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- Overt-Motivator Definitions - B681101-2

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There are TWO methods of taking a TA down that is HIGH. 4.0 is a high TA.

One is the routine process of “What has been overrun?”, HCOB 17 Sept ‘68. It is not used as a rudiment. It is for chronic high TAs.

There is another one also. It is quite different and is run differently. It is not a listing process.

It is the simple question “Has anything been overrun?”

It is used at session start or after a break when the TA is found to have risen mysteriously to 4.0 or above.

It requires a clever auditor. First, he notices the TA is at 4.0. Then he gets the pc to answer “Has anything been overrun?” If the pc says something and the TA comes down, that’s it. The TA may only come down to 3.5. But that’s it.

Then one puts in a rud. Unless of course the answer to “Has anything been O/R?” was “Ruds” or “Asking for ARC Brks”. One would then indicate this as BPC and the TA should come on down.

This action is just getting the TA down so one can audit.

Don’t expect ruds to pull down a 4.0 TA.

And NEVER start a main action with the TA high expecting the main action will get it down. The main action hasn’t got it up.

Overrun of the main action or of any action past F/N will cause the TA to rise. One knows why that is and simply indicates the by-pass of an F/N and down comes the TA.

Calling for “Has anything been overrun?” is VERY simple. You don’t ask “How many times, etc.” You just get it spotted and down comes the TA.

If the pc says something in answer and the TA doesn’t come down, the auditor says, “No”. The pc searches about and gives another. If it’s not that the auditor says “No”. The pc says something else and down comes the TA and the auditor says, “Good, that’s the overrun.” And then the auditor carries on with his session actions.

The commonest cause of a TA flying up in a break is the process went F/N out of session and the intention of the auditor to continue it sends it up.

Note a Real HOT Auditor who really knows his basics can float a needle on this with one shot.


[In the original issue, the second sentence of the second paragraph was: “It is a formal listing process.” This has been deleted per HCO B 10 December 1968, Correction, which also states, “ ‘What has been overrun?’ is used to handle the chronically high TA and is run as per HCO B Sept 17, 1968, Overrun Process.” — LRH. The only other text in HCO B 10 December 1968 adds “Class IV” to the distribution of both the above and HCO B 17 September 1968.]