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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Long CSes (CSS-027) - B710306-2

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Длинные КСы (Серия КС 27) - Б710306
- Новые Применения Зеленой Формы (Серия КС 26) - Б710306
CONTENTS LONG C/Ses Handling Dianetic C/Ses Length of Pgms Advance Programs Thorough C/Ses
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
Remimeo CS Series 27


A long C/S is far more desirable than a short C/S in all but the most sickly and feeble cases.

In doing a long C/S, the auditor can also end it off where an F/N goes ¾ to a dial wide and looks like it will persist. The pc has a win.

A long C/S also permits an auditor to adjust his own length of session.

If the C/S isn't complete on that day, one simply adds (1) "Fly a rud" and (2) "Continue C/S of (yesterday). "

By having a whole Progress Program (repair) laid out on a red sheet and clipped with its green Advance Pgm (grade chart) inside the front cover, over the session summary, the guidance for the case is right there. This gets checked off as done.

The C/S could consist of half the program or even (in shorter programs) all of it.


One speeds a line by taking repeated handlings out of it.

Less sessions mean less handling.

Thus the session is more economical if long.

Getting the pc and folder rounded up 5 times when it means the same number of hours to do it 2 times saves wear and tear.

This is the benefit of very long C/Ses.

Dianetic C/Ses

Dianetic sessions often go 5 or even 8 hours.

One tries to do all the flows of an item in one session.

Length of Pgms

When auditing the public, not staff, you long program.

In a Progress (repair) Program you try to throw the whole bag of tricks at them.

These are not only repairs, when you do a Progress Program. You throw in a lot of other bits like 2-way comms on BD items.

You now have a Hi-Lo TA List to assess and an Expanded Green Form.

Advance Programs

All Advance (gradesheet) Programs start lower than the pc was if the pc got in trouble where he was.

Often a grade is obviously out below where he is graded.

Let us say he is a bogged "Grade IV". Well, he couldn't be a Grade IV. So the Advance Program (green paper) that you do picks him up at Grade 0 or even Dianetics.

A bogged "OT I" the other day began to win when

(a) given a long long Progress Program, and

(b)shoved back to Grade III on the Advance Program and brought on up all the way including OT I before going on to OT II!

Thorough C/Ses

Thus you can have long C/Ses only when you have long programs already done and pinned to the inside of the front cover, a pink one for Progress (non grade) and a green one for Advance (back up the grades).

Don't try to save auditing time. Save instead repeated handlings.

This does not go into "over-repair". A Progress Pgm contains all sorts of bits like 2-wc on "What do you feel you owe your family" (as the pc is always getting off about his family in Ruds).

The advance of a case is the amount of charge you get off it.

Long C/Ses ease your Admin lines greatly.

They also give less chance of having ruds go out between sessions.

Short sessioning has its uses — small children, sick people, psychos.

But long sessions save time in the long run and get the job done.