as follows: “Polio victims. A research foundation, investigating polio desires volunteers suffering from the after effects of that illness to call for examination at address.” When the people arrived usually with a phone interview first, they were immediately given about three hours of auditing. The techniques in use at that time were effort processing and overt acts and motivators. We alleviated the majority of preclears reporting using only those three hours. We did this for polio victims, arthritics and were about to do it for asthmatics when the surging success of the project frightened various individuals who had other plans for Dianetics. However there was no protest whatever from the newspapers, the public or the preclears. The auditing was given free of charge. It was given under the guise of investigation and was in actuality a research project. Any auditor anywhere can constitute himself as a minister or an auditor, a research worker in the field of any illness. In that he is not offering to treat or cure the illness but is strictly investigating it, the laws concerning medicine do not obtain to him. Anybody even a ditch-digger can look over polio or arthritis or asthma or anything else. It is best that a minister representing himself as a “charitable organization”, which is what he is, do the research so that the ad would then read: “Polio victims — a charitable organization investigating polio desires to examine several victims of the after effects of this illness. Phone So-and-so.”

The interesting hooker in this ad is that anyone suffering from a lasting illness is suffering from it so as to attract attention and bring about an examination of it. These people will go on being examined endlessly. The technique which would be used today would be with the repair and remedy of havingness, appertaining to the illness or injury itself, “Invent a problem that leg (or arm or lungs or stomach) could be to you”. One would use only this process as it is the only safe process to use against a chronic somatic and successfully alleviates such. One would NEVER use “What problem could lameness (a condition) be to you”. Always run the process of problems on the subject of terminals, never on conditions. Of course one would repair the havingness of lame legs and eventually get the individual to throw a bad leg away. If the preclear could not at once invent, one would have him lie about legs or stomach or arms, or whatever is affecting him. One would use up at the most about two hours of auditing time on each case. He would not tell the person he was doing other than investigating the cause. He would tell them he was not interested in curing their polio but that educationally he could of course improve their ability to walk or breathe or whatever. As a side comment, one would omit arthritis as one of these quickies as it showed the lowest level of recovery. One would then follow up the same principles of group. He would compose a group of such people and he would find that they would be very happy to gather together. From this group he would tell them they could have free group processing and he would sell them individual auditing and would teach them basic Scientology and a basic course as in Plan 1 above. This plan has the advantage of not unduly exciting the press but if the press were to arrive one would simply tell them, expanded, the subject of the ad.

A minister investigating polio would have many reasons to do so. He would want to know how much of a drain the illness really was on the society around him, what charitable resources were necessary in order to care for it, how much difficulty it was to people in the immediate family. He would want to know whether or not it was a major or minor factor in the society. But basically he would want to get his hands on those preclears and alleviate their condition. In other words, improve their ability to walk or to breathe. He would want to do this and he would carry the project along by having a group and from this group getting basic courses. Remember today it is no fantasy whatsoever that you can alleviate the majority of sufferers of various chronic illnesses. It is a very simple thing really. We have been able to do it for four years and very good auditors have been doing it regularly for five. We are not in the business of healing here. We are in the business of educating people to walk, to talk, to breathe. Incidently, although it has not been tried, it may be possible to get people from various societies. However, the basic experience on this line is that societies for various illnesses, as well as other organizations, do not exist by and large to assist the illness and are very hard to do business with. As an example, one auditor in the Pacific northwest did not contact the public or individuals but contacted only various organizations in the city. There has never been quite as great a flop as the general practice of this auditor; contacting the public via ads in the public presses is the reliable tested way to do this. The other, of course, can be touched upon as it is not necessarily true that thes