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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Ivory Tower (CSS-055) - B710808

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Башня из Слоновой Кости (Серия КС 55) - Б710808
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo CS Series 55


It has been stated before that the Case Supervisor is most successful when he supervises in seclusion.

This is called the Ivory Tower rule.

It comes from the practical experience that in C/Sing thousands of cases the only few mistakes I made (and repaired) were when I listened to the opinion of the auditor or saw the pc.

This can be quite fatal to a case’s progress.

The fantastic results I achieve as a C/S mainly stem from not permitting what I know of tech and cases to be clouded by”Human Emotion and Reaction” (a Scn Public Relations term) by others.

Part of a C/S’s duty is to get the case through it despite auditor opinions and flubs or the opinions of others.

A C/S has no political or personnel opinions. He can of course have his own opinions of the pc’s case. But he is the FRIEND of the pc even when being harsh.

Often the C/S, unseen by the pc, is sometimes never suspected but quite often adored by those for whom he C/Ses. One often sees this in success stories,”Thank you, thank you to my great auditor (name) and the C/S (name) and Ron.” Sometimes it’s only the auditor. But mosе pcs know the C/S is there.

This awareness is also a great trust and it is a trust that is earned by great results and is never betrayed.

To the majority of pcs, then, it is a trio — always in the same order — his auditor, his C/S and myself.

He trusts us. And we do our best for him.

We don’t change our actions, then, if he is a dope addict, a wife beater, a criminal, a degraded being or an upstat (one who has high statistics) and a sterling person.

When we are researching, C/Sing or auditing, we do our best for him.

We have nothing to do with whether his seniors like him or for that matter whether we like him.

It is our job. We hold it in trust.

In our hands is his future, his sanity, his immortality.

It depends on us whether he survives and lives a full life or whether he goes into limbo.

If we do our duty, when we know and do our jobs, he achieves everything. When we don’t, he is gone.

No priest or fancied idol has ever been endowed with more cause over the beingness of another than a C/S and his auditor. This isn’t my opinion or my feeling about it. It’s the way pcs look at it.

Actually one can’t really state the full actuality of it.

The pc is justified in trusting us when we keep up to date on our tech, know our job, take every care that a good job is done and do our duty.


Some auditors develop overts and withholds on pc and color their auditing reports with critical remarks about a pc = more withholds.

A C/S who pays much attention to these opinions is foolish. When they get too bad on too many pcs, get the auditor’s overts and withholds pulled as he’ll begin to flub.

The Worksheet and What the pc said or did is important. The opinions aren’t.

An auditor has a right to refuse to audit certain pcs as long as he audits others. That’s as it should be.

But a lot of”dog cases” are just unsolved cases that can be solved. Some are very difficult, true, but the difficulty is finding the bug. Some pcs are rather wild in conduct. But they solve too.

So an auditor’s opinion is not a study of the case. Talking to an auditor about a case he is auditing is not of any technical value to a C/S.

Again, a case does not know what is wrong with it or it would as-is and wouldn’t be wrong. So talking to a case about his case is a waste of time for a C/S. Some write huge notes to a C/S. The only value in all this is to analyze whether it’s a hidden standard or an ARC Brk or a w/h or a PTS matter. Technical considerations are all that enter in looking over such.

Executive opinion is the world’s worst source of data on a pc. No C/S should ever take what seniors say about a junior. It’s all Human Emotion and Reaction. It’s not tech.

Family, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles are of little value to listen to about a case. The most they could give you would be a list of accidents or illness or time in a home. But beware, they may be worse off than the pc.

No. The C/S is the pc’s safest friend.

The pc trusts the C/S and the auditor. Or he wouldn’t sit still at all.

Sometimes he only trusts me. And that’s the time I have to trust you.

And I do.