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CONTENTS New HCA Course You Can Begin at Home THE PLAN THE GOAL
Issue 83
[ 1958, ca. mid-October]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

New HCA Course You Can Begin at Home

L. Ron Hubbard

A wonderful new course has been instituted in the Academy of Scientology. It is not just a correspondence course nor really an extension course, it is a real HCA Course. In fact, it becomes the course leading to certification as Hubbard Certified Auditor.

For exactly five dollars you can enroll in the Academy of Scientology of Washington, D.C., and begin your studies at once at home. In fact, from here on out all of the work you will do will be required to get your certificate anyway.

Now that all the basic problems of training auditors have been resolved and now that clearing is a real fact and attainable, it becomes our problem to communicate this skill to Scientologists at large and to all those in the world who would help their fellow man.

This new course is probably the biggest single undertaking of worldwide Scientology that has ever been attempted.

Here is what I have found out. I have found out that a Scientologist in his training must approximate the route of the actual research and discovery. Otherwise, he is not able to clear people easily since he lacks fundamental understandings which became commonplace many years ago. There might be an easy road to clearing, and, indeed, an excellent auditor well trained can pilot that road, but there is certainly no easy road to training.

After a careful survey of a very large number of students I have come to the conclusion that the only barrier to clearing everyone in the world or, probably with more reality, one’s immediate associates is the quality of training received by the auditor.

If an auditor understands Scientology from its earliest beginnings up to the present and if he takes modern Clear Procedure and uses it with that understanding, he has no difficulty in clearing people, no matter how ”difficult the case.” On the other hand, given the simplest, fastest, and easiest rendition of Clear Procedure as now used in the Hubbard Guidance Center, and yet not given thorough background in training, an auditor will be unable to clear people.

How to make auditors rapidly has been our greatest problem. We cannot expect people to support themselves for years, as in college days when somebody else footed

the bill, in order to achieve skills which make him superior to any mental practitioner in any time and period, without investing some time and effort in the study.

As far as we can determine it takes about three years to make a thoroughly excellent auditor. To expect somebody to spend three years at the Academy in person is too much. The doors would be slammed shut on all but a few and we would probably cost ourselves some of our best future auditors.

On the other end of the extremes, to expect somebody to study the subject for only a few weeks and then achieve remarkable results with it is almost an impossible thing to ask. That some people have done it, that some people even have simply read a book and gone out and achieved excellent results does not mean that it is generally feasible and, indeed, it is not even desirable, since these quick studies will sooner or later run into material which, though well covered in research is not yet known to them and they go astray into phenomena and waste a year or two or six trying to wander back out of a labyrinth that was in actuality very well charted some years before.

Between these two extremes there has to be a compromise. But the compromise must work and it must find a person at the end of a period of study totally competent to clear people, otherwise the study itself would have no purpose whatever. Accordingly, following the pattern of some of the greatest educational institutions, we have hit upon a combination of home study and classwork for each of the three principal grades of skill and practice.

My records indicate that it takes approximately a year from the moment of enrollment in the Academy through the classwork and the homework and the book synopses and the final award of the grade of Hubbard Certified Auditor. If this is a fact in actual practice, then why do we not make it a reality? We have done so.

It takes now a year to become a Hubbard Certified Auditor. No certificate may be awarded earlier than one year from the date of actual enrollment in an HCA Course, either extension or at the Academy.

Further records, though less complete, demonstrate that it takes about a year from time of enrollment to complete all of the studies required for Hubbard Clearing Scientologist (the old Bachelor of Scientology Course). Therefore, no HCS certificate may be awarded any earlier than one year from the date of enrollment at the Academy.

It has been demonstrated over a long period of time that it takes approximately a year for an Advanced Clinical Course student to complete his classwork, his cases and his thesis. Therefore, no certificate at the grade of Hubbard Graduate Scientologist may be issued earlier than one year from the moment of enrollment.

What does this mean in general to our standards and standing? It means that any student of Scientology will have spent more actual study in the field of the spirit and human behavior than any other practitioner in the world today.

Instead of carrying on with the unreality that we are the briefest trained people, we can step over to the reality that we are the most thoroughly trained people.

And this is all done without expenditure of any more class time than before by the new combination Extension Course and classroom study program.

It takes about a year for an auditor starting from scratch to become familiar enough with his tools to alleviate chronic somatics, to bring about some degree of serenity and to handle the accidents of life in a preclear, and to handle many types of preclears. By this I mean the achievement of actual tangible results. He knows what he is doing and can approach anguish and accident with confidence. Here, though we deal in the realm of the thetan, we have more command of the anatomy of the mind than any other practitioner or priest ever had in any period of Man’s history. To achieve this in a year is quite remarkable. But that it does take a year is factual.

It takes a further year’s study to get up to a point where one can approach a case with some confidence with the end goal of clearing that case. People who attempt this under that period of training are liable to be bitterly disappointed and this disappointment will do us more harm, as we have already found, than all of the mad- doggings of vested interest and the orthodox organizations. After all, isn’t it worth two years of study to be able to do this for one’s fellow man?

But even an auditor who has studied for two years will find cases which balk him and he requires a finishing course to get his own case in shape and to attain the ability to confront any case and do something for it.

Thus the goals of our three years of study. Now I know that America has to do everything in a minute, but, after all, if one spent 76 trillion years getting that way he can certainly spend three years getting back on the track again.

The problem of finance has balked many people from taking courses but in this program it is possible to achieve the highest rank and skill as an auditor for only a few hundred dollars a year.


The way the plan works is not complicated. Special lessons have been prepared. The applicant enrolls in the Academy at a cost of only $5.00. He pays for the few texts he will need, and, indeed, many people may already have them. He is at once sent his lessons to begin his training. By devoting only a few hours a week he can keep his lessons flowing in to the Academy where they will be studied and returned to him in order to coach his schoolings.

It would assist anyone taking this Extension Course and Academy classwork to have first an HAS Course (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) from any local auditor qualified to give one. This certificate, HAS, is not, however, a prerequisite to the Academy Extension Course or further work, but would simply benefit the student a great deal. Or, you can come to the Academy for this course which would then be credited toward HCA as well as HAS.

If his finances are too cramped to permit him his full 8 weeks of study in one year, he can do some of it in one year and some of it in the next and so stretch out his course of study to suit his pocketbook.

The student pays nothing for his training beyond his $5.00 enrollment fee until he actually presents himself at an Academy for his Communication Course and his Upper Indoctrination Course. There he pays only for the classwork he receives which averages about $1.00 per hour of personal coaching.

He can do this as well for the grade of Hubbard Clearing Scientologist in the following year, except that the length of time in actual classwork at the Academy would be only 5 weeks.

The following year he would have only 6 weeks of actual class training and that would be received in the attendance of an ACC.

Further, by extending his studies over a period of time and by paying in small sums every week he could have his course paid for, so far as classwork is concerned, well in advance of actually taking it.

There are many ways this study and endeavor can be brought to fruition but he should attain these positive results. At the end of his first year of combined home study of 44 weeks and his Academy class study of 8 weeks he should be able to relieve many misemotional conditions and correct the course of many anxiety- and painwracked lives. At the end of the second year he should be able to clear at least half of the people he attempts to audit. At the end of the third year he should be able to clear any case he meets and should himself by this time be clear.

“Correspondence courses” are supposed to have various frailties. We have studied these frailties, too, and we find that companies giving correspondence courses very often, and perhaps purposely, make some lessons much more difficult than others and so stop the progress of a student by imposing a noncomprehension on the line. We have taken care of this by an evenness of study and a gradient scale of approach. “Correspondence courses” have an additional liability of not imposing classroom discipline. This we have cared for in a reply system, and if you do not get your lesson in, believe me you will hear from the Extension Course Director at the Academy. “Correspondence courses” also fail by their loneliness, and I have taken care of this by making very sure that much of the latter half of the course is devoted to getting the student into circulation and actually and actively observing humanity.

So this is not a “correspondence course.” It is actual study just as though you were at the Academy. There is no reason to go on being mystified about what life is all about or what Dianetics and Scientology are all about when a ready pilot is now to hand. There is no reason to sit back and worry and fret because one doesn’t have the immediate cash to rush to the Academy and study the subject.

Furthermore, this is an excellent way to complete work where some classroom training has already been begun in Dianetics or Scientology, and it is a very fine way to review the subject up to date and get wheeling with modern clearing.


Without a broadly informed population who are capable of understanding motives and aberrations no sane government of Earth is possible. Without a great many clears no real effective leadership is possible for Man.

The joke is on all of us, to say nothing of Man at large. The singular truth of the matter is that when he deserts this life he doesn’t quit. He has to come back here again and do it all over. You might not believe this but you can learn it subjectively fast enough if you are in the hands of any good auditor. Truth will out, no matter how final everyone has pretended death might be. Death is very far from a permanent state. This is probably much easier to prove with much less strain on the brain than some of the fundamental laws of physics.

If we don’t do something about this now, we’ll have to come back at a less optimum time without adequately organized data and organizations and somehow muck through once more. Personally I don’t believe we could in the next few hundred thousand years and I believe this is a rare opportunity to break the chain and start walking upward into the sunlight.

We aren’t any cult that believes some outrageous nonsense about demons and devils and we aren’t any get-rich-quick scheme and might even succeed better if we were. We are dedicated and sincere in getting the job done and we are the first people to appear on Earth since its first solidification out of nebulous vaporings who can get the job done and who know what we are doing. The very truth that we know, its simplicity and ease of grasp, the very honesty with which we approach our task are probably the largest barriers we have to overcome. Man has been defrauded so often, persuaded so wrongly and has returned to the same old rut so inevitably and in such a defeated frame of mind that he is not able to grasp easily the firm and friendly hand which is being reached toward him.

It will take more people, more auditors, better understanding on all our parts to get this task anywhere near done.

The most immediate answer is the Extension Course of the Academy of Scientology. It is the answer to those who studied a little, thought there was some truth there but because of lacking skill and complete study missed it. It is a chance for those who, low on finance, yet wish to become skilled auditors. It is the chance for those who did some studying and did not do it well enough. It’s a good chance, and it isn’t much of a gamble. Will you ever find a better offer than this Extension Course and enrollment in the Academy of Scientology?