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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Key to All Cases - Responsibility - B600128

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Ключ ко Всем Кейсам - Ответственность - Б600128
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO Secs Assn Secs Fran Hldrs


During the past three months I have made several important discoveries in the field of the human mind which iron out the bits and pieces that were getting in our road in making broad clearing programmes possible.

First of these was the discovery that the tone arm of the E-Meter rather than the needle was foremost in analysing the case. When the tone arm reads at three for males and two for females on the modern meter a process can be considered flat. Aside from various special states such as valence shifts, this will hold true. When the tone arm reads at clear for the person’s sex no matter what one attempts to restimulate on the case you have a clear. Additionally the hot areas of the time track are located because they throw the tone arm to higher or lower readings. Good auditing today cannot be done without an E-Meter of good reliable quality as distributed by HCO WW in the UK and by Wingate Enterprises in the United States. It could be said that the E-Meter has just now become an absolute necessity in auditing and general analysis — using the E-Meter right we can achieve clears.

Next, but not next in importance was the discovery of the anatomy of Responsibility. Although Responsibility has been known as a case factor since 1951 (just as the overt-motivator sequence has been) it has not been until now that I have been able to get it to run well on cases.

Responsibility is a significance. Pcs define it in various ways. And all rather tend to run from it. Pcs in general pretend they would much rather be victims than causative sources — which is what is wrong with their cases. In order to get responsibility to run I had to find out a lot more about it and not until the very end of 1959 was I able to define it in any way that made it run and come into being on a case.

Now I mentioned the E-Meter first in this because it is Responsibility — Level Of which causes the tone arm of the E-Meter to fluctuate. Place the pc in an area which has a very high tone arm reading or a very low one and you find the pc in an area in time when he was being very irresponsible.

It is not always true that a pc picked up as reading at the clear reading of his sex is high on responsibility. There is an inversion of the matter where the pc is so very low on responsibility that he just gets a body reading for his sex and that is that. The test of this is the running of responsibility, as given in this bulletin. If the pc, run on responsibility, changes the position of the tone arm from the clear reading then that pc has a very long way to go perhaps before he can achieve any responsibility. If a pc is run on responsibility as given herein, if his track is explored, and if the tone arm reads and continues to read at clear then he is very responsible and very clear. But you would have to run the pc a bit not just read him on the meter in order to get an accurate view of the matter. In other words, don’t look for overts to check out on a case. Look for tone arm fluctuations when responsibility is run. It takes at least a certain level of responsibility to show up overt acts on E-Meter.

What exactly does the E-Meter read? It reads the degree of mental mass surrounding the thetan in a body.

A thetan accumulates mental mass, pictures, ridges, circuits, etc, to the degree that he misassigns responsibility. If he does something and then says that it was done by something or someone else then he has failed to assign cause rightly and, doing so, he is of course left with an apparently uncaused mental mass. This to us is the “bank”. To Freud it was the “unconscious”. To the psychiatrist it is lunacy. He therefore has as much bank as he has denied cause. As he is the only cause that could hang himself with a mass, the only misassigned cause therefore is self cause. Other people’s causation is not aberrative and does not hang up except to the degree that the pc is provoked to misassigning cause. Other people’s cause is therefore never audited.

Here then we have the anatomy of the reactive mind. The common denominator of all these unwanted ridges, masses, pictures, engrams, etc, is Responsibility.

The discovery of the direct anatomy of Responsibility is as follows:

Able to admit causation.

Able to withhold from.

This you will recognize as old reach and withdraw and as the fundamental of every successful process. But now we can refine this into the exact process that accomplishes a removal of the reactive mind and re-establishment of causation and responsibility.

A thetan will not restore his own ability until he is certain he can withhold from things. When he finds he cannot then he reduces his own power. He will not let himself be more powerful than he believes he can use power. When he gets mad he of course can control nothing, neither can he really direct anything. When he causes something that he thinks is bad, he next seeks to withhold. If he cannot withhold then he begins to compulsively cause things that are bad and you have overt acts happening.

What we call responsibility is restored on any subject or in any case by selecting a terminal (not a significance) and running on it:

What could you admit causing a (terminal)? Think of something you could withhold from a (terminal).

Overt acts proceed from irresponsibility. Therefore when responsibility declines, overt acts can occur. When responsibility declines to zero then a person doing overt acts no longer conceives them to be overt acts and you do not even get a wiggle on the e-meter needle when looking for overts and withholds on such a case. Thus some criminals would not register on overts at all even though they had the loot in their pockets! And it is often necessary on any case to run cause/withhold on present life terminals as given above before the person can conceive of having committed any overts against those terminals.

This is very important: No case will run well and many cases will not run at all with present life overts and withholds undisclosed and unflattened. These overts and withholds may not even come into view until the version of Responsibility given herein is liberally run on the case. Choose any area where the pc conceives himself to be a victim. Select a terminal to represent that area that falls on an E-Meter. Run cause/withhold as given herein on that terminal and watch the overts pop into view. It is not necessary to handle these overts when they come up with any other process than cause/withhold since cause/ withhold given here is responsibility.

There are other factors on cases that need handling but these are all handled with responsibility processes. If all the factors involved in a case are well handled as given herein you will have a theta clear who will be able to do a lot of things humans can’t do. And if you handled a case totally with this material and its specialized skills then you would have an Operating Thetan. Fortunately for this universe no thetan will let himself go free unless he can operate without danger to others and the responsibility factor is way up on all dynamics.

This material is covered in tape lectures from the Washington January Congress 1960 (nine hours) and in the HCS Course lectures, Washington, January 1960 (nine hours). The Congress, which was very warmly received in Washington, is being replayed in many areas by public demand and the HCS Course is being given as the HCS/BScn Course in all Central Organizations.

This is the major breakthrough we are starting the 1960s with. We are counting on HGCs turning out theta clears at regular intervals and we are working to get all staffs of Central Organizations through to theta clear on Staff Clearing Courses.

This material is also being used on PE Courses which now should run as follows: One week PE Course with TR demonstrations, this free. People pass from this course directly into Co-Audit (no Comm Course) at a fee, on the following process: “What could you admit causing a person?” “What could you withhold from a person?” Terminals other than “person” may be selected by the Co-Audit Instructor. A full intensive given by HGCs on the basis of OT-3 Procedure is sufficiently in advance of this to make individual auditing necessary in most cases. OT-3 has been released to all Central Orgs who have the Washington HCS tapes. The CCHs are used on cases incapable of defining terms.

In view of this material and what is now known of responsibility and overts and what they do to case level, a new kind of justice comes into being, making it completely unnecessary to punish. You can know a person by his case level. Does it advance or doesn’t it? Does he elect others ogres when he himself has been doing things or does he show Scientology in himself?

This is a brand new look and it can be made a brand new earth. We started the 1960s the right way as I think you will discover.