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With considerable data accumulating on Help when used in conjunction with Alternate Confront and Havingness, and with Help even working on vague past terminals in concept form (“Get the idea of helping a “ “Get the idea of not helping a “), it is time to pick up any cases that have been in processing more recently, by starting them again on the first terminal they were ever run on.

You will find that Help O/W will move a case that was begun unsuccessfully no matter how long ago, providing that you discover with a meter what terminal the case was started on originally and address that terminal and audit it until it is flat.

This experimental approach should work, because it has worked that when cases were started again and the first process ever run was flattened, the case began to move.

This will work even though the first approach was engram running or straight wire away back. It should be discovered what the pc’s first goal in auditing ever was, or his first hope for auditing, and get the terminal closest to that goal. It will often be found that the pc was trying to help his eyes or his wife or himself as the first Help terminal in auditing.

When this terminal was not totally flattened the pc, finding he had not helped whatever he was trying to help, got an auditing lose. By finding out what the pc was trying to help at the very first contact with Scientology and by giving him sessions on it with Help O/W a most important win can be obtained.

This bulletin should be given very serious attention in HGCs where the cases always come that have real heavy auditing problems. HGCs get the toughest cases and usually all the old time cases. Where any case is being handled in an HGC it should be suspected that there has been an auditing flub somewhere along the line. Perhaps the pc won wonderfully with the first auditing session but failed heavily down the line somewhere. In such a circumstance always convert the loss to a win.

HGCs do more patch-up than virgin work. Thus it is safe to assume first that any applying pc has had something he tried to help in his own auditing that he received, and that it isn’t flat, and second that the pc has had a lose on some terminal.

HGC auditing as a rule should regard itself as parasitic upon other auditing already done. HGC staff auditors should rarely be attempting the new and strange in an assessment of a case but should be trying to recover past data dredged up in earlier than HGC sessions and converting the losses to wins. This is a type of assessment peculiar to an HGC and we should study it.