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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Gradients in TRs - B730407R74

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Постепенность в ТУ - Б730407R74
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Revised 15 November 1974
cancels BTB of 7 april 1973
same title
Remimeo All Supervisors All Students Cramming TRs Courses (Revisions are in this type style)


(Taken from LRH Tape of 30 June 1961, “Training on TRs - Talk on Auditing”)

Time after time you’re going to find somebody in an Organization trying to teach the TRs this way: Go on to TR 0 and stick there.

Eight months later he’ll still be doing the TR 0.

You’re going to find that consistently, because the element of endure enters into it. That is improper.

Here is the way you do the TRs. You’ll find it very valuable.

You do TR 0, flunking only TR 0. You go on to TR 1. The guy didn’t pass TR 0. He just got accustomed to it a little bit.

You do TR 1, flunking only TR 1. Don’t flunk anything else.

TR 2, flunking only TR 2.

TR 3, flunking only TR 3.

TR 4, flunking only TR 4.

Now come back to TR 0. Get the guy better at TR 0.

Then go through it again, flunking only the TR he is on. It’s kind of like running the CCHs - they get a little bit of a win at it and you go on to the next one.

About the third run through or maybe the fifth run through, according to your judgement, you start TR O and you insist that it’s pretty good; and you should really start cuffing him around. Flunk only the one he’s on but start cuffing him around hard. Give him the business. Give him things he can’t possibly confront. Try to shake him up.

Now - start in TR 0 and give him the works. TR 1 and give him the works. TR 2-3-4. Flunk only the TR that he’s on, but give him the works. Don‘t give him a chance.

Run through the TRs that way a couple of times, flunking only the TR that he’s on, giving him the works, pushing his buttons. Give him something to confront for sure.

And then start the business of TR 0, mess him up, TR 1, mess him up - and flunk TR 1 and TR 0.

TR 2, mess him up, flunk TR 2, TR 1, TR 0.

Get him on TR 3, messing him up and flunking TR 3, TR 2, TR 1, TR 0.

Get him on TR 4, messing him up and flunking TR 4, TR 3, TR 2, TR 1, TR 0.

Thereafter in running the TRs always give him the works. Flunk everything in that battery of TRs.

If you do that, you shorten considerably the time it takes to learn the TRs.

In other words, you approach this with a gradient scale.

We did learn about gradient scales many years ago and we should continue to apply that knowledge.

Let them get used to each TR.

You’ll find out they progress much faster if you do it that way.