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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Internes (CSS-052) - B710719

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Интерны (Серия КС 52) (2) - Б710719
- Интерны (Серия КС 52) - Б710719
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo CS Series 52


The word Intern or Interne means "An advanced graduate or a recent graduate in a professional field who is getting practical experience under the Supervision of an experienced worker".

An Internship then is serving a period as an Interne, or an activity offered by an org by which Experience can be gained.

Internships have been arranged this long while for every auditing class.

The apprenticeship of an auditor is done as an org Interne.

C/Ses very often have Internes on their lines and sometimes have trouble with getting them to audit.

The why of this is that the Interne seldom knows the definition of the word "Interne" (which is as above). They sometimes think they are still students. They do not know this fact:

A course graduate becomes an auditor by auditing.

That means lots of auditing.

The failure of "auditors" is that they go from one level to the next, HDC to IV to VIII, without ever becoming an auditor for that Class.

Thus you can get a silly situation where a Class IX can't audit or C/S well. Thus you get tech going out.

An HDC graduate who doesn't then audit under an experienced Case Supervisor who knows and demands the standard actions rarely gets to be an HDC Auditor. It takes tons of hours to make a real Dianetic auditor who can toss off standard sessions and get his routine miracles.

So if an HDC doesn't Interne, but simply goes on to the Academy Courses or SHSBC he has skipped his apprenticeship as a Dianetic Auditor.

If he gets his Class VI and never Internes but goes on to VIII — well, we now have somebody who has long since lost touch with the reality of why he is studying.

Therefore you can't take a Class VI graduate who was never a Dianetic Auditor and Interne him as a VI. He'll goof-goof-goof. So you have to Interne him as an HDC.

When he can turn out flawless Dianetic sessions on all kinds of pcs you can Interne him as a IV etc.

In other words you have to catch up all neglected Apprenticeships.

I don't care if the guy is an VIII, if he wasn't ever a Dianetic Auditor and a Class VI Auditor and isn't Interning as an VIII then he is only a provisional.

Flubby auditors are the biggest time wasters a C/S has. If auditors on his lines aren't good, he'll take forever to get his C/S work done. And he won't get results.

The answer is, regardless of Class as a course graduate, a C/S must Interne his Auditors for each Internship missed on the way up.

The "ok to audit" system is used.

One takes any graduate and Internes him on the lowest Internship he has missed. He reviews his material, gets his drills checked, gets his misunderstood words cleared and gets an "ok to audit" for that level. If he goofs he is crammed. And sometimes wholly retreaded. The "ok to audit Dianetics" would be his first okay. This suspends if he has to retread.

When he then has turned out pcs, pcs, pcs, pcs, 5, 6, 8, 10 hours a day for weeks and weeks and is a total success as a Dianetic Auditor, he can go on up.

At first as a Dianetic Interne he is part time studying Dianetics. Then as he gets flawless and while he is getting experience and practice on Dianetics, he can gradually phase over into re-studying his next Internship, usually IV or VI.

Then one day he is word cleared, checked out on his drills, and he qualifies for "ok to audit" for IV or VI.

Now it begins all over again. Flubs — Cramming, midnight oil, audit audit cramming audit audit new word clear new drill work audit audit audit audit 5, 6, 8, 10 hours a day.

Now he is a IV or VI auditor.

His next real step is a VI or VII Interne at an SH. If he has been a good IV Interne Auditor his VI Internship after his SHSBC will be a VII Internship. VII is an Interne activity.

When he's an Auditor that can do VI and Power, he is ready for VIII and IX.

If he is going to be a good VIII-IX auditor he will Interne in an AO or SH under an experienced C/S.

Now when he goes to his own org, you have a real honest to goodness C/S. And as a C/S he must know how you use Internships to make auditors.

Wherever this function is neglected, you don't get auditors. You get doubtful students and out-tech.

On Flag C/Ses have to catch up every missed Internship to make a high volume high quality auditor.

The world renowned Superiority of Flag Auditors is built just like I am telling you here.

There is no reason just that same quality can't be built in any org.

One does it by the Interne method.

By using this method you get in tech and high volume.

Any auditor in any org that is limping and fumbling simply has never been properly Interned.

The way to remedy it is to set up a good Cramming that uses only HCOBs and has them available (and no verbal tradition), a Good Word Clearer and a Qual "okay to audit" Interne system. The Internes are a Section in Qual. They have a Course Supervisor. They study and audit cram audit cram study audit, audit audit audit.

And one day you have in tech and high volume high Class auditing all over the place.

Otherwise you just have a bunch of students, in doubt, chewing on their misunderstood words and failed tech.

There is a right way to go about it.

It is by Internship.