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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Metering Rudiments - B610710

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The following question from HASI London, and my answer are of general interest: “From Academy and HGC London.

Ron from Rosalie = 6/7 = 375L

Re Rudiments: Data you gave me was that falls are all one was concerned with in clearing rudiments.

I have heard all reactions should be taken into consideration — i.e. Falls, Rock Slams, Theta Bops, Sticks.

Mary Sue issued Bulletin of May 9th 1961 — saying Falls, Rock Slams, Theta Bops, change of characteristic should be considered. Would you please clarify.


ROS, D of T.”

“Ron from Selwyn = 6/7 = 376L

Rosalie's query goes for me too. Best SELWYN, D of P.”


“Ros from Ron Info Selwyn Info MSH

375L2 Regarding the remark that only falls are taken into consideration while doing rudiments. This is misleading. The word 'FALL' is often used mistakenly or colloquially for 'CHANGE OF NEEDLE PATTERN' because the latter is so clumsy in phrasing. Any instant change of reaction in needle pattern is indicative of charge and so in any metering whether rudiments, assessment, sec checking, one explores and pursues all reactions of the needle which change the pattern of what the needle was just doing a moment before.

On rudiments 'CHANGE OF PATTERN', detectable when and only when the sensitivity knob is set for a third of a Dial Drop of the needle, one and one half inches, on the can squeeze test, is explored and cleared. The sensitivity knob is not advanced to see if the reaction is entirely handled when the needle reaction vanishes at one third of a Dial Drop sensitivity setting. Unless this sensitivity setting is also observed in addition to change of needle pattern the auditor will take forever to clean rudiments when it is not necessary. Rudiments exist to run enough to get the pc into session, not to audit the case by rudiments. It will be found that when any charge on PTPs, ARC Breaks, or Withholds or Room is dissipated by rudiments so that it does not produce a fall detectable with the sensitivity set for one third of a Dial Drop or any other change of pattern, the pc will be able to go into session.

As a further note when running Routine One A it is not necessary when doing the problems part of it as a main process to handle in rudiments present time problems.

When doing the Security Check part of Routine One A, PTPs can be handled to some extent. Also one does not try to get all Withholds off in running Routine One A beyond clearing them for a sensitivity knob setting of one third of a Dial Drop as these are being handled by the Security Check.

I hope this clarifies your question and related matters.