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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- HPA-HCA Training Processes - B561028



The following training processes are recommended as necessary to the education of an HPA or HCA student, from the moment of his enrollment until his graduation. It does not particularly matter whether the HPA or HCA has been indoctrinated in the "very latest techniques," but it does matter that he is able to run the following. If he can do this, then he can carry on with almost any other technique.

1. CONFRONT A PRECLEAR. This is done by the Indoctrination Course. The student is taught how to handle communication with the preclear by dummy sessions and demonstrations by the Instructor. Confirm and grind in auditor-pc relationship and rudiments — "Look at me. Who am I?" and the Reality Scale.

2. ARC STRAIGHTWIRE. This is run as the first process audited by the student on a fellow student, after leaving the Indoctrination Course. The barest elements of ARC Straightwire are used, and then the therapeutic technique is undertaken, on the basis of "Tell me something you wouldn't mind forgetting." The basis of this process is to give the student subjective reality on the time track of human beings, and to demonstrate that people slide back into the past and up toward present time as they remember various items, which phenomena should be pointed out and observed by the student.

3. SUBJECTIVE HAVINGNESS. This should be run both to give the student reality on the bank of the human being and upon havingness itself. If the case being audited on Subjective Havingness is a Black Case, then the student is required to have the preclear mock up a blackness or black objects in the blackness and remedy the havingness with those, regardless of any dope-off, until the individual has a clear field or can go on to some other process.

4. 8-C (a), (b), (c), with emphasis on (a) and instruction with regard to the preclear's ability to handle decisions. This is the first walk-about process and is vital in the training of a Scientologist.

5. OPENING PROCEDURE BY DUPLICATION, old style. The "not-know" version could be run but is a little complicated.

6. OVER AND UNDER ON THE BANK in making things solid.

7. KEEPING THINGS FROM GOING AWAY, in terms of small alternate objects, with concentration on the fact that this is a Havingness Process and also holds things still.

8. TERRIBLE TRIO. Both sides, the "can have" for the preclear, the "can't have" for the preclear's enemies.

Training should be completed with a very fast review of the more recent processes and giving these into the student's hands, not as something in which he has been trained but as something that he can use as fast as he attains reality upon them.

Of the above list, the first six are the most important, from the standpoint of training.

Throughout training, the student should be carefully monitored as to his ability to communicate with his preclear. Auditing procedure should not be neglected, from the moment of entrance into Indoctrination until graduation, since it is style of auditing we wish to achieve rather than teaching of processes.

When the student is taught data, he should be given a high power of choice over the data in which he is instructed, but he should be instructed in such a way that he can achieve the reality of the data, since it is true and factual.