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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Admin TRs Correction - BTB710207-1R74
- Administrative Training Drills - Admin TRs - BTB710207R74

CONTENTS Admin TRs Correction
7 FEBRUARY 1971-1 R
Revised & Reissued 17 July 1974 AS BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 7 February 1971-1 Same Title
Remimeo All Orgs Staff College FEBC Course (The only revision is in the Reference Section and in paragraph 2: HCOB 7 FEB 71 “Admin TRs” has been revised to read BTB 7 FEB 71 “Admin TRs”.)

Admin TRs Correction


It has become apparent that coaching Admin TRs, especially the last few, can be very difficult if the coach is double hatted as a Bull-Baiter. If he becomes too involved with the Bull-Baiting he can easily miss flunks on the Student. Also, buttons are not easily duplicated, as the action which caused the Student to break his confront might not have been seen. This either hangs the Student with a loss or puts him into self-coaching.

Therefore, on these TRs involving more than 2 people (specifically TR People BB 1, BB 2, BB 3, BB 4) the Coach does not Ball-Bait. He is an additional person to those doing the drills as laid out in the Admin TR BTB. He stands or sits close to the Student and simply observes him. If the Bull-Baiters cause the Student to break his confront or flub in any way, the Coach flunks the Student and ensures that the Bull-Baiters flatten the exact button that caused the reaction.

In short, he controls the Whole TR. It is up to him to see that the Student gets the gains that can be his from doing the TRs standardly. He coaches per the HCOB Coaching, seeing that the Student is given a series of wins on constantly toughening gradient.

Robin Hubbard
Director of Training Flag
Revised & Reissued as BTB
by Flag Mission 1234
I/Cs CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU
for the
of the