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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Level Six Progress (S6) - B640709

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



There are only a few reasons for a pc’s lack of progress through the GPMs. These are:

  1. Auditors Basic Auditing poor. Auditing comm cycle is bad.
  2. Auditors metering is poor in that reads occur which are not noted. Example: Pc mentions item twice in a cognition, it reads both times, auditor fails to note it, then pounds it to make it read after it has gone.
  3. Sloppy Admin: Auditor loses his place or doesn’t note and control when pc does. Auditor doesn’t keep separate accurate record of exact progress on worksheet.
  4. Just not getting on with the job, doing all sorts of actions other than R6, stopping nervously at every flicker of an eyelash to do ARC Break Assessments or thrash about looking for imaginary faults.
  5. Pc flinch. Items won’t read because pc scared green. Cure is to investigate “flinch”.
  6. Challenging R6 alignment, forms, materials or benefits, a form of flinch. This is the source of more sickness or pains or bad needles than any other single fault. It shows up as a tick-tocky needle (a small RS which turns on), called a TOCKY NEEDLE.
  7. Not letting the pc have items or progress, which is a bigger and worse form of ARC Break than leaving a little charge.
  8. Not recognizing a PASSED CHARGE NEEDLE. You don’t have to do an ARC Break Assessment for charge left on items already “run” if you recognize the queer chuggy reluctance of the needle to read. When you see that, you just scout for where, rapidly, get the charged Item or Bring About step, release it quickly and go on. Needle on real Items reads smooth, contrary to earlier goal data. If charge is left closer to p.t. than where you are, where you are Items won’t read well.
  9. Beating Items to pieces with excess steps. You do minimal steps. The vital ones are, “Next oppterm (or Terminal) please.” Pc says it. Auditor says it. It reads both times. Auditor says “That’s you Item”, circles it on work sheet. “What is its relation to this GPM?” “Give me the Bring About steps”. Auditor makes appropriate notes. “Next terminal please”.
  10. Not getting in all the Bring About steps. These are 3 in number. Example (a) 3rd opp to second terminal (b) 3rd terminal to second opp (c) 3rd opp to 3rd terminal. They are done only in this order. There are no “Brought About” steps.
  11. Not using enough “suppress” or “challenged”. “Has this BA been suppressed?” “Has this Item FORM been previously knocked about?” “Has this sequence been questioned?” It’s done rapidly, not flattened. Some times the suppress read only is taken, then the item or step is asked again (pc doesn’t even answer the suppress question). Meanwhile one is alert for a tocky needle and if it turns into one, one just goes on.
  12. Taking care of “trouble” before it happens. One always lets trouble catch up and manifest plainly before taking care of it.
  13. Not understanding the only times you go into patch up or non-running actions. These are
  14. no reads or bad reads. (b) no heat whatever. (c) ARC Break. (Heat does not always have to be present but it must not be continually absent).
  15. Not coming off patch up the moment a tocky needle turns on.
  16. The pc suppressed into the anti-social or reprehensible character of the goal.

This is now essentially a very simple car to drive. You were trained to run a more complex vehicle. The very fact that it is so simple require you to be trained so hard. For you have to be honest, expert and fast.

R6 itself will straighten out any physical or mental problem if you just get on with it. There are on senior remedies. No other process will surpass it or remedy what it does except it. No other process or approach will straighten things up like it will. PROVIDING it’s run.

R6 is quantitative. It’s the number of RIs run, the number of GPMs run. Quantity! It may be ten GPMs down the line before the pc wakes up in the morning without a single ache, pain or worry. And even then that will last maybe ten minutes only. A whole series and the feeling lasts half the day.

The ground covered is proportional to the gain attained.

Not even cognition’s are important. They sometime even restrain a read. A pc’s worry about not grasping how it BAs can hold it up. But the pc’s ignoring the sense doesn’t.

It’s just significance and mass run, quantity of. How many Items. How many GPMs. That determines gain. What GPMs are run determines very little.

It’s all just a problem in TA after all. But this TA comes from the release and vanishment of the imprisoner of all beings, the reactive mind itself. So get on with it.

Note: The easiest way to run a team of GPMs is “2 for 2”. The auditor runs one GPM on the pc that has already been run on the auditor and then immediately one on the pc that has not been run on the auditor. The team only then reverses and the team member now auditing audits one that has been run on him (or her) and one that has not. This equalizes the strain, keep the team at parity and is only fair. A certain amount of charge comes off the auditors bank as he (or she) audits it on another, on the other hand it may get suppressed. So use a lot of “suppressed as an auditor” to get the bank clean. When you get very far along there’s yet another way to do this if you’re brave. So all is not lost.