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The conduct of High School Indoctrination is, of necessity, an extremely precise activity.

High School Indoctrination is given to Staff Auditors and very advanced students after these have long since satisfactorily passed routine Indoctrination.

High School Indoctrination, at the moment, consists only of teaching an auditor not to let a preclear stop him.

The failure of most sessions is the action of the preclear in going out of session. The preclear goes out of session at any moment when the preclear starts to control the session. When the preclear controls the session he is out of session. Therefore, it is necessary for the preclear not to stop or alter the course of action of an auditor. The moment that a preclear can satisfactorily, to himself, stop the auditor that preclear is out of session and the probability of doing him much good while he is out of session is very remote.

In High School Indoctrination the technique 8C, simply having a fellow walk over to the wall and touch it and let go, is followed. The person being indoctrinated or the “auditor” starts to use this 8C upon his “preclear” who is actually the one doing the High School Indoctrination. The “preclear” does everything in his power to stop, divert, change or alter the intention of the auditor. It will be found that such simple things as “Just a moment, my shoe is untied” are the best in effecting this stopping. The auditor can be thrown aside into running some other process by announcing to him that a facsimile has just appeared or that one should really use his left hand since one is left-handed.

The “auditor” in High School Indoctrination loses at any moment when he is made to pause. If he is made to pause or interrupt his session in any way then the session has to be started over again. He has “lost”.

Because High School Indoctrination is rather hard on the Instructor, it is run for only 45 minutes and an exact moment of stopping the session, in actuality, is agreed upon. “We are going to stop this session now at five o'clock exactly, it now being four-fifteen.” Then the session is entered and is run for these 45 minutes. To run one longer is sometimes almost fatal on the High School Indoctrinator.

Then, for the ensuing hour, the High School Indoctrinator runs the person being indoctrinated with Stop-C-S. This is to reverse the positions which have been occupied.

Therefore, to use High School Indoctrination, it is necessary that a two hour period be free and that the first 45 minutes of it be devoted to High School Indoctrination, a short break be taken, and then auditing of the person being indoctrinated who was, in the first 45 minutes, acting as the “auditor” (to be given Stop-C-S by the former “preclear”).

High School Indoctrination depends for its effectiveness mainly upon the cleverness of the person doing the Indoctrination. He has to be very smooth, very often his most casual efforts are the greatest and will be found to be the most effective.

The final goal of High School Indoctrination is to have a Staff Auditor or Advanced Auditor who is not capable of being halted by a preclear under any circumstances. Because the person doing the High School Indoctrination always has higher altitude, being higher on Staff or in Scientology, it will be found that the person being indoctrinated is much more likely to become confused during the Indoctrination than he would be in the average session. However, it has been learned that those people who become confused in any way during High School Indoctrination have, in the course of their auditing career, “blown” several preclears. It will also be found that they have not achieved very high results in auditing. They were too willing to be stopped, too easily rattled, too easily thrown aside and did not know their subject well enough.

Some of the effects which can be made on people undergoing High School Indoctrination are quite startling. They can be made to swear or even cry after being stopped as arduously and viciously as they can be stopped by a person doing the Indoctrination.

There is no reason to list the number of commands or dodges or attempted stops which the person doing the Indoctrination can use. It is only necessary to synthesise these if only out of one's own experience with very difficult preclears who would rather have done anything than be audited. It is better to think these up on the spur of the moment than otherwise. Planned dodges can be used where one goes very smoothly through the thing for eight or nine commands without offering the least difficulty or resistance and then suddenly hauls back on the next one and says “I won't”. This occasionally completely stops a person being indoctrinated.

High School Indoctrination must be given to every Staff Auditor regardless of any former training and it must be given by a person with considerable altitude over that auditor, such as the Director of Processing or the Technical Director of an operation.