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HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 20 NOVEMBER 1960 BPI Franchise Hldrs


After a long trial, HAS Co-Audit is suspended.

While it did do well on procurement and in its original state, got good results (communication processes), it has been abused and has caused some to blow Scientology.

Unreported to me for a long while, HAS Co-Audit and Franchise Holders have been converting any individual process released into an HAS Co-Audit process.

This has worked great hardship on many cases. First, newcomers to Scientology in crowded rooms have not dared to get off their overts and auditing became stagnant. Further, the very processes that could clear them have thus been abused and nulled.

Formulas and Regimens were never for co-audits, yet many instructors have been putting into effect in co-audits anything released for individual use.

Thus, HAS Co-Audit has been abused and has stalled some cases. The idea is good, in many places the results were good and if we had no better ideas I would go on with it, stating only not to use Formulas and Regimens on it but only communication processes and Presession One.

The facts are that for new people, Group Auditing from Group Auditor’s Handbooks One and Two were better for early mass case gains.

I have just completed a repatterning of all PE type activities which I will give you in due course and which stampede the people in. HAS Co-Audit is omitted from the rundown for the above reasons as well as the strength of the new pattern.

But HAS Co-Audit deserves by itself a special mention with its decease. Run by careful instructors on the original rundown it has done some wonders.

It would still be used, and may be used in the future if I had any idea that instructors would not go crazy enough to run individual clearing processes on it and make rash promises or have ambitious hopes for clearing on it. HAS Co-Audits are out because:

  1. They may mess up the only processes known that will clear people at individual processing level, thus barring the road;
  2. Instructors have not noted or realized the stress done cases when they had to hold on to heavy overts, thus making the person blow Scientology;
  3. They do not procure well in comparison to other activities now under development by me in Johannesburg;
  4. They develop a false sense in attendees of knowing all about Scientology when they have not begun;
  5. They slow clearing by making individual auditing seem like a Co-Audit and therefore lacking value;
  6. They have not resulted in large numbers of people getting clear.

The new Johannesburg routine for PE courses is easier to run, makes more informed people, paves the road to clearing, and tends to keep people with us.

Furthermore, now that I can guarantee that any trained auditor can crack any case (a fact borne out daily for months now), I am turning Scientology activities all the way up. We will shortly have thousands where we had one.

The new programme for Central Orgs and Franchise Holders procures at a fantastic rate never before known. It is the largest administrative-procurement development since the PE and is thousands of times as effective. 25 new people a day are enrolling in the Central Org in Johannesburg.

So stand by to re-organize. A first step is to shift HAS Co-Audit to one hour early type group auditing sessions. More will be sent on this. But meanwhile groove group auditing in.

Any Group Auditing session begins, by the way, with the group auditor explaining what he means to do and why. Otherwise some newcomers think it is pointless. Then he opens session and runs the random type processes of 1953 and onward.

But a final salute to HAS Co-Audit — if instructors hadn’t been so fixated on turning every individual process issued into an HAS Co-Audit process, it might be in the line-up still — and if people learn this lesson, may be with us again in a more exact form.