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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- How to Apply Level Processing - B650418

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Как Применять Процессинг Уровней - Б650418
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take notice!

The advent of levels and their final forms now being released bring us into a new phase in auditing.

You no longer have to "audit the pc in front of you" but need now only audit with the process next in line.

Level processes must be audited in sequence in the level itself.

Levels must be audited in sequence.

Therefore all that is required of the auditor is to do a good technical job of auditing, avoiding Q and A and alter-is like the plague.

Your Comm Course and Upper Indoc TRs and your meter drills from The Book of E-Meter Drills are now the only drills permitted.

Only alter-is of routine auditing can cause case failure.

Directors of Processing must-must-must be alert for departures from standard level processing and stamp it out quickly. If they do not do so they will have case trouble.

The Levels are designed for all cases from psycho to OT. It now does not matter what condition a case is in. You just start at the lowest process of the lowest level on all cases begun. Flatten that. Go to the next process of the level. Flatten that. When all processes of that level are flat the pc is examined and given a GRADE CERTIFICATE for the level completed and may go to the next level. And the first process of that level is flattened and so on.

Even The Book of Case Remedies is handled at its own place in its own level and is not used below or above that place.

Our technical reach is now so effective that you need no analysis of the case. You just run the levels.

You do not estimate a pc’s level. You ask for his Grade Certificate and if he hasn’t one, just start at the lowest level, skip any level already run and do on up.

You’ll not only catch all cases. You will get maximum TA on each pc in that fashion.

One must not skip around within the level or amongst levels.

Screwy application such as giving the first command of an alternate command process and then "getting the TA out of the second command", or any departure from good old standard auditing must be jumped all over hard.

Rewording a process given in the levels can be catastrophic. It’s worded that way for a reason. Clear the command well with the pc but never vary the given wording.

These actions with the new levels will be found magical.

Directors of Processing must not tolerate any slightest goof, any Q and A, any variation of any kind whatever and must be very severe with anyone who messes these processes up. They are violently strong processes from bottom to top and they must be handled with exact duplication and skill.

In Academies this injunction is particularly urgent. Standard student auditing can work wonders with these processes unless an Instructor advises or permits alter-is.

The processes developed are too powerful to admit of goofs and departures and unusual solutions. If anyone reports "it didn’t work" you had better get in there fast as that auditor really goofed and didn’t run the process the way it was given in the HCO B.

The most banal, routine, grind auditing will produce results splendidly. The flighty, undisciplined, Q and Aed, alter-ised fooling about will rapidly ditch the pc.

I am putting strong tools in your hands. Don’t play about with them. They might explode on you. Give them the respect they deserve and every case will come up bright and progress rapidly.

Something new is here. Just follow the new map even dully and the pc will arrive. Louse it up and it will get awful.

All auditors at a higher meter class run all lower level processes with a meter providing only that they can get the pc to hold the cans.

For a meter classed auditor there are no unmetered processes except ones like 8C and even then the pc is checked on a meter.

It does not matter how low on the levels an auditor begins to use a meter as a student. Just don’t ask him to do much with it until the training level calls for meter training.

Ds of T and Ds of P and Examiners must be very careful of false reports in case folders regarding what was run. They should regard an illegible report as a no report. They must also be alert for false attestations concerning grade requests for a pc and for training check sheet completion. It is a false attestation to declare an incomplete grade or check sheet complete or done when it is not.

New ethics policies are levelled primarily at making auditing and training honest and flawless.

I can give you all the processes. It is however necessary that they be honestly run and honestly reported.

Only in that way can you make releases and clears.

The renumbering of levels and grades will be released in Auditor 8. They make it easier to audit and train.

The materials for each level will shortly be released in HCO Bs.

From Academies and courses I want auditors who are trained not to alter-is technical materials.

In HGCs I want auditing exactly by the book.

It’s easier to do training and processing that way.

And you will get all the results you could ever use — but only if it’s by the book, unaltered in application.

It will be the easiest auditing you ever did.