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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO Bulletin of 22 OCTOBER 1970
Issue II
Remimeo Class II


Occasionally you run into a case that "has never committed any overts. " Such a person might, for example, never seem to have anything on F2.

The proper way to do a Return (Progress) on this is Gradient Scales, discussion of what a harmful act would be, who could be harmed.

An HC Out-point session should be done first if it's really bad.

You'll find a kooky fixed idea like "thetans cannot be hurt" or "overts are their own fault," etc.

Versions, very light of A-R-C-U, notably agreements crack this sort of thing.

Ron, in mid-1970, developed some additional processes to handle the type of case that "has never done anything bad. "

Some appropriate C/Ses are listed here for use on this type of case.

For someone achieving minimal results, or with a generally fat Review folder:

1. Fly all Ruds.

2. List to a BD F/N item — "What shouldn't be known?"

For someone responding to routine overt pulling (due to, say, natter or no gain) with "no overts," "no withholds," "I wouldn't expect anything to happen from it… ," etc.:

1. Assess GF 40. Include O/R.

2. Two-way comm the points that read (except Ruds that read as out).

Try to phrase the Two-way comm to get his attitude towards the subject that reads rather than do the Class VIII remedy.

Don't use "you," use "anyone," "others," "another" as he hasn't great reality on himself and it would sound accusative.

Followed later by:

1. Discuss why overts are necessary.

A pc with R/Ses doesn't really run right. His F/Ns collapse at Exams. This pc can be listed on "What would be an overt?" to BD F/N item. Then next session, the item found can be run Quad Recall and Quad R3R.

This last list question can miss a withhold, so check for such if there are unexpected BIs at Exam after the listing session (as well as for wrong items).

For someone with fixated attention on an individual (e.g. tends to natter about that person for session after session):

1. Fly a Rud if no F/N.

2. List by L&N — Who or what in your past does ________ remind you of?

3. a) What did you do to (item found)?

b) What did you withhold from (item found)?

Also there is:

1. Fly a Rud if no F/N.

2. List "Give me an example of an overt" to BD F/N item.

Followed by:

1. Fly a Rud if no F/N.

2. Run (on item found on "Give me an example of an overt"):

Quad Recalls

Quad R3R

Another C/S is:

1. Fly a Rud if no F/N.

2. Assess Help, Failed Help, Refused Help, Prevented Help.

3. On result: Quad Recalls, Quad R3R.

Extracted from LRH C/Sed Folders by D/CS-4