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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Instructors Task D-of-Ps Case Handling (S5) - B630906


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO Sec Tech Dir DofT, DofP Five copies to each Org Orgs do not restencil Scientology Five


As given at the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Instructors Conference of this date, the task of the Scientology Auditing Course Instructor (and D’s of P handling cases through uncleared staff auditors) is to accomplish training and processing and therefore auditing with uncleared students or auditors.

The following drawings and explanations were made.

In Drawing A we see the auditor’s perception of the pc as limited by auditor’s own Service Facsimile.

In Drawing B we see the Auditor’s perception of the pc the way it would be if the Service Fac were removed.

Thus we see judgement missing because of lack of perception of the pc or his or her condition or case in Drawing A, thus permitting only processes not requiring high level perception or decisions based upon the momentary condition of the pc.

In Drawing B we see that perception is not limited, judgement can be exercised by the auditor because the pc can actually be observed by him. Higher level processes can only be run by an auditor approximating the observation condition shown in Drawing B.

In Drawing C we see the actual observation limitations of auditor or pc in an aberrated condition. The keynote is Safe Assumptions as per Service Fac. Thus only Safe Assumptions will be entertained and no real auditing occurs. Only ineffective assumptions or questions are likely to be asked or viewed. Example: “What about thinking about stealing a paper clip from HASI?” This actual question was once asked in O/W, and its prototypes keep real auditing from occurring since neither pc nor auditor get close to any real aberration. (That either auditor or pc consider the assumption safe does not mean it is not aberrated and subject to fault.) So no real auditing of the case is undertaken and when something worth while auditing is contacted, either auditor draws off or pc (unobserved by an aberrated auditor) draws off. This reduces processing results to next to nothing. It also sometimes leads both auditor and pc in over both their heads as little is observed and all these “Safe Assumptions” are also aberrated.

The Instructor’s (and Case Supervisor’s) Solution is seen in Drawing D.

Auditing at lower stages, done by aberrated auditors (who have Service Facs in place) must be assumed to be independent of observation of the PC Occurrences (since observation of the pc as in Drawing A does not exist).

The Instructor therefore directs the Student Auditor’s attention toward the Scientology Body of Data in order to get effective auditing done. So does any Case Supervisor. This body of data is designed to accomplish auditing independent of Observation of the pc and the many varieties of changes and differences amongst pcs. The Instructor uses such mechanisms as “If you can breathe you can audit,” “Do it exactly by the Bulletin.” He instructs only in broadly workable processes and along

definite rote lines. He uses the habit patterns of discipline to enforce the auditor’s attention to and compliance with workable drills and data.

If this is done (and only if this is done) will auditing occur that is capable of producing effective results independent of the condition shown in Drawing A.

If the condition shown in Drawing C is permitted to occur, then all manner of squirrel processes and actions will occur in sessions, wild solutions will reign and general chaos will result. But more importantly the auditing necessary to produce the ideal condition shown in Drawing B can occur only in the presence of Instruction or Supervision shown in Drawing D.

Thus one produces cleared auditors by operating only as per Drawing D. These facts are not the result of theoretical supposition, but of careful empirical observation and test. Therefore, Instruction and performance of uncleared auditors must follow Drawing D.

The accomplishment of Classes II and III auditing and Levels II and III results is possible by following Drawing D. It fails only when Drawing D is not understood and followed by Instructors and Auditing Supervisors.

The liability is that the student’s or auditor’s Service Fac may contest Instruction as shown in Drawing D. There is no liability if the student is already capable of Drawing B observation (which is rare in uncleared persons). If a Service Fac is in the road of Instruction as per Drawing D, it still has been and can be overcome far more easily than overcoming various erroneous and varying observations of pcs, as to confront the pc is to confront aberration directly and to confront the Body of Data is to confront only an orderly and pleasant arrangement of truthful facts that will still hold good when the student is cleared, whereas the pc’s aberration, unstable before processing, will be gone.

Thus we study valid workable data that is broadly true and enforce compliance with it rather than studying or classifying Individual Cases and their aberrations as was done exclusively in older Mental Sciences (which failed where we have already succeeded for years).

Class IV material (OT and Whole Track) is sometimes too much for the uncleared auditor since it is complex. It requires strict adherence to the Body of Data as well as some observation of the pc. Thus Class IV materials (OT and Whole Track) are best done when the conditions of Drawing B and Drawing D both be present in the session.

This establishes levels of data and classification of its use. Some auditors with Service Facsimiles in place will be unable to successfully handle Class IV data. And some pcs unless cleared of the added restimulation of this life and the environment before being put on Whole Track will be unable to climb the hill.

Therefore all instruction and use of Scientology Auditing Skills and Materials are most successfully done as per Drawing D and have proven unsuccessful when auditor observation of the pc was assumed or auditor judgement relied upon while the auditor or student was in an uncleared state as per Drawings A and C.

This shows an Instructor in or Supervisor of Scientology Auditing his surest route to success with students without blocking those students already in condition to observe pcs. Those students whose Service Facsimiles revolt at Drawing D will also most surely prevent their observation of the pc and Instruction and Supervision Methods as per Drawing D can overcome the barrier whereas nothing will actually surmount the failure to observe the pc, short of clearing the auditor’s Service Fac. This last is a matter, also, of close observation of students over a period of two years.

The object is to get auditing done under supervision and both during and after Instruction. Only then can we ever broadly attain cleared auditors or any of our objectives.

Instruction fails when these principles are not present or when done without heavy stress on the Body of Data and compliance with good auditing practice.

This is in no way critical of students or uncleared auditors. It is simple observation. It is effective.

It is no mean development to accomplish auditing without observing the more subtle conditions of the pc. We have done just that. Therefore, as the student or auditor does not usually observe the pc because of his own Service Fac, and as Level II and III can be done entirely by data, drills and rote procedures, all but Class IV can be attained without cleared auditors. If only cleared auditors were permitted to audit then nobody would be able to start the clearing. This shortage of cleared auditors will exist to nearly the end of this universe. So it is a good thing to have the problem resolved, as it is in this HCO Bulletin.

Of course, the most valid reason for using this approach is that only the disciplined Body of Data used exactly is capable of resolving cases and no amount of confront of PC Occurrence would by itself resolve anything.

It’s the Body of Data exactly and precisely used that resolves the human or any other mind. And that’s the main reason to make the student concentrate upon it. So this is a safe thing to do — concentrate on the Body of Data — no matter why.


[Drawings A, B, C and D discussed in the above HCO B are on the following page.]