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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- New Era Dianetics Series 1 (NED-01) - B780621

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Введение (Серия ДНЭ 1) (2) - Б780621
- Введение (Серия ДНЭ 1) - Б780621
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo New Era Dianetics Series 1


New Era Dianetics is a summary and refinement of Dianetics based upon 30 years of experience in the application of the subject.

In that 30 years I have found much that could improve results if properly applied.

And in that 30 years, many issues have been written by others that were a bit altered and some materials have been lost. New Era Dianetics corrects these points.

Also, recently, I have done additional research and have come up with a few breakthroughs.

In 1950, I said we should build a better Bridge.

Well, in 1978, here is a better Dianetics section of the Bridge.

Old-timers in Dianetics will only approve these upgrades. There is no invalidation of what they know already to be true. But there are refinements about which they are jumping with joy.

New Era Dianetics is even more acceptable, even more workable.

I did this review to move Dianetics back into the “miracles as usual” band and the student studying it and the auditor practicing it will find that if he follows its precision drills with precision he will be able to handle life and the spirit as never before.

Of course I cannot claim or guarantee that anyone audited on Dianetics or New Era Dianetics will become cured of illnesses which would best be handled by immediate medical treatment and I cannot promise any pc that all of his undesirable conditions will be eradicated since that depends on the state of training and the accuracy of application by the student.


What does a student need to know and do to acquire the skill of a Dianetic auditor?

0. The student needs to have completed the Student Hat. He needs to be able to handle study tech. Without that, his misunderstood words will wipe him out. Study tech is contained in the Student Hat. The definitions are in the Tech and Admin dictionaries and standard dictionaries. The student must not go by a single word he does not know the definition of.

1. He should know the background of Dianetics as contained in several books on the subject, particularly the Original Thesis and Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

2. He needs an E-Meter and must know how to handle it.

3. He should have good TRs as acquired in a TR course.

4. He should have a good grasp of Objective Processes, both to make him a better auditor, and to enable him to do full Drug Rundowns.

Objectives are actually Scientology processing but if a Dianetic auditor doesn’t know and cannot do them he is dependent on a Scientology auditor to finish up the Drug Rundown.

The training of a Dianetic auditor in Objectives is not as complete as a Scientology auditor’s. But it is sufficient to enable him to do those Objective Processes necessary to get a person off drugs or to get him in condition to run Dianetic processes.

5. He should have a good grasp of the materials of New Era Dianetics.

6. He should be able to make and assess lists of Dianetic items as called for in specific assessments of a preclear in order to complete rundowns and preclears.

7. He must be able to do TR 101 to 104 flawlessly. using the commands of New Era Dianetics.

8. He must know how to do Dianetic Assists.

9. He must be able to assess and handle a Dianetic Repair List and do repair actions.

10. He must be able to handle Dianetic remedies and all other actions called for in a complete Dianetic course or processing.

11. He needs to be able to apply what he knows.

If the student can acquire the above skills he will achieve fine results.

It does not require mile long checksheets to make a good Dianetic auditor.

It does require study and hard effective drilling.

And it requires a desire to help oneself and others and really make a better Bridge and a better world by putting it there in terms of faultless application.

Scientology goes on and is above Dianetics. But Dianetics is the solid base of all this research. So learn and apply it well.