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New Facts Of Life

Security Checks

Our Security Checking has become absorbed into processing and is an integral part of processing, producing very spectacular gains when well done.

There is a new “not know” way of giving a Security Check. These are some data about it:

On your Not Know Version of Security Checking or on any “Security Check” being used for processing, do not use “this lifetime” or limit the check to this lifetime in any way.

All the directions given on how to do a Security Check on the HCO WW Form 3 are for Security Security Checking, not for processing Security Check use. Omit these directions when you are using a Security Check for processing.

Do not use a repetitive command when Security Checking. Vary the question and find out. Use versions of “not know” “forget” “forgotten” “shouldn’t be known about” etc.

Example: (Auditor has reached the rape question on the form. He or she does not read the question yet.)

Auditor: What shouldn’t be known about rape?

PC: Answers.

Auditor: Good. What should be forgotten about rape?

PC: Answers.

Auditor: All right. (Reads question from form.)

PC: Answers.

Auditor: What are you looking at?

PC: This picture that came up about this rape.

Auditor: Is it still there?

PC: Yes.

Auditor: (as picture seems stuck or sticky): What is unknown about that picture? (Goes on asking such questions, does not permit PC to wander off from that one picture so long as Meter needle is reacting on questions about unknowingness in that picture.)

PC: (Runs incident.) (Usual time required 10 minutes more or less. Time is not measured, however, as PC runs on it so long as needle reacts.)

Auditor:(needle no longer reacting on picture): All right now. Is there anything else about rape you’d like to tell me?

PC: Answers.

Auditor: (Looking at meter now reads question from form and notes needle reactions.)

The point here is that one flattens all pictures contacted with “unknown” etc questions and flattens all needle action on the Security Check question.

Do not leave a Sec Check question until

1. All needle action is gone from the question itself with sensitivity at 16, and

2. All needle action is gone from every incident contacted and run.

Note: This is a new way and a very effective one to run engrams, the most important development on engrams since 1950.

Auditors who have not yet mastered the above or who have themselves never been “on the time track” or who have never seen a picture in which they were in valence, or who have “no reality on past lives” (have never seen an engram in 3D) should only use the standard Sec Check procedure of just reading the question and getting the needle action off the question itself.

ARC Break Prevention

An ARC Breaky PC has only these things wrong, provided an even vaguely correct auditing job is done:

1. Rudiments are out, particularly withholds.

2. Routine 1A (problems) is unflat.

3. An intolerance of unknowingness which makes PC edgy about what the auditor is doing.

4. An intolerance of motion.

5. A great scarcity of auditing.

6. Has given auditor an order on his case which auditor then obeyed.

An Observation of Terrible Truth

If you do just once what the PC tells you to do, the PC is put on auto auditing (self auditing), the basic Original Thesis laws of Auditing are violated, the PC’s bank collapses and PC will then ARC break.

You may as well face it, auditors. If you let the PC be fully responsible for the session, there is no session and no progress and ARC breaks will ensue.

Almost all ARC breaks are preceded by the PC giving the auditor an auditing order or suggestion about rudiments, what to run, etc.


PC: You didn’t ask about withholds in the rudiments.

Auditor: OK, are you withholding anything?

PC: (ARC breaks, chews out auditor.)


Auditor: I’m going to run you on women now.

PC: It should be men.

Auditor: Well, all right, Men, then.

PC: Yow, yow, yap! (ARC breaks now or later.)


PC has just lost an auditor, bank falls in on him.

How to get good and even with a PC: Follow any slightest instruction the PC makes about the session.

That’ll fix the PC.

Look it over. It’s a terrible truth.

This is the real meaning of Q and A.