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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- List of Purposes - B570409

1812 19th Street, N.W., Washington 9, D.C.


as posted on Org Board

Purpose of Organization. To disseminate Scientology. To advance and protect its membership. To hold the lines and data of Scientology clean and clear. To educate and process people toward the goal of a civilized age on Earth second to none. To Survive on all Dynamics.

L. Ron Hubbard. To develop and disseminate Scientology. To support and assist Scientologists. To write better books. To act as a court of appeals in all organizational disputes. To form and to make official policies and orders affecting the FC.

Org Secty. To execute policies and orders. To coordinate organizational activities.

To care for legal and public concerns of the organization.

Mary Sue Hubbard. To carry on Scientology. To be certain the organization remains solvent.

Accounting Unit. To expedite, handle and police the financial items from the moment they enter the organizational comm lines to the moment they depart.

HCO. To be the office of LRH. To handle and expedite the comm lines of LRH. To prepare or handle the preparation of all manuscripts and other to-be-published material of Scientology. To keep, use and care for LRH’s office equipment. To assist the organizations of Scientology and their people. To set a good example of efficiency to organizations.

Advisory Council. To advise the executives of the organization as to needed changes and policies. To act as a meeting ground of department heads. To assemble and report the statistics of finance and action to the Exec Dir. To advance ideas for promotion and improvement.

Staff Mtg. To gather agreement and permit staff origination upon matters relating to personnel and duties. To report on performance of duties. To suggest promotional, maintenance and organizational changes to FC executives.

Technical Division: To insure good training and processing, good service and ARC inside and outside the organization.

Administrative Division. To insure good and accurate communication inside the organization. To handle business and administrative affairs. To insure good working quarters and conditions for and good work from organizational personnel.

Academy of Scientology: To train the best auditors in the world.

HGC. To do more for people’s health and ability than has ever before been possible and to give the best auditing possible. To help people.

PE Unit. To make a better worker of the worker, a better executive of the executive, a better Homo Sapiens on all dynamics.

Dept. of Registrar. To communicate what we have to offer to those who care to be better and to help and to respond effectively when they reply.

Secretarial Unit. To expedite the communications of the organization.

Shipping Unit. To swiftly and competently furnish the public with the materials of Scientology.

Maintenance Unit. To maintain suitable quarters, clean and in repair, for the organization.

Indoc Instructor. To give people a reality on Scientology and to teach the communication formula by Dummy Auditing.

HPA Course. To create a competent auditor with a good grasp of theory and practice of Scientology. All 5 levels of indoc.