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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- New Formulas - B601200

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A Formula is a method of getting a case started. The numbers are in order of development, not case level.

Formula 13: Model Session. Run 10 minutes or so of Who/What Failed Help. Make a list of everyone pc knows in pt. Assess from list until needle drops. Run O/W on that terminal only until drop is off (10-20 mins at most). Run 10 minutes Failed Help. Assess from list (add to it if new names come up) only until one gets a drop. Run drop off with O/W, 10 minutes Failed Help, etc, etc. When pc’s condition warrants go on to locate Havingness process, running Failed Help between tries.

Formula 14: Same as 13 except one uses the present time mest objects of pc instead of people for O/W. Failed Help and O/W handled the same as 13.

Formula 15: Case ( 1) of HCO Bulletin of November 24, 1960. List Scientology, Scientology terms and Org and persons instead of pt people as in Formula 13. This is for hypercritical unmoving pcs. It is also used for other reasons on students and old time Scientologists.


A Regimen is the workhorse combination of processes that boosts the case to clear after it has been started.

Regimen 3: Alternate Help on a terminal, Alternate Confront, Factual Havingness.

Regimen 8: Find Havingness process from the presessions while running Failed Help between tests for 10 minutes or so. When established (loosens needle), find Confront process from the presessions, (changes TA well). Use Havingness process between Confront tests. When established, run these two found processes, the Confront to a tight needle or pt, the Havingness to a loose needle (as little as 8 commands, rarely more than 20). When pc reads around his clear reading, assess for a terminal to run Help O/W upon. When found, run session as follows: Havingness, long time on Help O/W, Havingness, Confront, Havingness, Help O/W, Havingness, Confront, Havingness, Help O/W, Havingness, etc, etc.

All Formulas and Regimens are run in Model Session form with the exact patter wording.

L. RON HUBBARD LRH:j s.msp.rd