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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Missed Withholds - B620208

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Упущенные Висхолды - Б620208
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Franchise URGENT


The one item Scientologists everywhere must get an even greater reality on is Missed Withholds and the upsets they cause.

Every upset with Central Orgs, Field Auditors, pcs, the lot, is traceable to one or more Missed Withholds.

Every ARC Breaky pc is ARC Breaky because of a Missed Withhold. Every dissatisfied pc is dissatisfied because of Missed Withholds.

We’ve got to get a flaming reality on this.

What is a Missed Withhold?

A missed withhold is not just a withhold. Please burn that into the stone walls. A Missed Withhold is a withhold that existed, could have been picked up and was missed.

The mechanics of this are given in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lecture of 1 February 1962.

The fact of it is stated in the Congress Lectures of the D.C. Congress of December 30-31, Jan. 1, 1962.

Since that Congress even more data has accumulated. That data is large, voluminous and overwhelming.

The person with complaints has Missed Withholds. The person with entheta has Missed Withholds. You don’t need policies and diplomacy to handle these people. Policy and diplomacy will fail. You need expert auditing skill and a British Mark IV meter and the person on the cans and that person’s Missed Withholds.

A Missed Withhold is a withhold that existed, was tapped and was not pulled. Hell hath no screams like a withhold scorned.

A Missed Withhold programme would not be one where an auditor pulls a pc’s withholds. A Missed Withhold programme would be where the auditor searched for and found when and where withholds had been available but had been missed.

The withhold need not have been asked for. It merely need have been available. And if it was not pulled, thereafter you have a nattery, combative, ARC Breaky or entheta inclined person.

This is the only dangerous point in auditing. This is the only thing which makes an occasional error in the phrase, “Any auditing is better than no auditing.” That line is true with one exception. If a withhold were available but was missed, thereafter you have a bashed-up case.


In picking up Missed Withholds you don’t ask for withholds, you ask for missed withholds.

Sample question:

“What withhold was missed on you?”

The auditor then proceeds to find out what it was and who missed it. And the Mark IV needle is cleaned of reaction at Sensitivity 16 on every such question.

Gone is the excuse “She doesn’t register on the meter.” That’s true of old meters, not the British Mark IV.

And if the pc considers it no overt, and can’t conceive of overts, you still have “didn’t know”. Example: “What didn’t an auditor know in an auditing session?”


Ask pc if anyone has ever missed a withhold on him (her) in an auditing session. Clean it. Get all reactions off the needle at Sensitivity 16.

Then locate first auditing session pc had. Flatten “What didn’t that auditor know?” “What didn’t that auditor know about you?”

For good measure get the ruds in for that first session. In auditing an auditor, also do the same thing for his or her first pc.

Then pick up any stuck session. Treat it exactly the same way. (If you scan the pc through all his auditing ever from the cleaned first session to present time, the pc will stick in a session somewhere. Treat that session the same as the first session. You can scan again and again, finding the stuck sessions and get the withholds off in that session and the ruds in as above.)

Clean up all sessions you can find. And get what the auditor didn’t know, what the auditor didn’t know about the pc, and for good measure, get in the other ruds.

Cleaning up an old session will suddenly give you all the latent gain in that session. It’s worth having!

This can be extended to “What didn’t the org know about you?” for those who’ve had trouble with it.

And it can be extended to any life area where the pc has had trouble.


If you clean up as above withholds that have been missed on any pc or person, you will have any case flying.

This then is not just emergency data for use on flubbed intensives. It is vital technology that can do wonders for cases.

On any case that has been audited a part of an intensive, before going on the auditor should spend some time locating withholds he or she might have missed on that pc.

Any pc that is ending a week’s auditing should be carefully checked over for withholds that might have been missed.

Any pc that is ending his or her intensives should be most carefully checked out for missed withholds. This makes sudden auditing gains.

Any case not up to recognizing overts will respond to “didn’t know about you” when the case doesn’t respond to “withhold”.

Any student should be checked weekly for missed withholds.

Any person who is giving an auditor, the field, the Organization, a course or Scientology any trouble should be gotten hold of and checked for missed withholds.

It is provenly true on five continents that any other meter reaches only occasionally below the level of consciousness and the British Mark IV reaches deeply and well. It is dangerous to audit without a meter because then you really miss withholds. It is dangerous to audit without knowing how to really use a meter because of missing withholds. It is dangerous to audit with any other meter than a British Mark IV. It is safe to audit if you can run a meter and if you use a British Mark IV and if you pull all the withholds and missed withholds.

Every blow-up you ever had with a pc was due entirely to having missed a withhold whether you were using a meter or not, whether you were asking for withholds or not.

Just try it out the next time a pc gets upset and you’ll see that I speak the usual sooth.