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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- New Horizons in Scientology - B591211

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


With the First Melbourne ACC we begin a new era in Scientology, greater, broader and more successful than anything we have experienced before.

A complete new technical front has moved solidly forward, based not so much on new materials but on a wider understanding of older data, and it is sufficiently startling in its approach and effectiveness to give new confidence to every Scientologist, his case and his dissemination problems.

I myself have never before felt so confident and have never before had such spectacular auditing successes in such short periods of time.

Various problems we have faced are now explained and our various vulnerabilities have been turned into new skills. We have been losing too many people from PE Courses, particularly Co-audits. We have lost too many Scientologists and even though they are replaced in even greater numbers by new ones the point has been one without previous solution. Too many Scientology marriages have gotten into difficulties. Auditors and Central Orgs have been hampered by too low incomes. We have lost too many executives and principals in scientology and have failed to make newer people into adequate better people. All these problems were, in their combined effect upon us, slowing us down. Please understand that we were slowed down only to the extent of doubling our numbers every year. But understand also that I have not been unaware of the things that had to be solved before we could skyrocket off the launching pad and take our position in civilization’s van.

All these problems have now been solved by this new technology. We know why people leave PE and Co-audits and we can remedy it. We know why we have lost Scientologists and can get them back and completely prevent new losses. We can salvage almost any marriage with entirely new approaches to this problem. We can rehabilitate our own executives and push newer ones into higher responsibility zones more rapidly and effectively. We have it MADE.

Now, understanding that in our earliest days we had to carry on with enthusiasm in lieu at times of know-how and that we bore up silently under many difficulties, we should not again make the mistake that we are merely entering into a new exhilaration which will itself become spent and have to be replaced by a newer forward motion. Of course there will be new forward motions but as soon as you grasp what has happened here you will see clearly that it is within our power to accomplish the following:# Retain all our people with better and better states of being.

  1. Knit ourselves into a tight and mutually supportive third dynamic which can resist all encroachment and which can expand to encompass a much wider range of activities.
  2. Assist our incomes to a point where we can command the facilities necessary to our responsibilities.

These briefly are the goals we have been achieving; now we can achieve them without setbacks and losses here and there.

As soon as you look over this technology I am sure you will agree that it is a forward step of great magnitude and that it is based upon principles already known, but which are applied to the problems in a new way.

The thirty-four hours of recorded lectures in Melbourne and the forthcoming lectures of the US Congress in early January, followed by an HCS course based on this material, plus the ACC in South Africa will put anyone who can reach only a little in possession of this information.

The data itself is too lengthy for swift coverage in bulletins. It is based on new data on the cycle of action and even more importantly upon new handling of overts and withholds in clearing cases.

In successive weeks I will try to give you in our bulletins some of this data. It is too much to write all at once. Central Orgs are at this moment being supplied with the tapes on all this as a background of HCS and BScn courses and every possible way will be utilized to put all of this into your hands. You will, however, have to reach a little. If you do you will be greatly rewarded.

It has taken nearly ten years for me to build a better bridge. Well, I have no qualms about this one. It will stand any loads and stresses. We know the basic buttons of aberration full and finally. And all too truly you will never be the same again.