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from DAB Vol. 2, No. 2

Many months ago in one of his lectures, L. Ron Hubbard made the statement that there were not just 5 or 6 or even ten perceptics, but twenty-six of them, all of which should be available for recall. Since that lecture there has been a considerable volume of correspondence and verbal requests for a list of the twenty-six.

During the first annual conference of HDAs a list of perceptics was started and hung on the bulletin board where others could add a few perceptics of their own. Mr. Hubbard boiled the list down, combined duplications, and laughingly said, “Of course there are more than twenty-six.”

Following is the list as it stands today, although there are undoubtedly many more items which can be added. No attempt has been made to place them in any particular order of importance.

1. Time26. Internal Temperature
2. Sight27. External Temperature
3. Color28. Balance
4. Depth29. Muscular Tension
5. Relative Sizes (external)30. Saline Content of Self
6. Sound31. Fields (magnetic)
7. Pitch32. Time Track Motion
8. Tone (personal weariness, etc.)33. Physical Energy
9. Volume34. Self Determinism (relative)
10. Rhythm (on each dynamic)35. Moisture (self)
11. Smell (4 subdivisions)36. Sound Direction
12. Touch (4 subdivisions)37. Emotional State of other organs
13. Personal Emotion38. Personal Position on the Tone Scale
14. Endocrine States39. Affinity (self and others)
15. Awareness of awareness40. Communication (self and others)
16. Personal Size41. Reality (self and others)
17. Organic Sensation (including hunger)42. Emotional State of Groups
18. Heartbeat43. Compass Direction
19. Blood Circulation44. Level of Consciousness
20. Cellular and Bacterial Position45. Pain
21. Gravitic (past-present) (self and other weights)46. Perception of Conclusions
22. Motion of Self (past-present)47. Perception of Computing
23. Motion (exterior) (past-present)48. Perception of Imagination
24. Body Position49. Perception of Having Perceived
25. Joint Position

[ This list was updated and issued as HCO B 10 March 1970, List of Perceptics-Dianetics Bulletin, Volume VII, page 25.]