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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Needed Material - B590609

37 Fitzroy Street, London W.1


I have been extremely busy during the last three months getting together vital material in the fields of research and lecture tapes.

My foremost concentration has been to back up to the limit the HAS Co-Audit programme.

It has been quite a trick developing and testing all this material, putting it into lecture form, and handling some crucial phases of administration and finance as well. However I more or less seem to have made the grade, and after three months have gotten together the following:

  1. The HPA/BScn Course lectures. This covers all the fundamental and currently sound and valid material in Dianetics and Scientology. These carry with them as well an additional lecture series by Jan and Dick Halpern, and some mimeograph sheets containing the actual curriculum of the course. This brings the professional course up to a level that has never before obtained, with a tremendous amount of summarized technical material and emphasis. The theory is contained in my lectures, the processes are contained in the lectures of Jan and Dick Halpern. The latter lectures are not quite complete, in that the first two or three tapes are poorly done, but then the material on them is available in bulletins. The recording of these lectures is high fidelity, consisting of Theory and Practice lectures.
  1. The 6th London ACC tapes which are all on the subject of clearing. These start with how to run an HAS Co-Audit course in their first three lectures and continue on through all the way to theta clear and wind up with Formula 10, which is the first formula for operating thetan. There are some tremendous Scientology advances in this lecture series which are to be found nowhere else. The course is designed for use in its early parts to play to auditors with HCO Franchises. The last part is designed for the professional auditor who has already gone through the current HPA/BScn course. Some of the material in these lectures is extremely fundamental, for instance, there are new assists given which cure acute illnesses.

Every Central Organization must have these two sets of tapes, since this is the fastest way I know of to get the material out and in use.

I am very interested in getting as many theta clears as possible in other places, and very interested in producing a few operating thetans.

We have really made good with this new material, and every promise ever made to the Scientology public has been so far over-reached now as to make those promises under-statements.

My answer to most organizational problems is the production of material and the development of new promotional systems. I have not been paying too much attention to my despatch lines, and I hope you will forgive me, for I have considered it far more important to get out materials which, in the final essence, answer nearly all of the problems being carried in on those despatch lines.

Please acquire these tapes as soon as possible.