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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- How Help Became Betrayal - B600519

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Как Помощь Стала Предательством - Б600519
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Help is the button the world spun in on a few million years ago. It’s where we find our pc. “Help is betrayal”, so there is no way out. Scientology “must be bad” because “help is betrayal”. Everybody knows that. So if Scientologists help people then we “must be betrayers”!

We’ve heard it, seen it. But now we know what it is and can laugh quietly when people try to chew us up.

When they really wanted to make a trap of it all, it was propaganda given out that “help is betrayal”. None must have any help lest they be betrayed. So the thetans stay in their cages.

It is interesting how this mechanism developed. The game of victim is very old. It intended to arouse mercy and safeguard possessions. It became a trap. Once one believed in victims thoroughly he started to help only victims.

So this sequence began — one hurt another (who played victim), one felt sorry for the other, one sought to help the other. (Ever see a professional help sponge?) When this was very old, the action of injury became identified with the action of helping. As the cycle was injure — victim — help, as soon as the time gets vague in it, the parts of the cycle become injury-is-help or help-is-injury.

It has long been true that help could be injury as a common denominator. Out of this rose self-reliance as a virtue. You’ve known people who refused help because they were “proud” or “self reliant”. Well, that’s only the first stage of “help-is-injury”.

The second phase is not so old. I think it’s only been reversed for the last two million years or so in this quarter of the universe. The “complete flip” is not an identification of help with injury but a disassociation, a complete dispersal on the subject. How-to-injure becomes help. This is betrayal. With the intention to injure, one offers help to create a dependence on something disguised, which on use becomes injurious. It is this psychotic action which finalized the trap as a trap. “Don’t dare accept any help because it is only an effort to betray”, is the fixed idea which has become prevalent. One can have neither games nor life with that idea. It’s this idea which poisoned Christianity.

Now that may be hard for you to see because, by the very virtue of being a Scientologist, you don’t think all help is offered just to injure. But others have that idea and so you find them hard to understand. We are few because we few didn’t believe all help was injury. But as soon as we sought to help others, who didn’t accept Scientology, we ran into a wall. What was the wall? The above ideé fixe. The majority in the world evidently believe that help is only an intention to injure. This is more than help-can-injure. This is “all-help-is-dangerous-because-anyone-offering-to-help-intends only-to-injure”.

There are too many examples around for you to need many more. You can find your numerous own. But the Mau-Mau people killed only those whites that had sought to help the blacks. And just as I was wrapping up the research on this technology (which is now beyond being only a theory) I received a letter from a white attorney who had been asked to help. In a panic he was demanding to be let off quick! It was very funny. With my research papers on my desk before me, I was presented with a perfect example of the technology! Poor man — little did he know what his letter was arriving into. I wrote him back and his next letter was so confused! He may even recover.

These ideas, as fixed convictions, are all about us and across the world. This is the idea which blocked our way in our sincere intention to make men free. This is how we have caught it in the press and, some of us, from our dearest friends and relatives.

We have been confused. But so is Man. Man is still confused. We are not. By studying and knowing our data on this, the “wall” will go “poof”.

Any psychosis, neurosis or illness is fragile, no matter how fierce it seems. These can only thrive in lies.

Now what will happen to the barriers we have had when they are hit by truth?

I give us twenty months to having all cleared staffs on Central Orgs, three years to all cleared Scientologists, two decades to a large proportion of Earth cleared. That’s my idea of it now.

So learn to handle help. Get cleared on it in co-auditing or in the HGC. Learn a dozen ways to discuss it so as to break down the barricade of “disinterest” (which is really fear) and get the show on the road.

Help is not injurious. Help is not the best way to hurt.

Help is just help. Let’s flatten it until we’ll always know it and never forget it again, and learn adroitly to collapse the help psychosis in others by talk alone.

We have bought our own Freedom to Help.

Use it.


(In the next bulletin I will give you the exact way to use help in Model Sessions.)