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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- New Training Schedule - B600411

HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 11 APRIL 1960 Assn Sec HCO Secs D Of Training Hat


Earlier bulletins this year have presented a new training line up, more or less as follows. Based on eight weeks, the weeks are divided as follows:

  1. Comm Course
  2. Upper Indoc Course
  3. Model Session
  4. CCHs
  5. to VIII.

Theory and practice as per London HPA/BScn tapes. It will be seen that the order of weeks I to IV can be changed around save for Comm Course.

You have just received HCO Bulletin April 7, 1960, which gives a new rationale of training. It affects the stress but not the programme. It means in short that the HPA will have to know how to run Straight Wire, locks, secondaries and engrams and how to use an E-Meter. Further they have to know the six types of processes.

Now this is asking a lot at HCA/HPA level, in view of the fact that the South African ACC on the Model Session at the end of one week quiz flunked out at the rate of 2/3rds of the class.

The Model Session (HCO Bulletin of February 25, 1960) can be broken down into sections like the Comm Course and a Straight Wire process run, or it can be run from the sheet enough times to make students familiar with it.

You will have a new book on auditing based on HCO Bulletins since December 23, AD9, but it will not be in circulation for a while.

Teach people light taps not heavy slugs. Go on this basis — Doctors treat injuries because they cannot confront bodies. We confront people. We can always see what is wrong with a person. It takes real genius to find something right and improve it. A pc is ill because he is restraining himself from doing wrong. We have to convince him he can do right. Reactive self-restraint is the purpose of all engrams. This must be replaced with analytical control. Until one can confront his bank and win he does not regain confidence in controlling himself. So he has engrams. “We don’t treat wrongness. We treat people.” Until a student has that down pat, you won’t get any real training done anyway. He’ll go out and lose. And we’ll then lose him.

Hence the push on training and the half price course offers (when accompanied by a letter signed by a certified auditor). I hope you are going to have to cope with a lot of students. If you arrange your course well now, you will have wins later.

And when you teach a student to get little wins to make big wins we’ll really have this show on the road.