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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- New Preclears - The Workability of Scientology - B690405i70

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Новые Преклиры - Б690405
The Workability of Scientology

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(Reissued and corrected 26 May 1970)
Remimeo Dianetic Course D of Ts D of Ps Class VIIIs

The Workability of Scientology

The "training" of a new preclear (never before audited) has long been a subject of know-how amongst auditors but has not actually been covered previously.

The conditions of a new preclear are these:

(a) Doesn't know what is supposed to happen.

(b) May be under the stress of being embarrassed to talk to someone.

(c) May have preconceived ideas of how he is supposed to respond to the auditor (such as psychoanalytic "free association" where he just talks, etc).

(d) May be waiting for some magical effect entirely independent of his own participation (as in getting a "shot" from a doctor).

It is too much to ask of a being to:

1. Talk to another intimately about himself,

2. Fumbling with a new activity while

3. Confronting his own bank.

Possibly he has never done any of the three before and to ask him to do them all at once … well!

All cases are started in their lowest ability level since they have not had it increased. Whereas they may be quite well off as human beings, they do not know how well off they might become.

The wrong thing to do is to enforce their improvement with a sales talk or evaluation on how well they did in the session.

And it is wrong to go on auditing them while they essentially remain in mystery.

The correct solution to all these difficulties is to assign the pc to do a PE Course if it includes TRs and to have the pc do the TRs before being audited.

We probably should have a set of poster type pictures put up in a PE area as follows:

Picture of an auditor with a meter in front of him, profile view, "This is an AUDITOR. He does not invalidate, criticize or evaluate for the preclear."

Picture of an E-Meter, "This is an E-METER. It is used to verify the preclear's gain and register when each separate auditing action is ended."

A picture of a being, a silhouette showing no features, "This is YOU, a PRECLEAR, a spiritual being who is now on the road to becoming clear, hence preclear."

Picture of an auditor with a meter and a shadowy preclear. "This is a SESSION. The auditor and the preclear locate, step by step, any mental blocks to increased ABILITY AND FREEDOM."

A picture of a down point to the left and a road going up high to the right. At the down point is SUCCUMB. At the up point is SURVIVAL. Some figures are on the line, they are the auditing session interspersed with a small figure of somebody studying. A big arrow parallels the line pointing up. "Scientology AUDITING and STUDY are the road to ABILITY and FREEDOM."

A picture of the Grade Chart simplified, modernized to show sub-zeros plainly and including OT Levels. "Freedom is reached by going up through the GRADES of auditing."

A picture of the classes of auditors all the way to Class VIII including the PE Course, etc and where taught. "Ability and gain are achieved by TRAINING."

A series of pictures of a caved-in person who gets better and better in subsequent higher pictures. "Scientology processing obtains continual IMPROVEMENT."

A picture of a body, a thetan. "You are a SPIRITUAL BEING, not a body or an animal, as you will discover in processing."

A picture representation of each of the dynamics from 1 to 8 including the R6 god with an arrow paralleling them on a slant upwards. "There is more to LIFE than personal suffering and trouble." The picture of the R6 god used is the "Old Man" symbol as used on the covers of various Dianetics and Scientology Publications.

A picture of a sunburst with Scientology written in its centre, "Scientology reveals the natural laws of life. You CAN know the answers."

This set prominently displayed in an org in a long panel from left to right, with a sign over it, "You have come to the right place," and a long arrow indicating the sequence, will do an awful lot to answer a preclear's questions. At the end of the panel a sign, same size, saying "See the Registrar, Room … " will also direct the preclear.

The preclear should be signed up, if he is a preclear, and with the money paid, sent to a PE Course.

If this is not feasible, he at least should be first assigned to do TRs.

A preclear information sheet can also be compiled giving him data commonly asked.

A preclear's dictionary which includes all terms used in processes and their definition should also be given to him.

If the preclear seems not to be improving even as early as the TRs, a white form of case and health history should be very carefully done, including narcotics.

If he is on narcotics he must come off them and have been off them for a while (in Los Angeles they say six weeks), before resuming his auditing.

If on resuming auditing the preclear still does not gain despite 7 cases, a careful and full medical clinical examination should be ordered as the preclear is medically ill in some previously unsuspected fashion. This is covered in HCO B 12 March 1969, "Physically Ill Pcs".

Should this not prove to be the case, or if the pc does not get well then apply the HCO B of 2 April 1969, "Dianetic Assists", an auditing assist as given in that HCO B.

Above all, don't let unnecessary stops occur on this line for pcs who just sail through.

In a recent glance over the case folders of some stalled or "chronically ill" pcs I found the main sin was simply "No Auditing" occurring in the following ways:

Case 1 — 3 case supervision directions carefully and correctly advised but NONE OF THEM DONE. No other auditing was done either. Then a fourth case supervision direction on top ignoring the folder and advising something else but that was not done either.

Case 2 — Preclear chronically doing badly. Was being "audited" but hadn't a clue. Was not up to talking to an auditor at all. (I ordered TRs and the auditor did them, the pc bloomed and went on up the grades splendidly.)

Case 3 — Pc all crippled up from old injuries. In the folder I found no C/Ses there had been done as ordered. Also found the pc had sneaked his folder and done some wild self auditing before auditing could be done. (Ordered HCO B 12 March 1969, Touch Assists and then medical treatment to set a long time broken back.)

Case 4 — Pc told the auditor in the session she had a secondary sitting right there and was in it. And although had bad indicators in, the auditor just ended the session.

Case 5 — Pc ordered in for a Review, was given the cans, the auditor said "That's it", pc went off in mystery.

Case 6 — Pc shaking and fevered but no physical illness according to doctor. Auditor A did an S & D. Pc still not well. A few weeks later illness recurred. I got hold of the pc, asked when the shaking had begun, found an engram where the pc had been withholding being cold, ran it, pc totally recovered. The incident had occurred only a day before Auditor A's session. Had Auditor A merely asked what had been going on he would have found it at once, run it and that would have been that. It was only an auditing assist that was needed which is why I wrote HCO B 2 April 1969, "Dianetic Assists". It hadn't ever occurred to me that auditors wouldn't use the principle of engram running to handle a pc who hurt.

So it adds up to the fact that just not doing auditing is a fundamental error. That's what's meant by "no auditing" in the 7 Resistive Cases of a Class VIII. Auditing just wasn't used to handle the pc. "No Auditing."

The NEW pc who hasn't a clue what auditing is is apt to get a lot of "No auditing". So you teach him what to expect by posters, a PE, TRs.

The troubled pc who is all introverted with a real physical or mental problem had jolly well better get it handled, as in the "Physically Ill Pcs" HCO B 12 March 1969 or with Dianetic Assist as per HCO B 2 April 1969. You don't just sail on up the grades and throw them away.

If you ever get an area that thinks Dianetics and Scientology don't work (which is about as silly as saying there is no gravity) then:

(a) You have an area that has been infiltrated and the tech performance perverted; or

(b) You have a person around who is terrified that it will work and others grown more powerful will now destroy him (which surrenders casewise to "Physically Ill Pcs" or the top Power Process used first followed by sub-zeros and grades); or

(c) You have a narcotic-silly area and are not making them desist before auditing or handling their past addiction by running out its engrams; or

(d) You have an area that just isn't auditing at all; or

(e) You are not handling new pcs as we used to and as recommended in this HCO B.

As a final remark, I have seen a person get "audited all the way to the top" who wasn't ever audited at all. As a comment this is pretty bad but a close check revealed that a large percent did not even know the content or action of a key grade below where they were supposed to have "arrived". They had zero indoctrination as a pc and had not ever made even the sub-zero of ARC Straight Wire.

So lay this down, Case Supervisors and auditors all, as a firm cast-in-concrete rule:


I look at it this way, auditing is terribly simple. Turn me loose with an E-Meter and a pc and up the line he comes. If he doesn't or can't respond he's seriously ill. If he's that ill that he can't be audited he needs medical treatment. And when he's had that, back to the meter and I'll show you a shining pc.

You say, yes, that's you. You know and can do it.

Sure, sure, sure. But anyone who has studied his meter, his books and bulletins can do it just as easily. If the pc answers his questions and IF HE DOES AUDIT.