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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Help the PC (IPS-13) - B721216

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Помощь ПК (Серия Процессинг Целостности 13) - Б721216
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Reissued 7 November 1974
BTB of 16 December 1972
Same title
Remimeo Integrity Processing Series 13


In general, when getting rudiments in or getting off missed withholds or invalidations, help the pc by guiding his attention against the needle.

This is quite simple. The auditor asks the question, the needle instantly reacts, the pc (as he or she usually does) looks puzzled if the auditor says “It reacts.” The pc thinks it over. As he or she is thinking, the auditor will see the same reaction on the needle. Softly the auditor says “That” or “There” or “What’s that you’re looking at?” As the pc knows what he or she is looking at at that instant, the thing can be dug up.

This is auditor co-operation, not triumph.

Most often the pc does not know what it is that reacts as only unknowns react. Therefore an auditor’s “There” when the needle twitches again, before the pc has answered, co-ordinates with whatever the pc is looking at and thus it can be spotted and revealed by the pc. This is only done when the pc comm lags for a few seconds.

Remember, the pc is always willing to reveal. He or she doesn’t know What to reveal. Therein lies the difficulty. Pcs get driven out of session when asked to reveal something yet do not know what to reveal.

By the auditor’s saying “There” or “What’s that?” quietly each time the needle reacts newly, the pc is led to discover what should be revealed.

Auditors and pcs get into a games condition in Integrity Processing and rudiments only when the auditor refuses this help to the pc.

New auditors routinely believe that in Integrity Processing the pc knows the answer and won’t give it. This is an error. If the pc knew all the answer, it wouldn’t react on the meter.

Old-timers have found out that only if they steer by repeated meter reaction, giving the pc “There” or “What’s that?” can the pc answer up on most rudiments questions, missed withholds and so on.

But don’t use steering to harass the pc, or cut his comm, or draw attention to the auditor.

This is the only use of reads other than instant reads on the E-Meter.

Help the pc. He doesn’t know. Otherwise the needle would never react.


[Above Bulletin is an excerpt from the HCOB 10 May 62, Prepchecking And Sec Checking]