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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- High TA Assessment - B690525

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When a pc has a high TA (4.0 or above) after having one or more sessions, it is OBVIOUS THAT THE EARLIER CHAINS FOUND WERE NOT ERASED.

What makes a TA high? A TA, in Dianetics, is high ONLY for one reason. One or more engram chains are IN RESTIMULATION.

A high TA equals mental energy mass.

Engrams have mass in them even when they are pictures. The figures in — the picture, the scenery, the picture have mass.

It is electrical mass.

It registers as a TA above 3.

To say that the TA is 3.3 and the picture was erased is silly. That .3 is indicating that part of the mass is still there.

This is often also true above 2.0.

When the meter needle is not floating the TA is registering mass. Mental mass.

So when you see a TA going up, up, up you know the picture isn’t erasing but is getting more SOLID.

The solidness is visible right on the TA dial.

So to ask for a rerun when you’ve already ground and ground and the TA has been up up up is silly.

The meter is already telling you there is an earlier incident as the one the pc is in is getting more solid and is not erasing.

To assess a pc who has a high TA is a GOOF. One should be asking what chain in an earlier session was not flattened. And flatten it. And if that doesn’t work, send the pc to Review for a „GF40 and handle“. *This paragraph was deleted when this HCO B was reissued and amended as HCO B 22 July 1969, Issue II, High TA Assessment

In Scientology a high TA means „overrun“. The Dianetic auditor however doing Dianetics does not „rehab“ the F/N. He is handling why the TA does go high. Mental mass consisting of pictures. A Scientology overrun goes by an F/N. In the F/N movement the mass moved away. It didn’t erase. If you keep on running the same action the mass moves in again. The Scientology auditor recovers the moment it moved off by „rehabbing the point of release“. The Dianetic auditor in doing Dianetics finds the incomplete chain, carries it to basic and gets it GONE forever.


A low TA (below 2) means the pc is overwhelmed and has retreated.

If you chop up a pc with bad TRs you may see his TA go below 2.

Also some incidents force a pc below 2, but when they are erased the TA comes back up to F/N.

If you think you have had an erasure but the TA is below 2 at the time of F/N, then you haven’t erased any chain.


A discharged meter or one with its trim set incorrectly (2.0 = 2.0) or a faulty meter or electrodes will give the auditor or examiner wrong reads.

One should check his meter before session for full charge and get the pc to squeeze the cans to see if he is registering on the meter.