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CONTENTS The Adventure of Scientology
Minor 6 [1955, ca. mid-July]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

The Adventure of Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard

As a member of that crew of experts on the subject, the Explorer’s Club, as one who has plowed keel into Seven Seas, who has ducked shots fired in anger and watched others fail to duck, I can verify that when all horizons are measured, all swamps mapped, all deserts charted and supplied with water and instant rescue, there will yet be a world of unknown frights and glooms and cheers to explore, there will yet be a universe of adventure left, a universe sufficiently powerful to daunt the last few thousand years of thinking men — You. The universe of You.

From the first moment of a co-auditing session the preclear begins to make discoveries — discoveries to him far more important than Balboa’s glimpse of the Southern Sea or Columbus’ glance at San Salvador. The preclear begins with mystery and ends with knowledge. And even in those few cases where “nothing happens” he at least discovers the pattern of his life — nothing happening.

No matter if one travels the six basic steps or the whole track, the universe of Mind minute by minute opens and unfolds. For this is the adventure of Scientology: to discover not a wrongness as in psychotherapy, to create not a peculiar pattern of individuality, as in education, but to find and come to grips with the totality of Mind itself, its “substance,” “meaning” and “vastness” or whether these exist.

To use Scientology “to get well,” to “become less nervous,” is like using an alpine stock to dig a ditch for a water pipe in the back yard. To use Scientology as a guidebook to the discovery of the Infinity of Infinities is a proper use.

Perhaps you seek to “sell Scientology” to some chair-rooted conservative. Will you? If that person cannot buy adventure he cannot buy Scientology. There may be nothing really wrong with the person who refuses adventure. He MAY be the one who is right. Perhaps it is best to cower behind barriers with grip-shut eyes and hope never to find out. But this attitude will not appeal to the Scientologist. If he is being shot at from some mysterious and hidden quarter of body or mind he wants to stand up and take a good, hard look. If he is being wracked by unknown shivers, he wants to know

(a) can he shiver harder, (b) do other people shiver and (c) can he turn it on and off.

The trained Scientologist is the greatest adventurer of all, for he adventures into many, many minds. The expertly processed preclear is the deepest adventurer of all, for he sees more and faces more in any given instant. But trained or not or processed or not, the Scientologist is an Adventurer. Many men as ages go will own Earth. The Scientologist, in addition to visiting many universes, doesn’t care WHO owns them. And that is the test of he who would walk above kings — the doing is as good as the adventure therein — and that’s the way it is.